Shun Cutlery is one of the most respected kitchen knife brands in the world. Their dedication to high-quality knife-making is what sets them apart from others on the market. Their knives are often easy to use and perform well in both residential and commercial kitchens. Shun knives come in a variety of types and offer unique features you can only find in their specific brand. These ten items are things you should know before buying a Shun knife.

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1. Price

The price of a Shun chef’s knife can range anywhere from $120 all the way to $350. These knives are priced depending on the style of the blade, how the blade is made, the intended use of the knife, and any cosmetic or ergonomic features that may come with it. Shun knives are higher quality than competing knives you would find in a simple grocery store. The price is dictated by quality and durability. 

2. Where They Are Made

Shun knives are made in Seki City, Japan, a place known for its cutlery and production capabilities of chef knives. For 112 years, Kai Corporation has been making Shun Cutlery out of this region, honing their craft and keeping with the tradition of the city they are working in. Shun claims that each blade or knife they make takes over 100 individual steps in order to craft the quality of the knife they sell. 

3. Meaning of “Shun”

You may be wondering what the word “Shun” even means. The word “shun” refers to when a fruit is perfectly ripe or when meat is at its best flavor. It signifies both the seasonal impact of cooking and the best in quality for an individual experience. Shun chose this name to relate to the seasonality chefs focus on and the peak quality they all look for in the tools they use. 

4. Handcrafted In Japan

The knives they sell to this day are still handcrafted in Japan, according to their website. Their knives have been consistent in winning many awards, including different styles, winning “Kitchen Knife of the Year” in multiple instances. Their focus on the craft of knife-making blends with modern materials and processes to offer a great end product in the market. 

5. Their Chef Knives Come In Different Sizes

The length of a chef’s knife blade is important to know, and Shun recognizes it. They offer a wide variety of knives that offer different lengths and styles to suit your preferences. Expect 10” chef knives, 8” chef knives, and even 6” and 7” styles too. A thorough look on their website will give you the exact length you may be looking for. 

6. What Steel They Use

Shun uses different steel depending on the series. An example of the steel they use is Blue II, a highly sought-after Japanese steel. They use this steel in their Shun Narukami series. It’s a steel that can be sharpened to a fine edge and is also easily resharpened. You can find a full list of the steels used in their knives here.

7. They Offer A Free Sharpening Service

Sharpening your knife can be a difficult task if you are not familiar with the process. Shun actually offers a free service in which your blade can be sent in and sharpened back to its sharpest state. The only cost you will incur is the shipping and processing, and the rest of the process is at no cost to you. The estimated turnaround time is two weeks, but if you live in the Portland area, they have a shop that can do it for you in a much quicker time. 

8. The Classic Chef’s Knife

Their classic 8” Chef’s Knife is the perfect example of the quality Shun can deliver at a reasonable price. Their 8” Chef’s Knife is one of their more popular models due to its quality and affordable cost. It includes 34 layers of Damascus steel that fortifies the blade and offers an excellent cutting experience. The knife is also supported by a Pakkawood handle, inlaid with a tang for structural support and dexterity. All of this is currently priced on their site at $135, showing how much value a Shun can provide. 

9. Blade Types

Shun does not only offer the traditional chef’s knife shape. Below is a list of the varieties of blades they offer:

  • Utility
  • Paring 
  • Master Utility
  • Santoku
  • Nakiri
  • Bread
  • Steak 
  • Slicing 
  • Specialty
  • Kiritsuke
  • Fillet/Boning
  • Cleaver
  • BBQ

As you can see, the entire Shun cutlery offering is wide, and they have made a knife for almost any occasion or need in a kitchen. They also offer tools such as vegetable peelers and cutting boards. They have a rich catalog of high-quality kitchen tools for you to choose from. 

The popularity of the Shun brand is well known in the food world. Known in kitchens to be a reliable brand, many cooks enter into work daily, wielding this brand of knife. Major publications, such as Food & Wine, even include shun in some of their top knife guides. Shun knives are known for their quality. They are easy to handle and are also friendly to sharpen, making them a super popular knife brand in the food industry. 

In this list, we shared some of the ten most important things to know before buying a Shun Knife. As you can see, this brand is known for its history, commitment to detail, and the selection of quality cutlery they bring to the market. They are a reliable knife maker with a track record of refining their craft in order to make knives you can feel good about when making the investment in one. Remember this information when you are in the market for a knife.

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