Looking for some delicious sweet potato recipes? Purple sweet potatoes are a highly nutritious and tasty source of nutrients that also yields plenty of health benefits. According to Healthline, purple sweet potatoes are better for blood sugar, packed with antioxidants which helps in slowing down the aging process, and may help to reduce your risk of cancer.

If you’re looking for simple ways to include these eye-catching gems from the potato family, here are 21 mouthwatering sweet and savory purple sweet potato recipes you must try. Enjoy them as a sweet or savory snack, a midday dessert or as a side dish, purple sweet potatoes are a versatile ingredient that should be included more often on your plate.

This vegan, paleo and gluten free Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip cookie is not only delicious; it’s also made of mashed purple sweet potato that is really good for your health! With a soft and fudgy texture, this purplish twist to a good old Chocolate Chip Cookie is high in fibre, various nutrients and packed with protein. Add these Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Cookie to any lunch box or plate as a colorful side dish!

2. Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Mochi Waffles

Made with only 3 ingredients, these Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Mochi Waffles are a great vegan breakfast option for anyone. With Japanese Purple Sweet Potato as a main character of this waffle recipe, these chewy and sweet mochi waffles are gluten-free, 100% vegan and absolutely scrumptious.

3. Purple Sweet Potato Air Fryer Recipe

These Air Fryer Purple Sweet Potato pockets are quick, easy and makes the perfect side dish with almost all main dishes. With just 2 ingredients, you’ll have gorgeous looking Purple Sweet Potatoes that are presentable and tasty enough for entertaining within 45 minutes. Serve them up as a party appetizer or as a side dish, these nutritious Japanese purple sweet potatoes are also healthy snack options whenever you feel a little peckish.

4. Dairy-Free Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Perfect for vegans and paleo eaters, this Dairy-Free Sweet Potato Ice Cream is refreshing, healthy and delicious! The dazzling purple color also makes this Sweet Potato Ice Cream irresistible to even non-Vegans. With in the blender with Almond Milk, you’ll have a purplelicious no-churn ice cream in no time.

5. Purple Sweet Potato Gnocchi

A vegan twist on the Italian delicacy, these Homemade Purple Sweet Potato Gnocchi packs a punch when it comes to nutrients and flavor. Pan fried until crispy and tossed with a zesty and flavorful cilantro mint chutney, these exotic Purple Sweet Potato Gnocchi have a soft and pillowy texture that makes you want to have seconds.

6. Purple Sweet Potato Blueberry Bagels

Looking for a tasty sweet potato recipe perfect for breakfast? You definitely need to make these Purple Sweet Potato Blueberry Bagels for a wholesome start to your day. With a delicious tangy blueberry taste and its striking purple color, serve these Purple Sweet Potato Blueberry Bagels up at any party and watch them disappear quickly!

7. Purple Sweet Potato Hummus

Ever tried purple sweet potato hummus? This vibrant hummus recipe uses purple sweet potatoes, chickpeas, toasted sesame seeds and lemon juice and is a great topping for any kind of bread. Make this super easy, vegan, gluten-free and nut-free as a great alternative for party guests with allergies and special dietary requirements.

8. Purple Sweet Potato Muffins

Craving for muffins and looking for a healthier alternative? These Purple Sweet Potato Muffins tastes so good you’ll forget their main ingredient is the humble root vegetable. You simply can’t go wrong with this soft, moist and absolutely delicious purple sweet potato recipe. Have these for breakfast or as your afternoon tea snack, this is a great purple sweet potato recipe to add to your repertoire.

9. Purple Sweet Potato Vegan Nanaimo Bars

A gorgeous dairy-free and gluten-free alternative to the much loved Canadian holiday bar, these Purple Sweet Potato Vegan Nanaimo Bars are also sugar-free and perfect for Paleo eaters. The best part is, these purple sweet potato bars are no-bake and will come together in no-time. It’s the ultimate hassle free and delicious treat that is also good for you.

10. Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pie

These Purple Sweet Potato Pie Bars has a sweet and melt-in-your-mouth creamy filling, paired with a crunchy coconut almond crust. With each bite, you’ll be savoring heaven and won’t be able to resist having more and more of these purple sweet potato delights. Top these with some vegan coconut whipped cream, and you’re instantly in heaven.

11. Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes

Level up your potato game for dinner parties or an intimate date night at home with this Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes. Not just your average roast vegetable side dish, these Roasted Purple Sweet Potatoes are flavorful, quick to prepare and only requires 5 simple ingredients. Toss them together and bake them in the oven, and you’ll have a perfectly tasty side dish for a last-minute gathering or get together.

12. Purple Sweet Potato Biscuits

If you’re obsessed with all things purple, you might want to make a huge batch of these Purple Sweet Potato Biscuits. Spread strawberry jam, chocolate or even butter on these Purple Sweet Potato Biscuits, and you’ll pop these in your mouth all day long.

13. Purple Sweet Potato Pie Bars

With a simply eye-catching purple color that’s incredibly enticing, this one is a great holiday or party dessert. Perfect for the holiday season, these Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pie Bars have a striking natural purple color and velvety texture that are great for guests that may have restricted diets, food intolerances and food allergies.

14. Creamy Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes

The perfect blend of soft and velvety, this Creamy Mashed Purple Sweet Potatoes is sure to be a hit with your family. This colorful twist on a classic favorite will definitely spice up your dinner tables, and makes a delightful side dish or appetizer for the holidays. Whip this up for special occasions or just because you want to spice things up, this is a quick and easy side dish that requires little to no complicated cooking techniques.

15. Purple Sweet Potato Mochi Pancake

This Asian-inspired dessert made with purple sweet potato are a love child between mochi and pancakes you’ll devour within minutes. Vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free, this Purple Sweet Potato Mochi Pancake recipe is slightly crispy on the outside like pancake crust but chewy and stretchy like a mochi. Make this super easy 2-ingredient purple sweet potato treat right now and enjoy!

16. Purple Sweet Potato Unicorn Soup

Make this simply gorgeous Purple Sweet Potato Unicorn Soup for your kids who are reluctant to have vegetables and watch them clean it up! This nutritious purple sweet potato soup recipe not only sounds magical, it also tastes absolutely amazing. The naturally striking purple color of this Unicorn Soup is also absolutely enticing for kids and adults alike who feast with their eyes.

17. Healthy Purple Sweet Potato Fries

If you already love sweet potato fries, try these Healthy Purple Sweet Potato Fries for the next level of tastiness. At just 134 calories for 2 cups, these tasty Purple Sweet Potato Fries are a great way to curb your French fries craving when you’re trying to stay healthy or on a weight loss journey. Serve these stunning fries at a birthday party for a healthy, kid-friendly snack even adults will love.

18. Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie

You can’t go wrong with this 4-ingredient Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie in the morning! The perfect kickstart to your day, this Purple Sweet Potato Smoothie is packed with antioxidants and fiber. Made with purple sweet potato powder, chia seeds, frozen blueberries and unsweetened almond milk, you’ll reap plenty of health benefits including better digestion, brain health and enhanced heart health.

19. Purple Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

The ultimate vegan pizza base that also looks absolutely beautiful, this Purple Sweet Potato Pizza crust is surprisingly easy to make! Made with whole wheat pastry flour, mashed purple sweet potatoes and seasoned with oregano and adobo seasoning, you can add any topping of your choice for a wholesome homemade pizza.

20. Sweet Potato Soup With Bone Broth

Make this healthy and romantic Purple Sweet Potato Soup with Bone Broth for the perfect date night at home. With ube(purple sweet potato), coconut oil, red onion, bone broth and spices, this is a gorgeous soup recipe for the special someone in your life. It’s also a hearty and healthy side dish or dinner idea for those busy week nights when you’re short on time.

21. Purple Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

If you love all things purple and cinnamon rolls, this match made in heaven is a must-try! These Purple Potato Cinnamon Rolls look absolutely stunning, and tastes even better. Iced with a stunning purple sweet potato frosting, these soft and fluffy Purple Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls will easily fly off your tables.

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