Have leftover chicken in the fridge and some puff pastry? These puff pastry chicken recipes are delicious creations that make the perfect snack, appetizers and even for a nutritious breakfast.

Whether you love puff pastry, or can’t resist creamy chicken wrapped in a flaky crust, these puff pastry chicken recipes will keep you more than satisfied.

Make these ahead of time as part of your meal prep, freeze them or prep them the night before for your breakfast, these versatile chicken puff pastries are absolute life savers. Not only are they made from only a few ingredients and easy to prepare, they also make great snacks for school lunches, picnics and as a midday snack.

Puff Pastry Chicken Recipes You Simply Can’t Resist

Ina Garten Chicken Pot Pie Puff Pastry Recipe
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1. Ina Garten’s Chicken Pot Pie

First on the list is Ina Garten’s famous Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Silky and decadent with a sauce that’s perfect, this puff pastry Chicken Pot Pie is the ultimate comfort food. The sweet snap of peas combined with a hearty and creamy chicken will make your soul melt with every single bite – it’s truly the bite-sized heaven you’ve been looking for!

2. Chicken Chorizo Puff Pastry Rolls

Have leftover pasta sauce from spaghetti last night? Wrap them up with some delicious Chicken Chorizo, and voilà! You’ll have these irresistible Chicken Chorizo Puff Pastry Rolls for lunch the next day. Perfect for picnics, parties and even packed lunches, you’ll be making these delicious chicken puff pastries on repeat in your kitchen for weeks on end.

3. Sriracha Chicken Pastry Puffs

These delicious Srirach Chicken Pastry puffs pack a punch when it comes to flavor. The heavenly combination of parmesan, velvety cream cheese and the spicy kick from the sriracha hot sauce make these chicken pastry puffs the ultimate finger food. Perfect for game day night or as appetizers whenever you’re entertaining, these Sriracha Chicken Pastry Puffs are also an instant crowd favorite that will never cease to amaze!

4. Chicken Cordon Blue Hand Pies

Easy, cheesy and delicious, there are so many things to love about these Chicken Cordon Blue Hand Pies. The Swiss cheese in this recipe makes this chicken puff pastry hand pies stand out of the crowd. Make these for dinner, have the leftovers the next day for breakfast and lunch, it’s completely up to you! These puff pastry hand pies are definitely convenient and will come in handy whenever you are short on time.

5. Chicken Puff Pastry

Wrapped in a flaky crust and packed with Southeast Asian flavor, these mouthwatering Chicken Puff Pastries are the perfect snack or appetizers for any occasion. Also known as Chicken Patties, you can make these delicious Chicken Puff Pastries ahead of time and freeze them for later. Using store-bought puff pastry, you can still achieve perfectly crunchy puffs every time with this chicken puff pastry recipe.

6. Crack Chicken Pastry Puffs

This Crack Chicken Pastry Puffs recipe is great as a quick lunch, dinner, party appetizer or even for breakfast! With only 5 ingredients and ready in under 30 minutes, you definitely have to make these Crack Chicken Pastry Puffs whenever you are short on time.

7. Chicken and Mushroom Puff Pastry Pie

Chock-full of chicken, bacon, buttery mushrooms and cheese, this Chicken and Mushroom Puff Pastry Pie is a comforting dish you and your family will devour within minutes. Stuffed in a perfectly flaky puff pastry dough, every bite of this Chicken puff pastry brings a mouthful packed with flavor and gorgeous texture.

8. BBQ Chicken Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe

No time to make pizza dough from scratch? Make these BBQ Chicken Puff Pastry Pizza recipe instead! This 30-minute puff pastry pizza topped with delicious spicy BBQ sauce, fresh cilantro, chicken and purple onions is an instant crowd pleaser. The heavenly combination of crunchy puff pastry and a hearty BBQ chicken topping will have everyone grabbing multiple servings at a time.

9. Easy Puff Pastry Chicken Puff Pockets

An impressive dish that is super easy to make, these Puff Pastry Chicken with creamy herb Swiss cheese will instantly become the next family favorite. With a tasty chicken filling wrapped in flaky puff pastry dough, everyone will love this easy yet delicious puff pastry chicken recipe.

10. Chicken Wellington With Dijon Cream Sauce

A modern and fun twist on the classic Beef Wellington, this Chicken Wellington with Dijon Cream Sauce is not only more affordable, it’s also easier for beginners to make. Encrusted in flaky puff pastry, a creamy dijon sauce, mushrooms and shallots, this simple yet yummy Chicken Wellington recipe is the perfect dinner, company or date night at home, or a holiday meal.

11. Cheesy Chicken And Broccoli Puffs

These Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Puffs make a quick and tasty dinner idea that is perfect for busy week days.

12. Easy Garlic Chicken Parcels

Easy to make and looks impressive, these Garlic Chicken Parcels are filled with juicy chicken and oozing with garlic butter. Fancy enough for entertaining, these easy Garlic Chicken Parcels are also a great for a family weeknight dinner and breakfast or lunch the next day. Serve them up with a side dish such as potatoes and salad, dress up your dinner table, and you’ll have the perfect fancy date night.

13. Chicken, Spinach And Artichoke Puff Pastry Parcels

These deceptively fancy looking Chicken, Spinach and Artichoke Puff Pastry Parcels are actually super easy to make, and will prove to be extremely popular at parties! Packed with lovely spring staples such as spinach and artichoke, they make the perfect appetizer or finger food for any occasion. Make these for the holiday season and watch them disappear within seconds!

14. Honey Dijon Chicken Pockets

Paired with a heavenly creamy honey mustard dip, these amazing Honey Mustard Chicken Pockets are the perfect snack kids and adults alike will enjoy. With the juicy chicken filling cooked in honey dijon sauce, it’s definitely a chicken puff pastry that is packed with flavor.

15. Chicken And Mushroom Vol Au Vent

Orginating from France, this Chicken and Mushroom Vol Au Vent is the ultimate comfort food with an irresistible topping. Essentially a hollow puff pastry filled with creamy chicken and mushroom, this chicken puff pastry is seasoned with Italian herbs and tarragon which gives you great taste with every single bite.

16. Garlic Herb Chicken In Puff Pastry

This Garlic Herb Chicken in puff pastry will have you falling in love with chicken breast all over again. Slathered with garlic and herbs, topped with spinach and encased in golden brown, flaky puff pastry, these chicken in puff pastries are a great option for an easy weeknight dinner yet gorgeous enough for entertaining.

17. Chicken Sausage Rolls With Puff Pastry

If you’re craving for sausage rolls but looking for a chicken alternative, these Chicken Sausage Rolls are a must-try! Perfect as lazy lunches, finger foods, snacks and even for Game Day, these easy sausage rolls uses some very basic ingredients that can be put together quickly. Using chicken mince, carrots, thyme, garlic and onion, this is a crowd favorite that looks complicated but is super easy for a beginner to make!

18. Buffalo Chicken Puff Pastry

Creamy and cheesy on the inside but crunchy on the outside, these Buffalo Chicken Puff Pastry make the perfect party snack, lunch or lazy week night dinner. It’s everything you love about Buffalo Chicken Dip tucked into tender and flaky puff pastry, which tastes so yummy you can’t resist having more and more!

19. Curry Chicken Puff Pastries

Perfect for summer get togethers, these Curry Chicken Puff Pastries might be the tastiest and easiest thing you can make for those hot summer days. Packed with all kinds of flavor and plenty of vegetables, these are the perfect snacks, finger foods or quick lunch for kids and adults.

20. Mexican Chicken Empanadas

Craving for empanadas but short on time? This Mexican Chicken Empanadas recipe uses store bought pastry dough and precooked chicken, which makes it super quick and easy on those hectic week nights. Instead of frying them, this chicken puff pastry recipe also baked to save you calories and time.

21. Mini Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie

Talk about bite-sized heaven and comfort food rolled in one! These Mini Puff Pastry Chicken Pot Pie are filled with tender and juicy chicken paired with a vegetable medley in a muffin tin. These delightful mini chicken pot pies are absolutely mouthwatering with a light and crispy buttery crust, it’s the ultimate bite-sized heaven you’ll want to devour all in one go.

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