As promised I will be showing you some of the products I buy and use on a regular basis.. They will be products from both Canada and the U.S, I am able to cross the border often and buy products we don’t carry here in Canada.. I will let you know where I buy the products and the points..

First up is the Pepperoni I buy, it’s regular pepperoni as I am not a fan of turkey anything to be honest 😉 never really have been.. This is a Canadian product and purchased at my local Fortino’s, No frills and Super stores should carry it as well.. 20 slices (56g) is 4 smart points or 3 points plus.


I like making english muffin pizza’s, I will use 6 slices and call it 1 point..


These popcorners corn chips are crazy good!! Bought at Costco in Canada, but I am sure the U.S must carry them.. The large boxes have 27 small 32g bags in 3 flavors, Kettle, White cheddar and my favorite, Sweet chili, spicy but so good!


All flavors are 4 smart points each, the kettle and white cheddar are 4 points plus and the sweet chili is 3 points plus.. A great night time snack when a chip craving might come on 🙂


Ahhhh marshmallow fluff.. Holds a special place in my heart 🙂 Yes I know it’s all sorts of bad but I love it and I love finding ways to use it.. If you don’t want marshmallow fluff in your life that’s okay… but I say give me the fluff!! 😉 I buy this at any of my local grocery stores, it will usually be with your ice cream cones and toppings, sometimes it is with your peanut butters.. I know they have it in the U.S it just might be a different brand..


2.5 Tbsp is 2 smart points or 1 points plus.. So here’s the trick, melt it in your microwave, I put it in for about 25 seconds, it will expand, then spread it quickly, this will make 2 Tbsp go so much further..Pictures below are 2T before and after melting.


And here’s some of my snacks I have used it on…and I won’t stop thinking of new ways to use it 😉


One thing I get asked a lot about is what kind of mini chocolate chips do I use… so here they are, Hershey’s mini chipits.


I buy these in the baking isle at any grocery store here in Canada, I can only assume they have them in the U.S, or something similar.. 1 Tbsp is 4 smart points or 2 points plus, I usually use 1/2T for 1PP, for 1SP you can use 1tsp and sometimes that is just enough 🙂


Kodiak cakes are relatively new in my life, I have been using their waffle mixes for about 6 months, and I just can’t get enough!! (I was recently sent their new flavors to try that will be available in stores April 17th and I will add those in an upcoming week) I use the protein packed whole grain buttermilk mix but they have several kinds, I suggest checking the different boxes for nutritional info and figuring out your points.


1/2 cup of this particular mix is 5 smart points as well as 5 points plus, 1/2 cup with some water should yield 1 waffle in your waffle maker. I find the protein packed mix so filling, if I make a waffle and have it with some fruit I am pretty content until lunch time and don’t feel the need to snack. Kodiak cakes are found mainly at Target, Costco will carry larger boxes, I have been told by some of my fellow Canadian followers that some of our Costco’s have them stocked, the one near me does not, so I stock up when I cross the border. I can’t recommend these mixes enough.. so good!! Below is Blueberry funfetti waffes and mini pb&j pancake muffins, recipe here 


Last up for the week.. Yogurt.. I love my yogurt and eat 1-2 a day.. better yet I love sprucing up my yogurt 🙂 That is one thing that upset me a bit when smart points rolled out, on points plus I can easily sweeten up my yogurt with some fun toppings and keep it a 4 point treat/snack, but with smart points I found that harder, and resorted to just adding free fruit.. I buy most of my yogurt in the U.S because unfortunately Canada is SO lacking in the yogurt department and I can only hope they catch up!! I get giddy like a little kid in a candy store when I cross over the border and shop for yogurts, the endless amounts of flavors are to die for, I only wish the expiry dates were better, mind you that’s probably a good thing or I’d be coming home with hundreds, I kid you not 😉

I really like the Dannon light and fit, both the regular greek and the greek mousse..


The greek mousse are 3 smart points or 2 points plus, where as the regular greek is 2 smart points as well as points plus, and there’s flavors galore!!

I like topping with either some fruit and mini chocolate chips, or a little whip cream and some sort of cookie like these cinnamon graham goldfish 🙂


See you next week.. Hope I gave you some idea’s for your week, good luck to all on your continued weight loss journey 🙂


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  1. Thank you so much for all the info! I found you on Instagram and can totally relate as I have a sweet tooth. Your ideas have helped me to stay on track with WW.

  2. This fluff, if you look at the back label is made in the U.S in Massachusetts! It’s the best! Thank you for all your wonderful recipes! ?