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I have been using the Traeger Timberline XL as my primary backyard smoker for over two years now. I have consistently cooked everything from brisket to ribs and salmon on it, and I must say that it has always delivered excellent results. In addition to the grill, I also use the attached induction side burner almost as much for preparing sides, deep frying shrimp, or searing steaks. If you are looking for recipes, you can find our full collection of Traeger recipes here.

timberline XL sitting on patio
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About Traeger and the new Timberline XL design

Traeger invented wood pellet grills in 1987. Since then, they have continuously innovated to revolutionize backyard cooking. The Traeger Timberline XL is the top-of-the-line pellet grill that packs an insane number of features while delivering best-in-class technology and performance. 

This model came out as a totally new design from its predecessor, the Traeger Timberline 1300. Featuring heavy-duty construction of a double-walled stainless steel interior, while showing off an elegant matte finish on the outside, this grill is top notch.

Its large cooking area of 1320 square inches makes it perfect for parties and large gatherings. With its unique hood design and Smart Combustion™ technology, the Traeger Timberline XL practically eliminates heat loss, offering unparalleled consistent cooking.

chicken wings cooking on timberline xl

Key Features

The Traeger Timberline XL has a wide range of new features. Here are some of my favorites. 

EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg

This amazing grill is equipped with a new ash keg feature that you’ll love. It’s located underneath the grill and serves as a collection bin for grease and ash, which makes the clean-up process super easy.

While you cook, the keg collects the grease and ash. When you’re done, you just remove it from the grill and dispose of the contents. It’s incredibly simple and convenient!

Traeger Induction® cooktop

Let me tell you about my absolute favorite feature on this grill, the magnetic induction cooktop! It is amazing because you can heat up any metal pan by just placing it on the glass top. It’s incredibly responsive, and it heats up so quickly! Plus, it gives you precise temperature control, which is awesome.

using induction burner on timberline xl

But the best part? It’s super safe! The cooktop surface only heats up the area touching the pan, so you don’t have to worry about burning yourself accidentally. With this amazing feature, you can cook up just about anything you want – sides, searing a steak, or even deep fry food.

Traeger Downdraft Exhaust® + Super Smoke® Mode

If you’re aiming for a delicious smoky flavor without any unpleasant aftertaste, you’ll need to ensure that there’s a constant flow of fresh, high-quality smoke while getting rid of any old, stale smoke.

That’s where the new downdraft exhaust system does all the work for you! Adding to it the Super Smoke mode introduces an extra kick of delicious smoky flavor when you’re cooking between 165º to 225º.

filling timberline xl with pellets

WiFIRE® technology and MEATER® Wireless Meat Thermometers

You’ll be pleased to know that the latest version of the Traeger Timberline XL again delivers WiFIRE technology, which was first introduced in the original Timberline model. This exciting feature allows you to connect your grill to your phone via the easy-to-use Traeger App.

With the app, you can conveniently adjust the temperature, set cooking times, and monitor the two included MEATER® temperature probes when inserted into your food from virtually anywhere, using just your smartphone.

cutting board sitting on timberline xl

Performance & Maintenance

I live in the Midwest state where the winter can be freezing cold with negative temperatures, while in the summer, the heat can go above 100º. Luckily, the Timberline XL always delivers, no matter the weather outside. I just need to plan for a little extra time during those chilly start-ups. But once it’s up and running, it stays right where I need it and performs like a dream!  I can run temperatures between 165°F for smoking and 500°F for searing.

Keeping any Traeger clean is key to top performance. This is where the Traeger Timberline XL again delivers effortlessly. I keep a small putty knife handy to scrape up some drippings and a trusty shop vac for the occasional deep clean.  

But the previously discussed EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg is what makes post-cooking clean-up a walk in the park.  Pair that with a bottle of Traeger’s All Natural cleaner for the quick wipe down after you cook, and you’ll be ready for that next delicious meal. 


While the Timberline XL is on the top end of the backyard smoker marketing, with an MSRP of $3,799.99, it is important to consider the high-end features that make it stand out from other options on the market.  Even so, this investment can boost your smoking game and give you some tasty results.

The negatives

While the investment of almost $4,000 in a pellet smoker, without considering any accessories, may seem significant, it could be a great option for those who enjoy hosting and cooking for larger groups. However, for cul-de-sac cooks with small families who don’t entertain often, it may not be the most practical choice.

My other complaint is that while it comes with a Meater+ Wireless thermometer pack, the Traeger app does not display all the features of the Meater+ app. While it does show the temperature of your protient, it does not offer the best feature of the Meater+ app, which is the remaining time left to cook. At the time of writing this post, this feature is not available on the Traeger app. Perhaps it might be included in future updates.

So, what’s the verdict?

preparing ribs on cutting board

This grill is a must-have for serious backyard pitmasters who want to easily smoke delicious meals while keeping clean up quick to get the next meal rolling. Even though it comes at a higher price point, the added features, especially the induction top, make it a worthwhile cost investment.

My backyard is the neighborhood meet up.  Sure the pool plays a key role, but I know the food that comes off my Traeger Timberline XL is a huge factor as well.  I rely on it every week in every season.

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