Cabbage, you say? Why would I eat that….well according to research from Healthline

“Cabbage is highly nutritious and rich in vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin K. What’s more, some research suggests that it may support digestion, improve heart health, and decrease inflammation.”

It’s also a highly important food when it comes to weight loss or a healthy lifestyle. It’s brimming with fiber, and research shows it is one of the most important things to consider increasing consumption for weight loss. 

It’s also a fantastic ‘volume’ food, meaning you can eat as much of it as you want to fill up because the calories are so low and the benefits are so high.

Eating vegan is also a wonderful way to transform your lifestyle into a healthier and more mindful one. It can help with weight loss, reduce cholesterol, help prevent heart disease, and control diabetes.

If you’re ready to get started on your cabbage journey, here are 28 vegan cabbage recipes to get you through your first month!

Vegan Egg in a Roll Bowl

This rhyming recipe from The Cheeky Chickpea is a deconstructed egg roll in a bowl. And before you say eggs aren’t vegan, it doesn’t have any eggs! But what else can you call it? It’s filled with cabbage, carrot, and fake meat, brimming with delicious aromas of ginger, garlic and soy sauce, plum sauce, and sesame seed oil. It is gloriously gluten-free, keto, low-carb, and nut free. So that’s dinner tonight sorted!

Vegan Southern Fried Cabbage

Onion, garlic, and herbs flavor the cabbage in this dish from Healthier Steps. It takes it up a level by throwing in some homemade coconut bacon after the sauteing process, for a bit of extra flavor. It goes great with corn muffins or black-eyed peas.

Vegan Roasted Cabbage Steaks

The Hidden Veggies concocted this yummy recipe where your cabbage is served looking like a pretty flower. Seasoned with garlic, pepper, and vegan cheese, sprinkling on some parsley after baking makes it look even prettier.

Spicy Cabbage Stir Fry

The spicy cabbage recipe from Simple Veganista is served with rice and tofu. The flavors come from tamari, ginger, garlic, red pepper, chili flakes, and fresh cilantro, and go well with the shredded cabbage. The grain can also be mixed up each time you cook this stir-fry recipe. You’ll find noodles and quinoa also taste good with it.

Vegan Cabbage and Rice

Eat Something Vegan uses strips of tender cabbage incorporated with the rice rather than served on top. The red pepper flakes give a little kick but not much, it’s overpowering. It’s almost like a risotto dish and uses vegetable broth and tomatoes to create the sauce base.

Vegan Cabbage Casserole

You might not think cabbage and casserole go together but Healthier Steps has created a recipe where it works! It’s a traditional dish in the South but usually loaded with cream and cheese. This recipe relies on vegan ‘cheese’ to make it vegan. In this case, the ‘cheese’ sauce comes from cashew nuts and coconut milk.

Vegan Cabbage Soup

A Virtual Vegan’s recipe for cabbage soup includes lots of warming ingredients, like tomatoes, smoked paprika, and a selection of Italian herbs. The protein content is enhanced by adding lentils or vegan beef. It’s one of those recipes where you can use up whatever veggies are left in your fridge, in addition to the star of the show – cabbage!

Vegan Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls

Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures hop on trend to create a bowl rather than a roll. Easier to put together than making rolls, it incorporates cabbage, beans, and rice to create a filling and healthy meal.

Vegan Cabbage Rolls

If you prefer your cabbage rolls rolled rather than let loose in a bowl, this recipe from Ela Vegan is delicious. The Chinese brown garlic sauce is so tasty, you’ll want to drizzle it on all your meals! The filling can be tweaked according to whatever you have on hand as well. So feel free to try out any substitutions. 

Sautéed Garlic and Kale Cabbage

While turning to Eat Well 101’s vegan recipe, substitute the butter used to fry everything for a vegan-friendly alternative. This recipe comes together in under 20 minutes and has beautiful flavors of garlic coming through the kale and cabbage. The kale gives that kick of iron to complement the benefits of cabbage.

Lentil Mushroom Cabbage Rolls

These rolls from Everyday Healthy Recipes are so delicious, you don’t feel like you’re eating cabbage. Not that there is anything wrong with cabbage… but it just feels more glutinous than cabbage should! The ground flaxseed help bind the ingredients in the absence of eggs, and the lentils help up the protein and iron content of the dish.

Spicy Cabbage Potatoes

This Bolivian-style cabbage and potatoes dish from Global Kitchen Travels uses serrano chilies to kick them. It’s a pretty simple recipe to follow as well. It mainly uses staple kitchen ingredients like onions, peppers, and tomatoes, with the addition of fresh cilantro chopped and sprinkled on top. Delicious served as a side, or it can also be piled in a bowl and devoured in minutes!

Cabbage and Pea Curry

Cooking with Parita has created a tasty curry using cabbage and peas as the main ingredients rather than meat, potatoes, or tofu. It’s an Indian curry and comes together in around 20 minutes. Mustard and cumin seeds are fried at the start until they start to pop, giving the dish a beautiful flavor you simply cannot get from using powder alone. It can be served with vegan yogurt, flatbread, slice onions, or fresh cilantro. Tuck in!

Vegan Haluski

The Hidden Veggies divulges their traditional recipe for this Polish dish of cabbage and noodles. It’s a quick dish, made in one pot, and is a great family meal. The flavors come mainly from onion, turmeric, and garlic, and tofu is thrown in for some protein. Turmeric is a somewhat unusual ingredient to add to a noodle dish but is wonderful for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

Cabbage Curry

Curry powder gives the main flavor here and coconut milk is mixed to get a creamy curry sauce. Shredded cabbage forms the bulk of the meal, cooked in the yummy curry sauce. It can be served over rice, cous cous, quinoa, or even pasta! Dipping flatbread into the sauce is also highly recommended by Eat Something Vegan.

Vegan Cabbage Schnitzel

Cabbage ‘steaks’, breaded, and smothered in red wine and shallot mushroom gravy – sounds pretty delicious, right? Rabbits and Wolves specify the cabbage steaks should come from the head of the cabbage, leaving you with the body to shred and enjoy in a stir-fry, coleslaw, or sauerkraut. This meal goes beautifully with roast potatoes or vegetables.

Vegan Stuffed Cabbage

Veggies Don’t Bite’s recipe sees cabbage being stuffed full of protein, grains, and veggies. The base is formed from chickpeas and lentils. The texture and flavor of this combo make you feel like you’re eating meat stuffing. After they are stuffed, they’re popped into a baking dish and slathered in sauerkraut and crushed tomatoes.

Romanian Stewed Cabbage

Yuzu Bakes shares a traditional Romanian recipe, a country in which cabbage is a staple ingredient. Stewed cabbage conjures a nostalgic childhood vibe there, and with this recipe, you can share in the deliciousness of this local delicacy. It might say ‘optional’ but you can’t forget to add the liquid smoke!

Vegan Sesame Ginger Coleslaw Salad

Stacey Homemaker loves to take traditional recipes and work her magic to turn them vegan. This shredded cabbage salad doesn’t have any meat or dairy but is packed with flavor from the fresh cilantro leaves, sesame seeds, and ginger. The raw veggies give a huge hit of antioxidants. It’s completely healthy because it shuns the usual creamy mayo addition to traditional coleslaw recipes.

Chopped Thai Salad

It’s the peanut dressing in this recipe from The Cabin Diary that’ll do it for you in this shredded cabbage-based salad. Mixed with lime, chili, and soy sauce, you’ll keep drizzling it on top! Leaving the cabbage raw leaves with a delightful crunch, and when you toss in a bunch of rainbow-colored vegetables, you’ve got yourself a huge bowl of goodness. 

Lemon Tahini Cabbage Salad

Jennifer’s Kitchen has found an inventive way to enjoy cabbage, using an original ingredient for a cabbage recipe, tahini! Usually thought of as ‘something that goes into hummus’, you’ll be surprised to find out how good it tastes on shredded cabbage.

Cabbage Ramen Noodle Soup

This vegan version of ramen noodle soup from Vegan Blueberry has a lovely crunchy texture and delicious flavor coming from the toasted almonds and Asian-style dressing. The recipe calls for two different varieties of cabbage and a whopping six cups of it in total. This a great recipe to use all the cabbage in the house!

Cabbage with Corn Salad

Cooktopia’s salad only has a few ingredients, bet you can’t guess what the main two are. Crunchy cucumber is also tossed in this dish that’s overflowing with flavor and vitamins. The dressing is simple using oil, vinegar, dill, salt, and pepper.

Asian Cabbage Salad

This salad bowl from The Stingy Vegan uses a Thai-inspired peanut dressing. With good reason, it is insanely delicious! Chickpeas, cashews, and quinoa give the meal a good dose of protein, with the raw veggies adding lots of fiber and vitamins. As it’s a raw salad, once you chopped the veggies and your job is done. A tasty, quick, and healthy vegan dinner!

Flavor Bomb Cabbage Salad with Indian Tadka

Ministry of Curry uses mustard seeds and turmeric to create an original flavor in this cabbage salad recipe. It’s the tadka that elevates the flavors of this meal. Heat oil until it’s very hot and then add mustard seeds until they pop! This dish is a perfect side to lots of meals, including sandwiches, grilled veggies, or any Indian food.

Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage Soup

This red cabbage soup recipe from Healthy Taste of Life is a bit different from the usual cabbage soup recipes because it uses red cabbage, but also because it uses sweet and sour flavors. Usually, you’ll find peppery or Mediterranean flavors. The sour flavor comes from the sauerkraut, which is also very beneficial for your gut health.

Cabbage Soup

Cabbage Soup is a more traditional cabbage soup recipe from Downshiftology. It aligns with the cabbage soup diet and mainly comprises vegetables, vegetable broth, salt, and pepper. It’s very nutritious and easy to make. As it’s so healthy, feel free to fill up as many bowls as you wish!

Braised Cabbage with Smoked Tofu

The last recipe to make this list comes from Full of Plants and is a really tasty meal. The cabbage is braised until it’s caramelized and the tofu is baked until it’s full of a salty and smoky flavor. The tofu needs to be marinated for an hour, so don’t make this one in a rush!

And if you are looking for even more cabbage recipes, check out this purple cabbage recipe collection.

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28 Vegan Cabbage Recipes

Cabbage Soup
If you’re ready to get started on your cabbage journey, here are 28 vegan cabbage recipes to get you through your first month!
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