When spring is approaching, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a refreshing Easter-inspired cocktail. Whether you plan to host a brunch buffet party or something more along the lines of a sit-down meal, you definitely need some vibrant cocktails in your life. We have 27 incredible Easter-worthy cocktails for you to make for yourself or a gathering! Some of them are super fruity with hints of peaches, lemon, pineapple, and strawberry.

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Other options are filled with refreshing herbs and flowers, like lavender, basil, or elderflower. No matter if you like your cocktails on the sweet side or more on the tangy side of the spectrum, you will appreciate the wide variety of options we’ve listed here for you! You don’t need much equipment to bring these lovely drinks to life. So, grab your shaker and get ready to mix up some delicious beverages that will have your guests hopping with joy!

1. The Buzzed Bunny

Make an adorable Easter cocktail that only requires a few simple ingredients! This recipe has sweetened pineapple juice, fresh carrot juice, lemon juice, and gin. It also has some finely grated ginger and a sprig of fresh mint for garnish! This cocktail has the perfect amount of zesty flavors due to the lemon and ginger. The pineapple is also perfectly sweet and sour!

2. Lavender Lemon Drop Martini

If you want to impress your friends with a glorious spring beverage, you can make this recipe by Short Girl Tall Order. It has vodka, water, organic sugar, lemons, and dried lavender. You need the dried lavender for the homemade simple syrup! This recipe turns out to taste super floral, and it has a lovely, sophisticated presentation that works for any type of gathering you serve it at.

3. Rosemary Greyhound

For this recipe, you will need rosemary simple syrup, which you can make yourself. It provides a gentle sweetness that is delicious! This drink also contains club soda, grapefruit, and vodka. It doesn’t get any easier than this! This cocktail is extremely refreshing, and perfect for springtime when the flowers are blooming, and the sun is coming out more.

4. Spring Cocktail: Rhubarb Basil Cocktail  

This beverage is unique since it has rhubarb in it! Rhubarb has a sweet and sour taste. This drink has vodka, ice, club soda, rhubarb puree, and large basil leaves! You can thinly slice the basil into strips, which gives the drink an elegant presentation. You can also leave some leaves whole to put on top!

5. Peach Cocktails with Elderflower

If you are someone who loves peachy drinks and desserts, this will soon become your new favorite beverage as the weather warms up! This light and tasty drink has flavors of fresh peaches, blackberries, mint, vodka, elderflower liquor, and fresh lemon. To balance the sweetness and flavor, you can add agave nectar and a Sprite or club soda to taste. The blackberries and fresh fruit really make this drink stand out!

6. Bees Knees Cocktail

This classic cocktail doesn’t have its unique name for no reason. It really is the bee’s knees! This phenomenal beverage combines orange juice, lemon juice, honey, and gin. Although it is such a simple formula, it is absolutely delicious, and you can also make variations of it by using blood oranges instead of orange juice! You can also use some ginger beer. However, we love the bright color that the orange juice gives this drink.

7. Grapefruit Gin Fizz Cocktail with Rosemary Garnish

Next time you need something to serve at a party, try this incredible gin fizz recipe. It is highly unique since it has fresh grapefruit juice! It also has rosemary, gin, lime juice, rosemary simple syrup, and club soda. For garnish, top the drink with a sprig of rosemary and some fresh cucumber slices, which make it nice and refreshing.

8. Carrot Mimosas

What better drink for Easter than these adorable carrot mimosas? This is the perfect brunch beverage to make when you want to impress your guests! The presentation of these drinks will look like bright orange carrots with carrot stems or parsley sprigs as the garnish. The drink base has carrot juice, Prosecco, or another type of champagne. It is a simple recipe, yet the carrot juice gives it a show-stopping appearance!

9. The Pink Bunny

This super bright pink drink will surely steal the show when you make it. Everything about it is pink, from the drink to the Peeps candy to the rim of the glass! This recipe has frozen pink lemonade, gin, tonic water, and pink decorating sugar. Place a Peep on top of the rim as you serve it to make it Easter-inspired!

10. Cottontail Martini Easter Cocktail

Inspired by Charm shared this recipe, which is also Easter-themed! The drink is white and is named Cottontail like cottontail bunnies. This festive beverage has hints of whipped vodka, coconut, half and half, and cream of coconut. You can also add a splash of pineapple juice! There are many ways to finish it off. You can include marshmallows, sweetened coconut, or a hint of honey.

11. Naturally Sweetened Pineapple Tequila Cocktail

A cocktail without a ton of sugar? Count us in! This recipe is naturally sweetened and also delicious. It has pineapple juice, Truvia, tequila, and beet juice. The beverage display has a striking look since the top half is dark from the beet, and the bottom half is a lighter yellowish-orange color from the pineapple juice. In terms of flavor and presentation, this is a fantastic option for Easter!

12. The Tipsy Bunny Easter Cocktail

Make this option for your Easter drink, and everyone will be raving over it! This cocktail recipe has colored sugar, lemon, champagne, pineapple juice, and blue curacao. To make it festive, you will also need some Easter candy! Make this drink colorful by using different colored sugar for the rim and pairing it with contrasting Easter candy colors.

13. Pink Lemonade Peeps Vodka

Here is another beverage that has Peeps candy on it! This Pink Lemonade Peeps Vodka has a pale pink color, and you can place a peep in the drink for it to float rather than stick it on the side of the glass! This recipe only requires pink lemonade, vodka, and marshmallow candy, making it a super easy beverage to put together for your guests!

14. Pineapple Carrot Pitcher Margaritas

With ingredients like pineapple juice, carrot juice, lime juice, tequila, and Cointreau, this drink tastes just as amazing as it looks. To decorate it, you will need salt, tajin, and fresh carrot strips. The carrot strips really give this drink character! You can always use some fresh herbs as a garnish, too. Who doesn’t love a wonderful pitcher Margarita?

15. Watermelon Vodka Limeade

Although it doesn’t necessarily need to be a certain time of year to enjoy vodka lemonade, for some reason, this type of drink is just so delicious in the springtime! The specific beverage has watermelon, which makes it light and fruity. For the recipe, you will need fresh seedless watermelon, sugar, water, lime juice, vodka, and your garnishes. A simple addition of mint leaves and lime slices acts as the perfect topping!

16. Melon Ball Cocktail

Just A Taste shared this melon cocktail, which is perfect for Easter! It has vibrant colors due to the different types of melon in the drink. For example, it has watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew melon balls in the beverage that look like vibrant spheres. The drink itself has triple sec, vodka, and lemonade. You can also add in some soda water!

17. The Naughty Peep Easter Cocktail

If the presentation of this drink doesn’t scream Easter, we don’t know what will! This bright blue drink has marshmallow vodka, blue curacao, lemon juice, sanding sugar, Sprite, and simple syrup. You also need a blue Peep for garnish, which perfectly matches the color of the drink! Did you notice how peeps are marshmallows, and this drink has marshmallow vodka? It couldn’t get any better than that!

18. Cadbury Crème Egg

If you love indulging in the creamy and rich flavor of Cadbury creme eggs, this is the right drink choice for you. This recipe has vanilla vodka, yellow Chartreuse, white crème de cacao, heavy cream, and dark chocolate. For garnish, you will need shaved chocolate and Cadbury creme mini eggs! Unlike other drinks on this list, this recipe isn’t fruity but incredibly divine and indulgent, perfect for chocolate lovers!

19. Easter Martini

When in doubt, create this fabulous Easter martini recipe! All you need is cherry vodka, triple sec, half and half, and grenadine. Of course, the drink isn’t complete if you don’t decorate it festively for the holiday. So, you can line the rim and top the drink with a colorful Peep. It is up to you which color candy you want to use! For parties, you can use a variety of colors for the garnish.

20. Cottontail Colada Cocktail

This cottontail colada is unique in its own way with its pink and white Easter theme. This recipe has cream of coconut, pineapple juice, white rum, grenadine, and ice. Although optional, we suggest including the shredded coconut for decoration since that is what makes a cottontail colada so loved and appreciated! Not to mention, the coconut tastes fantastic with the pineapple.

21. Blushing Whiskey Sour

For your Easter get-together, try this recipe by Taste of the Frontier. This lovely drink has plump blackberries, simple lemon syrup, and Irish whiskey. It has the perfect balance of fruity and citrusy flavors! This is one of the easiest drinks to make, with only three ingredients. Sometimes, simple recipes are classier in the long run!

22. Easter Peeps Cocktail

As you can see, there are many ways to include Peeps candy in different types of cocktails. This specific recipe has vodka, Kahlua, Bailey’s strawberries and cream, heavy cream, and simple syrup. For decoration, you will need the pink bunny Peeps and fine pink sugar. The addition of Bailey’s strawberries and cream flavors complements the beverage and enhances the pink theme.

23. Chocolate Easter Bunny Espresso Martinis

Here is another option for folks who would rather have a cocktail with some chocolate instead of different types of candy. This might win the prize for the most unique presentation since you serve the boozy beverage in a hollow chocolate Bunny. The recipe suggests using a colorful straw or other garnishes to dress them up more. Flavor-wise, this drink has vodka, coffee liquor, espresso, and cinnamon.

24. Light & Easy Strawberry Peach Moscato Sangria

Peaches and strawberries are a fantastic match for one another! This wonderful cocktail further proves it. To make this drink by Joyful Healthy Eats, you will need wine, orange liquor, citrus, fresh fruit, and ginger ale. You can also use sparkling water if you wish! Add a refreshing touch with fresh mint leaves. This recipe is fruity and perfect for Easter!

25. Super Easy Easter Brunch Cocktail

With hints of lemon, honey, carrot juice, and whiskey, this simple yet scrumptious beverage is one of the best options for your upcoming Easter brunch! And it’s super easy to make and has the perfect balance of flavor. Moreover, you can experiment and decorate it however you wish. You could always keep it simple by adding fresh lemon slices or herbs on top!

26. Sunset Tequila Cocktail using Yellow Brew Glitter

Looking for a drink that will blow everyone away with its presentation? This incredible recipe has Blanco tequila, butterfly pea flower-infused vodka, peach brandy, and orange juice. However, what makes it special is the yellow brew glitter, which is edible sparkles! Although the recipe shows using cotton candy as a topping, you can use whichever garnishes you wish.

27. Bunny Lebowski – Carrot White Russian

If you’ve never tried a Carrot White Russian, now is your chance! Craft and Cocktails posted this recipe, which you can make in the comfort of your own home. It has vodka, carrot cream, coffee liquor, and walnut liquor. For garnish, add a smidge of grated nutmeg and baby carrots, which make it perfect for Easter but also give it an elegant look since these small carrots make it look so polished!

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