There was a unique challenge when our alphabetical culinary journey reached finding foods that start with the elusive letter ‘X.’ However, we managed it all for you, like we always do. In a world of culinary exploration, ‘X’ might seem like a riddle, leaving many curious minds wondering: What delectable delights begin with this uncommon letter? Brace yourselves as we unveil a tempting list of 25 Foods That Start with X. This is where the extraordinary meets the edible, and the unknown becomes a delectable adventure for your taste buds.”

1. Xacuti (Goan Coconut Chicken Curry)

This Portuguese-inspired curry is made using shrimp or meat (chicken, lamb, or beef). Part of the local Christian cuisine all over Goa, India, this curry is super simple to make. Sizzle cinnamon into white poppy seeds in oil, then sauté onions until golden. Add ginger, garlic, and coconut until brown, then blend into a fine puree. Cook the chicken with spices, then pour in the puree and tomatoes. Simmer until chicken is cooked, adjusting seasoning. Serve hot, garnished with nutmeg shavings, for an unforgettable culinary delight.

2. Xnipec – Habanero Salsa

This Mexican salsa packs classic salsa ingredients, sour orange juice, and a spicy kick of habanero peppers for a flavor-packed salsa that’s great for dipping chips. Also named Dog’s Nose Salsa, it’s budget-friendly and can be made ahead of time. Serve it with your favorite protein, or add it to your tacos and burritos for added heat.

3. Xavier Steak

A grilled steak recipe with the addition of tasty toppings, including Swiss cheese and asparagus spears, to make it taste terrific. The seasoned steak and asparagus are grilled on a preheated grill until the steaks are firm and slightly pink in the center and the asparagus is tender. Once done, top the steaks asparagus, followed by Swiss cheese. Cook until the cheese starts melting, then let it sit for 5 minutes before serving. This Xavier steak is sure to become your new family favorite!

4. Xampinyons En Salsa Mushrooms

Sauté onion and garlic until soft, then toss in tomato purée, sherry, and cloves and water. Simmer gently, then add mushrooms to soak up the rich sauce. Chill overnight for a flavor boost. The longer it sits, the more delicious it tastes. Serve cold, garnished with fresh parsley, for a delightful culinary experience. Or you can serve it with rice for a complete meal.

5. Xylitol Simple Syrup

This sugar-free keto syrup combines 2 ingredients and is perfect for adding to your morning coffee, tea, and smoothies. This liquid sweetener is simple to make using xylitol and water and will be ready in 10 minutes. A great addition to your oatmeal desserts and keto cocktails.

6. Xigua Watermelon Salad

A perfect summer salad made with watermelon, orange slices, honeydew melon, and tossed in a quick homemade dressing that combines lemon juice, lemon olive oil, and natural honey. The smoky saltiness of thinly sliced prosciutto perfectly compliments the sweetness of watermelon and honeydew. Served over arugula and mint and topped with prosciutto and romano cheese, this salad is a dream come true for a true salad lover.

7. Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum, extracted from bacteria on green vegetables, is a versatile thickening and stabilizing agent. Fermented like cheese, it’s dried into a powder that alters food texture and thickness the consistency of sauces without heating. Thickening begins immediately in contact with liquid, so it’s recommended to use a blender to prevent clumping. It’s 100% vegan and has many uses.

8. Xingren Doufu

This dessert from Beijing is a sweet and simple treat made with almond milk, agar, and sugar. Also known as almond tofu, it has a sweet and nutty flavor. Upon chilling, it solidifies into a soft dessert. Add Vanilla powder to elevate its flavor profile to intensify the dessert’s flavor. Garnish with fruits and syrups of your choice.

9. Xoconostle Salsa

Looking for a salsa for your next taco night? This chunky xoconostle salsa features roasted onion, garlic, chiles, and roasted xoconostle that adds sour and tart flavor. It packs Mexican flavor and is sure to be a hit. It will be ready in 40 minutes and perfect when served with corn tortilla chips and tostadas.

10. Xinomavro Grapes

Xinomavro, often called the “Prince of Greek Grapes,” is a crucial component of some of Greece’s most highly regarded red wines. These dark-skinned red wine grapes are so rare that only four vineyards in Greece cultivate them. This is because they are challenging to grow, taking a year longer to mature than other grapes and susceptible to a wide range of diseases and ailments.

11. Xavier Soup

There is nothing better than a comforting and hearty bowl of soup made with parmesan and parsley dumplings cooked in salted water until tender. Served in clear chicken broth and infused with lovely grassy notes from parsley, this soup requires simple pantry ingredients and is perfect for the Christmas season.

12. Xidoufen

This pea flour soup is popular in Yunnan province of China. Made with boiled pea meal and is infused with garlicky notes along with spicy notes of ginger. Add spring onion and coriander for a burst of freshness and Sichuan pepper oil and dry chili flakes for a little kick. This satisfying soup is a delicious and healthy way to kickstart a winter day. Serve with Chinese flatbread for a complete meal.

13. Xia Mi Chong Mien

Treat your taste buds to the tantalizing flavors of Xia Mi Chong Mien! Begin by soaking dried shrimps (xia mi) in water, then finely chop them. Sauté garlic and dried shrimp until fragrant and crispy, and season with salt, soy sauce, and pepper. Toss in spring onions for a refreshing twist and serve over boiled noodles with a rich homemade chicken soup made with broth and reserved soaking liquid for a comforting meal. Use Xia mi in a variety of Chinese dishes, including stir-fries, soups, and more, for a flavor punch.

14. Xalapa Party Punch

If you’re a fan of boozy punches, you’ve got to try Xalapa Punch! Take this unique blend of rum, apple brandy, and red wine to the next level with black tea and heated orange rinds. Tupelo honey is the golden nectar that adds a touch of sweetness and ties everything together. Your taste buds will thank you for trying this intriguing beverage.

15. Xo Sauce

This flavorful Chinese sauce is made using dried shrimp, dried scallops, garlic, shallot, chili peppers (dried and fresh), and vegetable oil. A perfect condiment to add delicious flavor to noodles, dumplings, and stir-fried veggies. Free from preservatives, you can store this sauce for months in a cool place. If you are planning to store it for longer, keep it in a refrigerator to give a flavor punch to your meals.

16. Xiao long bao (Chinese Steamed Bun)

Known as the signature dish of Shanghai, Xiaolong’s long bao are homemade soup dumplings filled with pork mince and steamed in a small bamboo basket, Xiaolong. The bun filling can be customized and is sure to impress your guests. Enjoy it as a snack or serve it as an appetizer with your main course; this dish won’t disappoint.

17. Xanthia

If you love strong drinks with liquor flavor, then this Xanthia cocktail is a must-try. It’s an orange-colored cocktail made with dry gin, cherry brandy, and yellow chartreuse served in a chilled cocktail glass. Just grab a mixing glass, throw in some ice and all the ingredients, give it a good shake, strain it into a chilled cocktail glass, and voila! Make sure you add plenty of ice to this cocktail for the best flavor.

18. Xoi Man Sticky Rice Recipe with Chinese Sausage, Chicken, Shrimp

This hearty meal combines glutinous rice, Chinese sausage, shredded chicken, dried shredded pork/chicken, and dried shrimp. You can easily find the ingredients in your nearby Asian grocery store. Make it your own by swapping the ingredients, like substituting Vietnamese ham (cha lua) for Chinese sausage or using thin strips of pan-fried egg. This recipe is perfect for lunch, and all it takes is 25 minutes of effort to make a restaurant-worthy meal.

19. Ximenia Caffra

Ximenia is a fascinating fruit known by many names, like wild plum, hog plum, or yellow plum. You can find it in tropical regions and even in Florida! This little guy is round, with a bright orange-yellow color, and looks a lot like a tomato. Depending on its ripeness, Ximenia can be nutty and harsh or incredibly sweet, which makes it perfect for jams, juices, and jellies. Yum!

20. Xocolatl – Aztec Hot Chocolate

This decadent hot chocolate drink with spicy notes combines chocolate, cinnamon, chili, and vanilla. Packed with delicious flavors, you can enjoy this drink hot or cold. Though not overly sweet as traditional hot cocoa, this drink was popular with Aztecs and Mayans where it was served to royals or warriors for an energy boost.

21. Xmas Cookies

These delicious Xmas cookies are easy to make and are perfect for the holiday season. Make them in your favorite shapes and decorate them with toppings of your choice. Great for any day of the year and goes well with coffee. Present these classic Christmas treats to your loved ones. The best part about these gingerbread cookies is that you can even freeze them for up to 3 months.

22. Xiangjiao

Xiangjiao is the Chinese word for banana. Bananas are not only a delicious and healthy snack, but they are also a type of berry! Their sweet and delicious taste makes them a perfect ingredient for various desserts like banana pudding, pies, and ice cream. It’s a reminder of how something so simple can nourish so much.

23. Xouba

Xoubas, a traditional Galician delight, is a savory sardine stew. This recipe artfully combines fresh xoubas with a medley of onions, garlic, tomatoes, and potatoes, creating a symphony of flavors. Infused with La Vera paprika, wine, and a touch of tomato sauce, the stew is a celebration of Galician culinary traditions. Serve this dish hot with artisan bread for a truly satisfying experience. Perfect for seafood lovers and those seeking an authentic taste of Spain.

24. Xi Gua Lao

Beat the scorching heat this summer season with Xi Gua Lao, a refreshing treat from Beijing cuisine! This chilled watermelon soup is bursting with fruity goodness. It combines crushed watermelon and cherries and is mixed in a syrup made with agar, sugar, and vanilla powder. Chilled to perfection, this soup is a true delight for kids.

25. Xylocarp

Have you ever heard of Xylocarp? It’s a fruit that’s not really a fruit! In fact, it’s a berry that’s more closely related to a vegetable. This curious fruit is not commonly found in the United States, but it’s a popular ingredient in desserts in Asia. And that’s not all – it’s also used to make delicious jam, jelly, and even liqueur! It’s definitely a unique and intriguing fruit worth trying if you ever have the chance.

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