If you enjoy exotic flavors and a balance of sweet and tangy, you’ll love passion fruit, also known as Lilikoi. This tropical fruit adds a tart and tangy flavor to your smoothies, salads, and drinks. From refreshing beverages that transport you to sun-kissed beaches to delectable desserts that leave you longing for more, we bet you’ll adore all of these 25 Best Passion Fruit Recipes that satisfy foodies, fruit lovers, and even the most discerning palates.

1. Passion Fruit Mousse (Mousse De Maracuja)

This 3 ingredient Passion Fruit Mousse features an out-of-the-box fusion of real passion fruit pulp and creamy condensed milk. You’ll encounter the delightful crunch of passion fruit seeds as you savor each velvety spoonful. Whip heavy cream perfectly, enveloping the passion fruit and condensed milk mixture. Serve with extra pulp on top for a tropical flavor.

2. Triple Coconut Cake With Passion Fruit Caramel

Indulge in the delightful and heavenly flavors of this single-layer triple coconut cake. With the perfect blend of coconut milk, coconut extract, and shredded coconut, every moist slice of this sponge cake bursts with tropical flavor. Toppings include halved passion fruit, coconut buttercream, and pièce de résistance. (It’s a passion fruit caramel sauce that blends passion fruit puree and classic salted caramel).

3. Passion fruit tart

This passion fruit tart is truly remarkable! Buttery pastry crust, oozing with sweet and sour passion fruit curd, and finished with a generous topping of meringue that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. With just one bite, you won’t soon forget the contrast of textures that creates such a delightful experience.

4. Passion Fruit Lemon Loaf Cake

Tired of the same old lemon cake? It’s time for a passion fruit twist. “Passion Fruit Lemon Loaf Cake” combines zesty lemon and exotic passion fruit flavors packed into a moist, tender loaf cake. The true magic lies in the simplicity of the glaze, which generously coats the cake’s top, infusing it with tropical fruit goodness. The fresh passion fruit glaze complements the lemon cake’s tanginess, showcasing the tropics in every bite.

5. Olive Oil Passionfruit Loaf Cake

This olive oil passionfruit loaf cake blends floral olive oil and creamy Greek yogurt, creating melt-in-the-mouth cake slices. Elevate it further by infusing the cake with tantalizing passionfruit syrup. It will ensure every morsel is moist and bursting with a tangy sweetness that awakens your senses. And as the grand finale, don’t forget to adorn the loaf cake with lavish passionfruit icing.

6. Tropical Popsicles (Coconut Mango Passion Fruit)

Nothing can define summer flavors like these coconut mango passion fruit popsicles. These tropical ice lollies are easy to whip up with simple ingredients, and they’re gluten-free and devoid of refined sugars. The contrasting colors and seed-speckled appearance make these popsicles a feast for the eyes and taste buds. For added sweetness, the passion fruit layer is infused with mangoes.


Say goodbye to dull desserts and mundane snacks and hello to a divine indulgence. These bite-sized Passion Fruit Bars feature a buttery crust cradling a luscious passion fruit filling, creating a delightful balance of sweetness and tanginess. Finish these bars with a generous dusting of powdered confectioners’ sugar, and let the bars chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.

8. Passion Fruit Cake with Passion Fruit Syrup

Experience the taste of the tropics with this Passion Fruit Cake with Passion Fruit Syrup! This moist and fluffy Bundt cake is infused with the refreshing taste of passion fruit and lemon zest, topped with a signature passion fruit syrup. This delightful dessert blends sweetness and tanginess, making it a crowd-pleaser at any event.

9. Passion Fruit Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day with White Chocolate Frosting

Passion Fruit Cupcakes ticks all the boxes to be your go to dessert for any occasion. The bright yellow pulp speckled with tiny black seeds lends a captivating appearance and infuses the cupcakes with a tropical essence. The smooth and velvety white chocolate frosting perfectly complements the passion fruit’s tanginess. These cupcakes are show-stoppers for birthday parties and bridal showers.

10. Passion Fruit Pudding Cake

Passion Fruit Pudding Cake brings two irresistible treats in a single, mouthwatering creation. An airy, soufflé-like cake on top, mingling with a creamy and velvety pudding-like sauce on the bottom. Elegantly presented in one pan, this dessert promises to be the highlight of any gathering. The infusion of passion fruit puree, citrusy zest, and a hint of rum (optional) creates a flavor sensation that will entice even the most adventurous of appetites.

11. Passion Fruit Lemonade

Cheers to a revitalizing and delightful experience with Passion Fruit Lemonade! Enjoy a refreshing drink that blends the tangy flavor of fresh lemons with the sweet taste of passion fruit. This drink is perfect for cooling off in the hot sun and has a balanced mix of tart and sweet flavors that everyone will love.

12. Raspberry & Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt Granola

Imagine a creamy canvas of velvety Greek yogurt, adorned with crunchy dark chocolate granola. Now, picture the tangy passion fruit dancing gracefully alongside the juicy ruby-red raspberries. To add elegance, a sprinkling of chopped pistachios, with their nutty allure, completes this breakfast bowl. This Raspberry & Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt Granola isn’t your ordinary morning fare; it’s a masterpiece designed to awaken your senses and fuel your day with nourishment and indulgence.

13. Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette

You no longer need to choose between health and flavor as this avocado chicken salad with passion fruit vinaigrette effortlessly combines both. Sliced avocado, red onion, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes mingle with cooked chicken to make this salad wholesome. The sweet and tangy notes of the passion fruit vinaigrette elevate the salad to new heights of deliciousness. Still, something is missing. Crown this masterpiece with candied pecans for a delightful crunch and sweetness.

14. The Blushing Cuban: A Passionfruit Raspberry Cocktail

Say goodbye to mundane and ordinary beverages as this blushing Cuban passionfruit raspberry cocktail elevates your drinking experience to new heights. The combination of passionfruit’s tangy sweetness and raspberry’s subtle tartness creates a perfect balance that is hard to resist. Cuban rum’s smoothness adds sophistication to every drop, while the Raspberry Liqueur imparts a rich depth of flavor that lingers on your tongue. Beyond its heavenly taste, this cocktail brings joy and warmth to any gathering.

15. Passion Fruit Juice

Experience a delightful escape with every sip of this passionfruit juice – a refreshing tropical delight that expertly balances tart and sweet flavors. Crafted from ripe passion fruits and a touch of organic sweetener, this vibrant elixir is a nutritional powerhouse brimming with vitamins and antioxidants. A delicious excuse to stay hydrated during the hot summer days, this invigorating beverage is also a thrilling addition to springtime gatherings.

16. Banana Passion Fruit Smoothie

This banana Passion Fruit Smoothie is a gem for several reasons. Firstly, it’s incredibly easy to make – only a few minutes, some basic ingredients, and you have a kick-starter breakfast. Secondly, it’s packed with nutrients, thanks to the star ingredients, bananas, and passion fruit. And as a bonus, using soymilk makes this smoothie a fantastic option for vegans or those with lactose intolerance.

17. Mango, Kiwi, and Passion Fruit Porridge

Are you searching for a nutritious approach to kickstart your morning? Give this delectable bowl of mango, kiwi, and passion fruit porridge a try. The sweet flavor of mango perfectly complements the tanginess of kiwi and, notably the refreshing taste of passion fruit. Slice your mango and kiwi, scoop out the flesh from the passion fruit, and toss everything in a bowl.

18. Moscato Sangria

Discover the scrumptious summer beverage that blends Moscato white wine sweetness with the tropical flavors of passion fruit, pineapple, and ginger ale. Adorned with fresh apple slices, strawberries, kiwis, oranges, and peaches, this sangria pleases the palate and enchants the eyes. Experiment with different fruit combinations, and switch up the ingredients to your liking. This delightful sangria pairs well with tapas, fresh salads, seafood delicacies, or a delectable cheese platter.

19. Passionfruit And White Chocolate Muffins

If you’re a fan of tropical fruits and enjoy baking, these passionfruit and white chocolate muffins are tailor-made for you. Passionfruit pulp’s tang complements white chocolate’s richness, resulting in moist, tender, and irresistible muffins. Furthermore, they are suitable for special occasions or casual gatherings. Serve these muffins as a breakfast treat, an afternoon snack, or even a dessert to conclude a meal.

20. Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie – An Easy Tropical Smoothie

The Mango Passion Fruit Smoothie is for anyone who craves the taste of the tropics and desires an easy-to-make beverage. It’s an excellent breakfast or midday snack, providing energy and essential nutrients. This smoothie is like a sip of sunshine, combining fresh mango, tangy passion fruit concentrate, creamy coconut milk, and zingy lemon juice.

21. No Bake Passionfruit Slice

You’ll love this no bake passionfruit slice if you like tropical fruits and enjoy fuss-free desserts. It features a buttery biscuit base combined with desiccated coconut, lemon zest, and sweetened condensed milk. The passionfruit topping adds a tangy twist, featuring icing sugar, butter, lemon zest, and fresh passionfruit pulp. Slices can be served cold or at room temperature after setting in the fridge.

22. Homemade Passion Fruit Jam

Bring a taste of the tropics to your breakfast or dessert with Homemade Passion Fruit Jam. This easy-to-make recipe yields a deliciously tangy spread perfect for pairing with toast, cakes, and more. Whether you use pectin powder or not, the resulting jam will impress with its tropical flavor and subtle sweetness. Drizzle it over whipped cream or yogurt, dollop it onto your favorite cakes, or use it to sandwich together your favorite cookies.

23. Passionfruit Syrup

Finding a condiment as adaptable and versatile as passionfruit syrup is extremely rare. Its lively and zesty taste profile imparts a tropical essence to various dishes. Drizzle it over pancakes, waffles, and French toast to create delectable breakfast delicacies. Alternatively, mix it into your favorite cocktails, mocktails, or lemonades for a refreshing twist. Furthermore, this marvelous syrup makes for a fantastic topping for ice-creams and flavored yogurts elevating desserts to gourmet levels.

24. Vegan Passion Fruit Curd

Indulge in exotic flavors of Vegan Passion Fruit Curd, a delightful and tangy dessert entirely plant-based. This easy-to-make creamy and zesty treat combines passion fruits’ sweetness with lime’s refreshing kick. With its creamy texture and versatility, you can enjoy it in multiple ways – use it as a spread, cake filling, or relish it on its own.

25. Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Passion Fruit Ice Cream combines the tangy flavors of fresh passion fruit with the richness of sweetened condensed milk and chilled heavy cream. The outcome is velvety smooth, and revitalizing ice cream suitable for sunny summer days or whenever you desire an uplifting snack. Optional passion fruit sauce adds an extra layer of sweetness and tanginess.

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