We know that the actual definition of sushi is cold rice with raw seafood. However, for those of us who are not professionally trained sushi chefs, it’s nice to have the option to make sushi at home without poisoning ourselves.

Cooked sushi recipes take all of the elements of sushi but use all cooked fillings/toppings. It’s almost as tasty as being at a top restaurant in Japan, we promise!

There are so many different ways to serve cooked sushi, and here we’ve compiled this list of 24 cooke sushi recipes for you to peruse. 

They vary from sushi rolls and sushi bowls to sushi bakes and sushi stacks. The fillings include everything from cooked shrimp, tuna, and chicken to crispy tofu, eggs, bacon, and bagel seasoning. Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

1. Dynamite Sushi Roll

The main filling for these tasty morsels is tempura shrimp, so crispy battered shrimp. You can make your own if you’re feeling adventurous or buy them from the store; if you want something less time-consuming. Wasabi is the traditional dip for sushi, but Sweet N Spicy Living suggests a dollop of homemade sriracha mayonnaise on top. Mmm!

2. Deep Fried Sushi

If you’re looking for a way to take traditional Japanese food and Americanize it, this is it. Deep fry the sushi! Create an almost entirely new dish of delicious crispy sushi rolls. Cook Gem suggests filling it with salmon or shrimp, then dipping it in egg and breadcrumbs and dropping it into the fryer. Japanese-American fusion at its best.

3. Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Roll

Chicken in a sushi roll? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it because this recipe from Make Sushi is delicious. Can you think of a reason it wouldn’t be? The mouthwatering flavors of teriyaki chicken are all wrapped up in the tasty goodness of sticky sushi rice and topped with avocado slices, sesame seeds, and a drizzle of soy sauce.

4. Sushi Bake

Who said sushi has to be in a roll formation, anyway? This original recipe from Celebration Generation has you lay down a big thick bed of short-grain rice in a casserole dish and topped with shredded imitation crab. Finally, it’s topped with Japanese mayo, chopped cucumber, furikake seasoning, and black and white sesame seeds.

5. California Sushi Roll Bowls

Simply Homecooked shows a different way to deconstruct a sushi roll and turn it into a meal. This recipe uses all the ingredients from a California roll, chops them up, and serves them on sushi rice in a bowl. It’s then sprinkled with sesame seeds and drizzled with Japanese mayo and seasoning. It’s a super easy recipe because you’re using imitation crab sticks. So you buy it pre-cooked and shred it up.

6. Dragon Roll Sushi Bowls

A different type of sushi roll in a bowl, the dragon roll bowl recipe from Seasoning To Taste uses shrimp as the cooked meat. It also adds mango for a sweet-tangy flavor and crunchy onions for some texture. Interestingly jalapenos are used for spice instead of the more mustardy taste of wasabi.

7. Philadelphia Roll Sushi Bowl

When you think of Philadelphia, your mind may have jumped to a sushi roll stuffed with cheese steak. While that could be pretty tasty (maybe without the cheese), this one uses imitation crab meat. Were Far From Normal pairs the crab with cubes of cream cheese and gives you not one but two dressings to top the bowl with.

8. Spicy (Tinned) Tuna Rolls

Spicy tuna rolls have got to be one of the tastiest sushi rolls you can order. However, popping into the store and picking up sashimi tuna isn’t practical (or even possible) for most people. This version allows you to have the same great flavor by using cooked tuna, which you can get at any grocery store. Rachel Phipps’ recipe also adds avocado to the roll and tops with sesame seeds.

9. Sweet Potato Sushi Roll

If you can have straight-up cucumber or avocado sushi rolls, why not other vegetables? Aubrey’s Kitchen recommends roasting the sweet potato for the best flavor and using sriracha mayonnaise for that spicy garlic taste. Your vegetarian friends will be delighted with this new alternative!

10. Homemade California Rolls

We’ve mentioned the California roll bowls, but what if you want an actual roll? The rolls are much easier to eat in a hurry. They are pretty easy because you can just buy imitation crab sticks and chop them for the main filling. The Schmidty Wife also adds avocado and cucumber and insists it’s the perfect roll for a sushi beginner.

11. Homemade Shrimp Sushi

Shrimp, avocado, and cucumber make up the fillings for these rice and nori rolls. Your Healthy Beginning breaks down the steps for making sushi, so it’s great to try out if you’re new to sushi rolling. It’s a very healthy recipe too since the shrimp isn’t battered or breaded.

12. Steak Sushi

It might not be a Philly Cheese Steak sushi roll, but actual steak sushi has made it on this list. A curious enough idea to make you want to try it out, right? The recipe from Country Natural Beef even has asparagus in the filling, so it is like a mini steak dinner rolled up in rice and seaweed. The drizzle of teriyaki sauce completes the bite-size rolls!

13. Baked Salmon Sushi Bowl

Joyous Apron has you filling a bowl with sushi rice and topping it with baked salmon, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, and shredded crispy seaweed. The sauce defines the meal and is made of soy sauce, sugar, water, and Mirin.

14. Spicy Tuna Sushi Bake

Here is another sushi casserole but with completely different fillings. This one uses spicy tuna as the meat and tops the entire bake with avocado slices. The avocado gives it an indulgent creamy texture, and the spicy mayo gives it a nice kick. It’s pretty versatile too, and you can use other meats instead of tuna, depending on what you can buy in your local area or what you already have at home.

15. Shrimp and Crab Sushi Stack

Another variation of a sushi roll is to serve it as a big stack. Each ingredient is layered one on top of another, which leaves you with an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a roll. It requires you to cook the shrimp and the crab (or use it from a can). Cooks Well With Others gives you the method for a scrummy ginger soy glaze to drizzle on top.

16. Chicken Sushi Recipe

This recipe from The Gracious Pantry came about the night after a dinner of sesame chicken. The leftovers were added to a sushi roll and the rest is history! A trick for extra flavor is to add a layer of sesame seeds over the rice before adding any other ingredients. This method ensures the sesame seeds are evenly dispersed and sprinkled.

17. The Lion King Roll

How Daily presents The Lion King roll. It’s a California roll with baked salmon wrapped around the outside. This may sound intricate but it’s possible to make it at home using this step-by-step guide. The rolls are wrapped in raw salmon, which is more pliable, and then baked in the oven after slicing.

18. Easy Vegan Roll

Food with Feeling shares this simple vegan sushi roll recipe with us. Cooked tofu is the protein used here, giving it a similar texture to sushi rolls containing eggs. However, tofu is known for soaking up all the flavor of whatever it’s seasoned with or marinated in, so you have a chance to make them super tasty. This recipe has you sauteeing tofu strips until really crispy, then add the sauce (which uses ingredients including soy sauce, maple syrup, cornstarch, ginger, garlic, and water).

19. No Rice Sushi With Smoked Salmon

If you aren’t keen on using raw fish or can’t get hold of it but like your sushi to be as authentic as possible, smoked salmon is a good choice. Technically it’s ‘cooked’ because it’s been smoked, but still has the nice soft texture of traditional sushi. This is a keto recipe from Low Carb Simplified, so it omits the rice in the roll.

20. Lazy “Sushi”

Lea’s Cooking has a sushi roll meeting a sushi bowl. It’s for people who want it to look more like sushi than having it in a bowl but don’t want the hassle of rolling it up. It’s a log of sushi rice, with the fillings (including tuna mayo) layered on top. Spicy mayo and avocado mayo are prepared and drizzled on top. You might need a knife and fork for this one versus chopsticks!

21. Breakfast Sushi

Here is a unique take on sushi from Dieffs. He uses breakfast foods like eggs, bacon, and avocado to make sushi. Not traditional sushi ingredients, but you likely wouldn’t want that for breakfast anyway. Bacon, avocado, turkey sausage, and some veggies fill the center and are wrapped in cooked egg.

22. Everything Bagel Breakfast Sushi

Taking it one step further than the breakfast sushi roll. Inspired by bagels, it makes sense when you think about it. Sub out sesame seeds on top for everything but the bagel seasoning. It’s only going to upgrade the rolls, right? They are filled with soy sauce-infused scrambled eggs, bacon, cream cheese, and other breakfast delights. But no actual bagels.

23. Barbecue Hot Dog Sushi Roll

Potentially a gateway food for getting your kids into sushi. They like hot dogs and rice but not raw fish and rice. Test them out with this and see what happens. We all need a new way to serve them hot dogs anyway. The best part? It’s topped with shredded cheese and crispy onions.

24. Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog Sushi

The final sushi recipe on the list here takes it to another level. Forget the seaweed completely and just use bacon. Sushi Day could probably submit this recipe to many a county fair. While it’d probably be frowned upon, to say the least, in Japan, we’re pretty intrigued by the idea of a hot dog being wrapped in bacon before being rolled in sushi rice and topped with ketchup and mustard. Is it wrong, or is it so right?

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24 Cooked Sushi Recipes

shrimp tempura next to sushi roll
There are so many different ways to serve cooked sushi, and here we’ve compiled this list of 24 cooke sushi recipes for you to peruse. 
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