Searching for delicious vegan puff pastry recipes? You’re in luck! These 21 delicious vegan puff pastry recipes are not only easy to devour, they are super easy to prep and make ahead of time. You can enjoy these vegan puff pastries as your daily go-to breakfast, afternoon snack, or even for holiday entertaining.

Make these vegan puff pastry recipes to cater to your vegan guests, or for yourself, these tasty puff pastry recipes are also great for picnics, meal prep, and school lunches.

1. Carrot Tart With Puff Pastry And Vegan Feta Cheese

Made with Tante Fanny vegan puff pastry, this Carrot Tart with puff pastry and vegan Feta Cheese tastes absolutely fantastic. The vegan Feta cheese based on blanched almond and cashew creates a tasty cheesy flavor that makes it tastier with every bite! Topped with plant-based yogurt, carrot greens and grated garlic, this savory vegan puff pastry tart packs a serious punch of plant-based flavor that is surprisingly refreshing.

2. Best Tomato Tart With Puff Pastry

This herbed Tomato Tart with puff pastry recipe uses gruyere and parmesan cheese, however, it can be easily swapped with pesto as a vegan alternative. Topped with delicious tomatoes and herbs, the beautiful caramelised flavor paired with crunchy puff pastry will definitely entice you to have multiple servings at a time!

3. Easy Cherry Puff Pastry Tart

The perfect weekday sweet treat for vegans, this easy Cherry Puff Pastry Tart looks amazing and tastes even better!

4. Vegan Strawberry Cream Danish

The perfect breakfast for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, these gorgeous looking Vegan Strawberry Cream Danish are filled with delicious vanilla cream cheese with strawberry on puff pastry. These gluten-free and vegan heart-shapped Strawberry Cream Danish puff pastry treats will seriously impress a loved one, and is a great way to share something sweet and special with them.

5. Vegan Pizza Pinwheels

A classic finger food for Vegan eaters, these Vegan pizza bites are packed with flavor! Made of olives, mushrooms and bell peppers rolled in puff pastry, these Vegan Pizza Pinwheels are super quick and ridiculously easy to prepare for parties. Save this vegan puff pastry recipe for birthday parties, potlucks or special events to instantly elevate your entertaining game!

6. Vegan Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls

These Vegan Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls are the perfect party appetizers your guests will absolutely love! Flavored with garlic, herbs and spices, these hearty vegan puff pastry sausage rolls disappear quickly at picnics, buffets, potlucks and even Game Day parties. With a Beyond Meat and TVP filling, even meat eaters will find this vegan puff pastry treats absolutely delicious.

7. Easy Vegan Baked Curry Puffs

These Easy Vegan Baked Curry Puffs are a perfectly quick and tasty snack or meal you can make at home! This vegan puff pastry recipe uses store bought puff pastry, so you’ll have a delicious vegan meal in no time. With a touch of spiciness and packed with flavor, these Vegan Baked Curry Puffs are also impressive and delicious enough for entertaining.

8. Vegan Apple Turnovers Pie

A quicker and healthier version of McDonald’s hot apple pie pockets, these Vegan Apple Turnovers Pie oozes a spiced apple filling that tastes exceptionally good. The irresistible aroma of these crispy golden hand pies with fresh apples, cinnamon and a few other pantry-staple ingredients will have you ditching takeaway apple pies for good.

9. Vegan Lentil Rolls

This Spicy Lentil Vegan Sausage Rolls are more than just an alternative to regular meat-based sausage rolls. These vegan puff pastries are packed with haggis, chilli bean, spinach and lentils that tastes so good fresh out of the oven. Easy to make and loved by kids and adults, you’ll be making these on repeat in your kitchen!

10. Vegan Cream Cheese Danish With Puff Pastry

Craving something sweet all the time? Add these Vegan Cream Cheese Danish with Puff Pastry to your vegan brunch or breakfast for the perfect treat. Made with store bought vegan puff pastry, you’ll be devouring these absolutely ravishing Vegan Cream Cheese Danish in no time. This 4-ingredient vegan puff pastry dessert is super easy to make, and easy to store in your fridge for later.

11. Vegan Spinach Pinwheels

Serve up these impressive Vegan Spinach Pinwheels at your next party and your guests might be surprised they are 100% vegan! With a buttery and cheesy taste, these seriously yummy party appetizers are very easy to make. You can also make a simple vegan dipping sauce to level up the flavor of this already delectable vegan puff pastry.

13. Vegan Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

These deliciously flaky and sweet Vegan Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish pastries are super easy to make, and ready in 20 minutes! If you’re a vegan craving for a good vegan pastry, you definitely need to try these. They’re deliciously tender, flaky, buttery with a lush cream cheese custard filling and fresh blueberry jam – you’d honestly think these blueberry danish pastries are from a bakery.

14. Easy Vegan Apple Roses

These super fancy Vegan Apple Roses are actually ridiculously easy to make, you won’t believe it! With just 5 ingredients including apples, vegan puff pastry, sugar, cinnamon and powdered sugar, these simple yet elegant Vegan Apple Roses recipe is perfect for total beginners. In just a few steps, you’ll have these gorgeous crowd-pleasing Vegan Apple Roses served up at your next entertaining gig.

15. Vegan Caramelised Onion And Spinach Puff Pastries

What’s not to love when it comes to a creamy spinach and caramelised onion stuffed between a crunchy, flaky pastry? This is one of those puff pastry recipes that tastes better with every bite, your guests won’t even believe it is a vegan recipe! The natural yeast that brings a cheesy taste and smell in this vegan puff pastry will also curb your cheese craving if you’ve recently switched to a vegan diet.

16. Peaches And Cream Puff Pastry Tart

An easy and delicious summer dessert, this Peaches and Cream Puff pastry tart are the perfect way to enjoy juicy seasonal peaches. Made simple with store-bought puff pastry vegan cream cheese, the tangy-sweet-creamy filling makes this vegan sweet treat absolutely irresistible. The crunchy outer crust paired with ripe peaches and juicy blueberries makes this vegan puff pastry tart a refreshing and light summer treat or dessert for any time of the day.

17. Vegan Puff Pastry Pinwheels With Tapenade

Need a super quick last-minute vegan party snack recipe? Try these Vegan Puff Pastry Pinwheels with Tapenade. With a sheet of puff pastry, tapenade, plant milk and olive oil, you’ll have a delicious and presentable party snack served up in less than an hour!

18. Vegan Spinach Puffs

Show off your culinary skills or use them as conversational openers, these Vegan Spinach Puffs are the perfect party snacks to bring to gatherings, picnics, and potlucks. If everyone enjoys eating these amazing Vegan Spinach Puffs, you can also serve them up for the next holiday party knowing they will disappear quickly!

19. Vegan Chocolate Croissants

Looking for a healthier or vegan version of Chocolate Croissants? This homemade Vegan Chocolate Croissants recipe are filled with chocolate but without butter. Perfect for a vegan breakfast, brunch or afternoon tea, you can prepare these in just 5 minutes and 2 ingredients.

20. Vegan Cheese And Pesto Puff Pastry Twists

These Cheese and Pesto Puff Pastry Twists are great for vegetarians and vegans alike! You can easily swap out the cheese within the recipe with kale pesto made from nutritional yeast for a vegan pastry twist. Perfect for lunch boxes or parties, they taste so amazing that even reluctant kids will enjoy eating these crunchy and stunning puff pastry twists.

21. Vegan Custard Puff Pastry Napoleon

Made with rich coconut, cashew milk, vanilla extract and thickened with cornstarch or tapioca, this Easy Vegan Napoleon dessert is an impressive sweet treat originating from Napoli, Italy. The many flaky layers of puff pastry enveloping a delicious custard-like filling makes this vegan puff pastry dessert absolutely enticing.

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