When you think of Irish food, you probably first think of a lot of potatoes. But it’s for a good reason! The Irish really know how to make potatoes delicious in a variety of ways. Pancakes, nachos, and even pie can be made with potatoes – as the Irish can show you. This list of 21 Irish Side Dishes definitely features the common potato and the several different ways you can make it into a side dish. 

You can pair potatoes with cheese, herbs, various spices, or even other veggies. But there are also a few other tasty Irish side dishes to try, like the famous Irish Soda Bread. So whether you’re a fan of potatoes or not, you’ll find something to serve at your next St. Patty’s Day celebration. Most of these Irish side dishes feature just a few ingredients, and they can also be whipped up in about 30 minutes or less. These 21 Irish side dishes are quick and easy recipes packed with flavor. Let’s dig in! 

1. Traditional Irish Colcannon

This dish had to be the first of the 21 Irish side dishes list. Irish Colcannon is a mixture of creamy mashed potatoes and cabbage that has been pan-fried. If you’ve never had the combination, it’s a must-try if you want to experience a traditional Irish feast. Pair Colcannon with a variety of different meats, and it’ll work every single time. You can serve it with roasted turkey or chicken, fish, beef roast, steak, or even pork chops. If you don’t like cabbage, you should try it anyways, because what better way to eat cabbage than smothered in creamy mashed potatoes! 

2. Irish Potato Salad

Irish potato salad is not your typical BBQ potato salad side. It’s warm from freshly boiled potatoes and mixed with herbed mayo. It’s not heavily dressed in mustard as other potato salads are, so it’s deliciously creamy as potatoes should be. The Irish do love their potatoes mixed with cabbage, so even that is thrown into this warm potato salad. 

3. Traditional Irish Carrots

Slieve Na Mbam Carrots (traditional Irish carrots) are cooked by boiling carrots in a mixture of butter and milk. Heavy cream and egg yolks are added at the end to give a buttery, creamy finish to the dish. Of course, fresh herbs are used to brighten the flavor and keep it from being too heavy. You’ll love this version of buttery, herbed carrots alongside a roasted chicken dinner. 

4. Irish Potato Cakes (Potato Farls)

Potato Farls are traditional Irish potato cakes made from a mixture of mashed potatoes and flour, then pan-fried until the outsides are crispy. You can make these from freshly made mashed potatoes, but it’s a fantastic way to use up any leftover mashed potatoes you may have from the night before. 

5. Mushy Peas (Mashed Peas) 

Mushy Peas are must have at any St Patty’s Day celebration. Not only is it delicious, but the bright green vibrant color is fantastic for the party. Mashed peas are flavored with mint leaves, greek yogurt, onion, garlic, and some vegetable stock to make a smooth and creamy side dish. 

6. Irish Potato Pancakes

Similar to potato farls, these Irish potato pancakes are also made with mashed potatoes mixed with flour and then pan-fried. However, flavoring these pancakes with garlic, Maldon salt, and green onions elevates these potato pancakes into a whole new flavor profile. They are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as a side dish. 

7. Irish Pub Potato Nachos

Nothing goes better with a cold pint than nachos or fries. This potato nacho recipe is a mixture of the two so it’s a win-win. Roasted potato slices are topped with spices, herbs, cheese, bacon, and sour cream for a delicious side dish that will keep you coming back for more. Throw some ground beef on top, and you’ve got a full meal! 

8. Savory Irish Potato Pie

If you’re getting ready for a St Patty’s Day feast, this Irish potato pie needs to be on the menu. A buttery crust is packed with bacon, onions, and of course potatoes. It’s actually a very easy recipe to make, but it looks stunning so you will definitely impress your guests. 


9. Boxty Irish Pancakes

We’ve got another Irish potato pancake recipe – because they’re that good! Boxty is made with two types of potatoes though, shredded (or grated) potatoes and mashed potatoes. With the addition of buttermilk, flour, butter, egg, salt, and baking soda, the potato pancakes are crispy and very flavorful. Boxty rounds out a breakfast of bacon and eggs nicely. 

10. Irish Soda Farls

Irish soda farls, reminiscent of a biscuit or scone, are made with only 4 ingredients and can be prepped in about 5 minutes. The farls are cooked in a hot skillet rather than an oven, so you get nice brown, crispy outsides and soft, buttery insides. Serve these warm with a slab of butter or jam. 

11. Irish Barmbrack

Barmbrack is a fruit bread made without yeast. Because it doesn’t have yeast, it’s extremely easy to make- you don’t have to be a baking pro to knock out this one. Dried fruit is soaked in tea overnight, so it flavors the bread without you having to do any extra work. Think raisin bread, but 10x better. 

12. Crispy Irish Roasties

Irish Roasties is just a fun name for a parboiled, roasted potato. But parboiling the potatoes and roughing up the outside a bit, you get the starch in the potato activated so it gives you an unbelievable crunch on the outside. These roasties get so crispy in the oven, you’ll never make them another way. 

13. Irish Potato Bread

Similar to the Scottish Potato Scone, this Irish potato bread is made with four main ingredients. Grated potato, flour, salt, and butter are combined into a dough and cooked over a skillet. It’s so easy to whip up a fresh batch, you could make it every morning as a breakfast side dish. 

14. Guinness and Irish Cheddar Mac and Cheese

This Irish twist on a classic comfort food will have you making mac and cheese this way every single time. Although mac and cheese isn’t traditionally Irish, the use of Guinness and Irish cheddar make this dish a St Patty’s Day hit. Your guests will beg you for the recipe! 

15. Irish Soda Bread

Irish soda bread is a quick bread that is made with baking soda and buttermilk instead of yeast. The bread is typically lightly sweetened with raisins. You can serve it on its own with butter and jam, or have it as a side for Irish beef stew or corned beef and cabbage.  

16. Irish Pub Pasties

A pasty is a handheld pie filled with either savory meat or vegetables and spices. These Irish Pub Pasties are made quickly with pre-made refrigerated pie dough that is rolled out and cut into a handheld pie shape. Once it’s stuffed with the filling, it’s baked or deep-fried to give you a crispy, handheld snack. 

17. Best Ever Irish Brown Bread

Irish Brown Bread is rich, hearty, and the perfect pair for a sturdy, thick stew. The secret ingredient for the famous brown bread- beer of course. Guinness gives the Irish brown bread a great color as well as a rich flavor profile. It stores very well, so you can make a few batches and stock up for the winter. 


18. Guinness Beer Battered Onion Rings

With Guinness in the batter for these onion rings, you end up with a malty, savory beer batter. It slightly darkens the onion rings so the color is spot on once they’re fried. Once they come out of the fryer, sprinkle them with a little garlic powder and parmesan for the ultimate beer-battered onion ring. 

19. Garlic Cheddar Herb Irish Soda Bread

Irish soda bread is so quick and easy to make, I had to add another recipe to this list. But this one is flavored in a savory way – with garlic, cheddar, and herbs – instead of raisins. You need to bake this a little bit before guests arrive because it’ll have the house smell amazing. 

20. Traditional Irish Champ

Irish Champ is similar to Colcannon as it’s made with potatoes, milk, butter, and cheese. But it has the addition of scallions instead of cabbage. Serve this alongside corned beef and cabbage and you’re well on your way to a St. Patty’s Day meal. Once you make mashed potatoes the Irish way, you’ll never go back. 

21. Irish Tea Cake

Irish Tea cake is perfect for tea time of course, but it can also be served with breakfast, lunch, or dessert. It’s lightly sweetened, light, and fluffy. And it’s naturally gluten-free, egg-free, and nut free, so it can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s lightly dusted with powdered sugar to give it a pretty presentation and enhance the sweetness. You’ll love it with a cup of hot tea. 

Save this list of 21 Irish Side Dishes for your next St. Patty’s Day Feast.

And I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Irish inspired recipes. You can find the recipe below.

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21 Easy Irish Side Dishes

By: Drizzle
Servings: 6
Prep: 30 minutes
Cook: 30 minutes
Total: 1 hour
1-5PP, 4SP blue, 5SP green, 1SP purple


  • 1 lb fat free ground turkey, raw
  • 3/4 cup diced red onion
  • 3/4 cup diced green pepper
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp chili powder
  • Dash of salt & pepper
  • 1 cup frozen corn
  • 1/2 cup salsa
  • 4 medium potatoes, peeled, cut and boiled
  • 2 Tbsp non fat plain greek yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp light butter, I use Gay Lea light
  • Pinch of garlic salt
  • 1/2 cup reduced fat shredded mozzarella, I used Trader Joe’s brand


  • Boil your potatoes over high heat until soft, approx 30 minutes
  • In a large pan brown your ground turkey with the onions and peppers, once turkey is cooked add in spices, salsa and corn and cook on low for 10 minutes.
  • Preheat oven to 375F and spray a 9×13 dish with some cooking spray.
  • Mash your boiled potatoes with the yogurt, butter, garlic and a dash of salt & pepper
  • Spread your meat mixture into bottom of dish then top with mashed potatoes making sure to cover completely.
  • Bake in the oven for 25 minutes, remove from oven, set to broil and sprinkle cheese on top, place under broil for 3-4 minutes to melt cheese, watch it does not burn, mine got a little toasty.
  • Makes 6 servings, each serving approx 7.5 oz, will freeze well.


Personal Points- 1-5 depending on your 0PP foods 
Freestyle SP- (blue) 4 using WW recipe builder
Smart Points- (green) 5 using WW recipe builder
Smart Points- (purple) 1 using WW recipe builder
Points Plus- 5 using PP calculator
Nutritional info per serving.. Calories 205…Fat 4g…Sat Fat 0.8g…Carbs 18.9g…Fiber 1.7g…Sugar 1.3g…Protein 21.5g using My Fitness Pal (these numbers included all veggies so if using them in your WW calculator you might get a higher point value)

Additional Info

Course: Main meals
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