Florida is a major hub for good eating, with many major chains founded or headquartered in the Sunshine State. Whether you’re a native, a Florida transplant, or a happy vacationer, there are no shortages of dining options. 

Whether you are new to the Weight Watchers program, a WW pro, or figuring out if the program is a good fit, this guide will help you navigate the waters of dining out in Florida without blowing your WW point budget. 

Just like in our general WW-friendly restaurant guide, we break down the best restaurant chains for those in the Weight Watchers and what to order (and avoid) to stay within your point budget. 

1. Miller’s Ale House Weight Watchers Points

Miller’s Ale House is a sports-themed casual dining restaurant with 100+ locations in 10 states. The first Miller’s Ale House opened in Jupiter, Florida in 1988. The menu features a wide variety of entrees, burgers, salads, and sandwiches, plus a full-service bar with over 35 beers on tap. 

Miller’s is known for their large portions, so a good rule of thumb is to get a to-go box and pack up your leftovers when you start to feel full! Here’s what to order from Miller’s Ale House.

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Miller’s is famous for their zingers, which are hand-breaded boneless chicken tenders tossed in a famous sauce. For a low-point option, get the grilled zingers (0 points) with the hot zinger wing sauce (0 points). Add some nutrition with a Miller’s House side salad, sans dressing (6 points), or add balsamic vinaigrette (4 points). The vegetable medley (1 point) is a great side dish addition as well. 

What to avoid: 

There are many high-point items on Miller’s menu, so beware of that. Some big-ticket culprits are the classic cheeseburger (31 points), BBQ pork nachos (41 points), the Zinger Mountain Melt (59 points), and the fried shrimp (58 points). Be careful if you’re indulging in alcoholic drinks—a Captain Jack’s Buried Treasure drink is 72 points!

2. Pollo Tropical Weight Watchers Points

Pollo Tropical is a Caribbean-style fast food chain that was founded in Doral, Florida in 1988. Pollo Tropical is famous for its marinated and grilled chicken and classic Caribbean sides like black beans and rice, yuca, and mojo roast pork. The chain has over 300 locations in the US and Panama. 

Here’s what to order at Pollo Tropical without getting into trouble with your WW budget.

Best WW-friendly menu options:

There are many low or no-point items on the Pollo Tropical menu, so it’s easy to build a WW-friendly meal at this chain. Some great options are Pollo Tropical 1/4 skinless white meat chicken (4 points) or dark meat chicken (5 points), mashed potatoes (6 points), yellow rice with vegetables and black beans (7 points), or a cup of Caribbean chicken soup (2 points). Add yummies like kennel corn, sauteed onions, fresh salsa, romaine lettuce, or sauteed peppers, all for 0 points. 

What to avoid: 

Some higher-point items at Pollo Tropical include the grilled chicken quesadilla wrap (22 points), the grilled chicken Cuban salad (30 points), fried yuca (24 points), and the crispy chicken caesar wrap (24 points). 

3. PDQ Weight Watchers Points

PDQ location from the parking lot.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Nolichuckyjake
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PDQ, or “People Dedicated to Quality” is a Florida-based restaurant chain that serves chicken tenders, sandwiches, salads, and more. The first PDQ opened in Tampa, Florida in 2011, and there are now 68 PDQ locations throughout the US. 

Here are some lower-point options for eating out at PDQ.

Best WW-friendly menu options:

It’s easy to build a low-point meal at PDQ. Try the grilled chicken tenders (3 points), parmesan broccoli (1 point), and a 20-oz unsweetened tea (0 points). A chicken Caesar salad (4 points), roasted piquillo peppers (0 points), and salsa verde tortilla chips (4 points) are also great options.

What to avoid: 

Avoid the milkshakes and malts. A chocolate shake has 97 points, a Health shake has 86 points, a chocolate peanut butter shake has 58 points, and even a plain vanilla shake comes in at 34 points. 

4. Firehouse Subs Weight Watchers Points

Firehouse Subs is a sandwich chain founded in Florida in 1994 by two former firefighters, Chris and Robin Sorensen. The chain has grown to have over 1,210 restaurants in 46 states, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, and Canada. Their focus is on quality meats, cheeses, and toppings. Firehouse menu items are generally low in points, so this is a great option for eating out on WW.

Here are some yummy items to order at Firehouse Subs.

Best WW-friendly menu options:

The smoked turkey breast (1 point) on a small wheat sub roll (3 points) is a great place to start. Add provolone cheese (4 points), a pickle spear (0 points), and light Italian dressing (4 points) for a delicious, low-point meal. Add a chopped side salad with mozzarella cheese (1 point) or a 10-oz chili (6 points) if you’re feeling hungry.

What to avoid: 

There aren’t many super high-point items on the Firehouse menu. As a general rule, the bigger the sandwich and the more toppings, the higher the points will be. Some higher-point items are a medium Firehouse Subs Club with mayo and mustard (23 points), a small meatball sub with provolone (17 points), and a chocolate chip cookie (16 points). 

5. Bonefish Grill Weight Watchers Points

Bonefish Grill is a now-national chain founded in 2000 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The chain specializes in market-fresh fish from around the world hand-cut in-house every day, savory wood-grilled specialties, locally-created, seasonal dishes, and cocktails.

It’s really easy to build a low-point meal here, especially starting with zero or 1-point fish items and adding veggies and other sides. Here are some lower-point items that you can enjoy at Bonefish Grill without going over budget.

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Try the grilled mahi mahi (0 points) or grilled Atlantic salmon (1 point) topped with mango salsa (0 points) and either steamed asparagus (1 point) or sauteed spinach (3 points) on the side. If you’re looking to splurge a bit, try the garlic whipped potatoes (6 points), a side of jasmine rice (7 points), or the filet mignon (6 points). 

What to avoid: 

Skip the bang-bang shrimp appetizer (23 points), creamed spinach (21 points), and Brussels sprouts with ham (18 points). Beware of the Imperial dip (42 points). 

6. Bahama Breeze Weight Watchers Points

Bahama Breeze specializes in Caribbean-inspired food and tropical drinks. Founded in Orlando, Florida in 1996 the chain now has 42 locations across the United States. Bahama Breeze is known for its fresh seafood, chicken dishes, flame-grilled steaks, and tropical drinks.

There are definitely some high-point foods on the menu, so be aware. Here’s what to order (and what to avoid) for fewer points at Bahama Breeze. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Blackened mahi tacos (10 points) with a side of black beans and yellow rice (5 points), a cup of Cuban black bean soup (3 points), or a house salad with island vinaigrette (7 points) For dessert, opt for the fresh fruit with mango sorbet (5 points), and if you’re going to drink, try the sunrise Moscato sangria (11 points). 

What to avoid: 

Even the light grilled chicken breast (29 points) and light jerk shrimp pasta (23 points) are high in points, but they pale in comparison to some dishes. Avoid the Jamaican jerk chicken (46 points), the buttermilk fried chicken (51 points), the lobster and shrimp linguine (40 points), the firecracker shrimp (43 points), and the key lime pie (63 points). 

7. Yard House Weight Watchers Points

Yard House is a sports bar chain that opened in Long Beach, California in 1996 but is now based in Orlando, Florida. Known for its craft beer selection, the restaurant serves everything from burgers, gourmet salads, tacos, steaks, and seafood, to house favorites like Poke Nachos, Lobster Garlic Noodles, Vampire Tacos, and vegan options. 

Here are some low-point options for dining out at Yard House. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Start with the redfish, grouper, or corvina (0 points) and pair it with two fried eggs (1 point), sauteed asparagus (2 points), steamed veggies (0 points), or garlic bok choy (1 point). For a bit of a splurge, try the garlic mashed potatoes (8 points), a carne asada taco (6 points), or a slice of pizza (3-5 points). 

What to avoid: 

The Yard House chicken nachos have a whopping 81 points. Surprisingly, the chicken lettuce wraps have 24 points, while a Bavarian pretzel clocks in at 42 points, and the Yard House brookie at 68 points. 

8. The Melting Pot Weight Watchers Points

The Melting Pot sign hanging out front of restaurant
Image Credit: Shutterstock/ Miro Vrlik Photography

The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant founded in 1975 and headquartered in Tampa. The specialty franchise offers cheese salads, a wide selection of entrees, and, of course, fondue pots (cheese and so much more). 

Here are some healthier options available at The Melting Pot. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Start with a spinach and mushroom salad (1 point) or a Caesar salad (2 points)—Add 2-4 points for dressing. For a main, try the cold-water lobster tail or mahi mahi coq au vin (both 4 points) or chicken breast (6 points). Don’t miss the fondue, of course. Cheddar or fiesta cheese fondu is 8 points, and add chicken (3 points), salmon (3 points), pork tenderloin (2 points), or duck breast (1 point). 

What to avoid: 

The highest point items are the French Quarter Bourguignonne (26 points) or Coq Au Vin (24 points). 

9. Seasons 52 Weight Watchers Points

Seasons 52 is a wine bar and grill focusing on seasonal dishes. The menu changes weekly to incorporate foods that come into season somewhere in the world each week and features the most popular fruits and vegetables of the season, micro-seasonal foods, and limited Place to Plate offerings from specific parts of the country. While a national chain, Florida has the most Seasons 52 locations of any state.

Build a point-conscious meal with these healthier menu items at Seasons 52. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Start with a broccoli salad with bacon (5 points), a watermelon salad (5 points), or a BBQ chicken salad (6 points). For a main, try the caramelized grilled sea scallops (9 points) or the lump crab and shrimp stuffed mushrooms (4 points). A Maine lobster tail is only 2 points. 

What to avoid: 

A naked cheeseburger (16 points), grilled NY strip steak (20 points), and southern-style shrimp and grits are the highest-point items on the menu.  

10. Sonny’s BBQ Weight Watchers Points

Sonny’s BBQ is a Southern-style BBQ restaurant chain that was founded in 1968 in Gainesville, Florida. Known for their slow-cooked BBQ, Sonny’s menu includes pulled pork, ribs, brisket, and more. 

Here are our healthy order recommendations for Sonny’s BBQ. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Go for the charbroiled chicken dinner (0 points) with a side of either coleslaw (1 point), green beans (0 points), or broccoli (0 points). A Watergate salad (3 points) with vinaigrette (3 points) is a nice addition. For a bit of a splurge, try the baked sweet potato (7 points) and add sweet BBQ sauce (5 points). 

What to avoid: 

Avoid the pulled pork salad (23 points) and corn nuggets (23 points). 

11. Tijuana Flats Weight Watchers Points

Tijuana Flats is a fast-casual Tex-Mex restaurant chain with over 135 locations in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Indiana. The original location opened in Winter Park, Florida in 1995. Tijuana Flats serves tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and other Mexican-inspired dishes.

Here are our top low-point picks from Tijuana Flats. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Opt for a mixed green salad (0 points) with blackened chicken (0 points) or black bean (1 point) filling added on top. Garnish with salsa (0 points) and guacamole (1 point). A fish taco (1 point) is another great option. 

What to avoid: 

Avoid the queso sauce (12 points for a small), chips and salsa (12 points), and chips and queso (36 points). The ground beef filling (11 points) is higher in points as well. 

12. Taquiza Weight Watchers Points

Taquiza is a laid-back Mexican restaurant with three locations in Miami Beach. This popular lunch spot offers a variety of tacos and other Mexican dishes, plus cocktails. Here are our recommendations for staying within your point budget at Taquiza.

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Go for the camaron taco (1 point) or pollo taco (4 points). For more of a splurge meal, try the carnitas taco (6 points). 

What to avoid: 

Unless you’re really going for a splurge, skip the margarita. A classic margarita has 17 points and flavored drinks even more. 

13. Olive Garden Weight Watchers Points

Olive Garden is a well-known Italian restaurant chain with over 900 locations worldwide. It was founded in Orlando in 1982. Known for their endless breadsticks, a meal here could break the points bank, but there are a lot of lighter options on the menu as well. 

Here’s how to indulge at Olive Garden without sabotaging your weight loss efforts. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Start with a minestrone soup (0 points) and house salad with signature dressing (4 points). For a main, go for the chicken marsala (3 points) or the herb grilled salmon (4 points). Add a vegetable side, like broccoli (0 points). 

What to avoid: 

High-point items include seafood alfredo (50 points), chicken and shrimp carbonara (56 points), and chocolate brownie lasagna (59 points). Watch out for creamy sauces and desserts!

14. Earls Kitchen + Bar Weight Watchers Points

Earls Kitchen + Bar is an upscale-casual Canadian-based restaurant with locations in Orlando and Miami. Known for its friendly and sophisticated atmosphere, Earls Kitchen serves a wide variety of cuisines from ribs and cajun chicken to Asian dishes, pizza, and poke bowls. 

Here are our favorite low-point menu items from Earls Kitchen + Bar. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Start with a mixed green salad with dressing (8 points) and indulge in the 9oz top sirloin steak (9 points), oven-roasted chicken (8 points), or sauteed prawns (7 points) with a side of coleslaw (10 points). 

What to avoid: 

The Italia pizza (55 points), braised hickory back ribs on their own (42 points) or the combo with chicken (60 points), and the jeera chicken curry are among the items you should look away from. 

15. The Cheesecake Factory Weight Watchers Points

The Cheesecake Factory has many locations throughout Florida. This popular chain was founded in 1972 and has expanded throughout the US and many other countries. With more than 200 menu items—including appetizers, salads, pasta, pizzas, steaks, chops, fresh fish, and sandwiches—there really is something for everyone.

While there are many high-point items on the menu, here are some excellent options for keeping in your WW budget. 

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Start with the white chicken chili (4 points), a tossed green salad (3 points), and a wheat dinner roll (3 points). For a main try the Skinilicious steak medallions or chicken pasta (both 12 points). 

What to avoid: 

While it’s what they’re known for an original cheesecake will cost you 44 points. The chicken madiera (42 points), fried zucchini (27 points), and Thai lettuce wraps (26 points) are more surprising high-point items. 

16. Red Lobster Weight Watchers Points

When in Florida, you probably want to sample some seafood. Red Lobster is a casual, comfortable, and well-known chain that offers a wide variety of menu items. Its headquarters are in Orlando. 

Beware of large portion sizes, which the chain is known for. Other than that, here are our top picks and what to avoid at Red Lobster.  

Best WW-friendly menu options:

Broccoli (0 points), coleslaw (3 points), a side house salad (3 points), and mashed potatoes (6 points) are great options to get your veggies in. Pair with the grilled Atlantic salmon (1 point) or rainbow trout (0 points) and quinoa (5 points) for a satisfying meal. 

What to avoid: 

Skip the Admiral’s Feast (46 points), crispy dragon shrimp (34 points), crab-stuffed shrimp Rangoon (25 points), and the chocolate wave dessert (47 points). 

Still weary about restaurant eating on a diet? Check out our round-up of 26 copycat recipes so you can eat the restaurant foods you love without the guilt—or the price tag!

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