Comfort food made easy, these chicken tenderloin crockpot recipes are the best of both worlds! Tender, juicy chicken made into a cozy meal and without much effort spent in the kitchen. Make coming home from work stress-free with these dinner ideas.

As a kitchen tool, crockpots never go out of style. They make busy nights easier by doing all of the work for you!

Skip the chaos in the evening and whip up one of these chicken tenderloin recipes in the morning. These recipes come together with simple ingredients and result in flavorful, hearty meals that you’ll crave again and again.

From your favorite pasta to a classic ranch chicken, these tenderloin crockpot recipes help save the effort out of dinnertime.

1. Crock Pot Chicken Tenders

With simple seasoning and easy ingredients, this slow cooker chicken recipe is perfect for lazy kitchen days. Made with Italian dressing, melted butter, and savory chicken broth poured over the chicken tenders before being slow-cooked until ultra-juicy.

2. Easy crockpot Chicken Tenders

With just 3 ingredients, tender delicious bites of chicken can be whipped up with minimal effort. Use up the chicken tenders in your fridge and season them with your favorite Italian or ranch blend before mixing it all together with a bit of water and broth and letting the crockpot do the work for you.

3. Slow Cooker Garlic Butter Chicken

Savory garlic butter and crunchy vegetables are all cooked to perfection in the slow cooker. Add your own seasonings like thyme, parsley, or red pepper flakes, and create a new flavor each time. Regardless, this garlic butter chicken makes for an easy weeknight dinner the whole family enjoys.

4. Ranch Chicken

With just 3 ingredients you’ll have a delicious chicken dinner packed with flavor in every bite! This recipe is a fuss-free dinner that even beginners in the kitchen can whip up easily enough. Pair it with your favorite side dishes or serve it as a sandwich, it’s simple, flavorful, and versatile.

5. Ranch Buffalo Chicken Tenders

A lighter, healthier, weeknight dinner option that still comes together without much effort. This crockpot buffalo chicken recipe combines your favorite flavors, a hint of spice, and tender bites of chicken. With only 4 main ingredients you’ll be hard-pressed not to keep this one on weekly rotation.

6. Slow Cooker Honey Barbebeque Tenders

Chicken tenders soaked in a honey barbeque sauce and cooked all day long. These tenders save you time in the kitchen and have a warm meal waiting for you after a busy day. With only 4 main ingredients it comes together quickly and makes for a tasty meal prep recipe too!

7. Crock Pot Italian Bacon Chicken Tenders

A tasty family dinner or a fun and easy appetizer, these chicken tenders are a hit however you use them. Wrapped in bacon and cooked in a cheese and Italian dressing sauce, these chicken tenders come together with little effort. Serve them with marinara for dipping or use them with your favorite side dish for a complete meal.

8. Lemon Garlic Chicken Tenders

A refreshing burst of garlic lemon flavor and Italian seasoning, this chicken recipe is an uplifting punch of flavor. Coat the chicken in flour before cooking it in the slow cooker and the result is a crispy but tender bite of chicken in each mouthful. Perfect for busy nights when you want a bit of comfort.

9. Slow Cooker Italian Chicken Tenders

Comforting Italian flavor with tomatoes, fresh broccoli, and chicken tenders all cooked in the crock pot. This chicken tenders recipe is the perfect comfort food for the cooler days but light enough to bust out in the warmer months too. Easy to make and one the whole family loves.

10. Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy

Pure comfort food this slow cooker dinner uses chicken tenders so that they cook quickly and stay juicy while smothered in a comforting, creamy gravy. With only a handful of ingredients, dinner can be made in the morning and ready for you when you’re home from work. An easy meal that will soon become a staple.

11. Chicken tenders With Gravy

Tender bites of chicken with a creamy gravy for a bright and tasty meal. Made with both French onion soup mix as well as cream of mushroom, this crock pot chicken is a total comfort food. Serve it over egg noodles to stretch it further and you’ll not only have dinner on the table with easy but one that warms you up on cool days.

12. Slow Cooker Chicken Tenders

The perfect weeknight meal, chicken tenders are easy to make with only a couple of ingredients and are always a hit with the family. Plus, leftovers make for easy wraps and salads the next day. This slow cooker recipe uses just salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning for flavor along with some water to keep the tenders juicy. It’s the perfect busy night meal.

13. Creamy Ranch Chicken

Made with hidden valley ranch dressing for flavor and ease, these chicken tenders are also made with cream cheese and chicken broth to create a deliciously simple, but ultra-creamy dish. You can bake the chicken or pop it into the slow cooker depending on the day but the result is delicious bites of flavored chicken you’ll want again and again.

14. Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

An easy slow cooker dinner that covered chicken tenders in a sticky and sweet sauce. With a homemade teriyaki sauce that’s simple to whip up this slow cooker dinner recipe comes together quickly and is great for busy nights. Serve the chicken in a stir fry with rice or vegetables or on top of noodles for a quick pasta dish.

15. Slow Cooker Pineapple Barbeque Chicken Tenders

Juicy chicken tenders soaked into a sweet, pineapple barbeque sauce for the perfect meal. Paired with ranch and honey mustard these tenders are simmered to perfection in the slow cooker and can be used as a full meal or an appetizer all on their own. The perfect blend of sweet but slightly tangy sauce on top of tender bites of chicken.

16. Maple Dijon Chicken Tenders

With only six ingredients these chicken tenders are cooked in a sweet and tangy sauce all day long. They’re easy to make and with a low cook time of 8 hours, you can pop them into the crockpot in the morning and enjoy a warm, tasty meal when you get home. A healthy chicken dish perfect for busy weeks.

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