Soups are a simple and convenient way to prepare dinner in advance and store it for later. Rather than having to make several different components and separate them into different compartments, you can simply create an all-included meal. When saving it for later, you can divide it into individual portions or keep it in a large container to reheat it for the entire family. It’s also beneficial since you can store it in gallon-sized bags and lay it flat in the freezer. So, there are ways to store it where it doesn’t take up a ton of space!

It’s true that only certain soups freeze well. For instance, it’s commonly said that you can’t freeze soups that contain dairy. However, with these types of soups, you can cook it with broth and other components and then add the dairy later on when you reheat it, as long as the dairy isn’t the primary component. To get an idea of some good make-ahead options, we have a list of 15 fantastic soups that are all Weight Watchers friendly. You’ll love these healthy, nutritious soups that can be made and ready for hectic weeknights!

1. Pulled Chicken Ancho Chile and Black Bean Soup

This delicious soup is made with savory poblano chilies, chicken, beans, peppers, and various vegetables. The recipe yields eight generous servings, so you might even be able to enjoy it on two separate occasions since it makes so much. This Mexican-inspired dish can be topped with avocado slices, Greek yogurt, green onions, or any other favorite toppings when serving.

2. Weight Watchers Butternut Squash Soup

With just a few simple ingredients, this meal is easy to prepare in advance. You only need vegetable broth, butternut squash, onions, apples, and some seasonings. A hint of nutmeg brings out the natural flavor of the butternut squash and gives the soup a warm essence. It’s amazing how quickly this soup comes together – you just need to let it simmer until the squash is tender, and then use an immersion blender to create a smooth texture.

3. Southwestern Chicken Soup

When you prepare meals for the upcoming days, it’s best to opt for recipes that are not too complicated. This is especially important since you may also need to cook other meals on the same day while doing all the meal prep. You can make a quick and simple soup like this Weight Watchers Southwest Chicken Soup. It has corn, jalapenos, bell peppers, chicken, and tomatoes. You can leave out the cilantro and avocado until just before serving!

Tomato Soup served in a bowl with tomatoes at display
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4. Weight Watchers Friendly Tomato Soup

This delicious tomato soup is made with fresh ingredients and has a refreshing and vibrant flavor. You can prepare it ahead of time and pair it with patty melts or grilled cheese on the day you eat it. The recipe includes diced tomatoes, tomato paste, potatoes, onions, and chicken broth. It also has a small amount of minced garlic to give it more flavor.

5. Smoky Sweet Potato and Black Bean Soup

This nourishing soup has an impressive taste due to its unique components like sweet potato, black beans, chipotle peppers, and cumin. Weight Watchers says that this is only four points in total and takes about 40 minutes to make. The base of the soup is made with pureed sweet potato. It is ideal for freezing because it has equal parts milk and water and is not entirely dairy, making it freezer-friendly.

6. Slow Cooker Taco Soup

Here’s a Weight Watchers-friendly soup you can make and save for when you need a convenient on-the-go option. This soup has chicken broth, tomato sauce, ground beef, onions, and beans. What makes it so unique is the low-sodium taco seasoning and the low-sodium ranch dressing mix! Thus, it has a vast blend of seasonings that complement the other ingredients. When you reheat and serve this, don’t forget to add crispy tortilla chips on top!

7. Rustic Roasted Ratatouille Soup

If you’re a fan of ratatouille, then you should try this Weight Watchers version of Ratatouille Soup. This recipe yields eight servings, making it a great option for meal prepping. The soup has a rich flavor thanks to roasted veggies like zucchini, peppers, and eggplant. Once the veggies are caramelized and golden brown, you can use them to create a soup with a deliciously complex taste.

8. Turkey Sausage, White Bean, and Butternut Squash Soup

When you think of butternut squash soup, you might assume it will be creamy. However, this Weight Watchers version has chicken broth as the base. Other elements include cannellini beans, garlic, turkey sausage, onions, and seasonings. When making this for later, omit the grated parmesan cheese until you plan to reheat and serve it. In total, this recipe makes 12 servings!

9. Hearty Lentil and Tomato Soup

This plant-based soup has nutritious ingredients that will satisfy your hunger. For instance, it has healthy celery, carrots, lentils, tomatoes, and onions. It also has kale, which is deemed a superfood! To keep it healthy, use low-sodium vegetable broth instead of regular broth. With hints of bay leaf, Italian seasoning, and garlic, each bite has a delicious and full-bodied flavor.

French onion soup in two bowls topped with bread and melted cheese.

10. WW Friendly French Onion Soup

Make our version of Weight Watchers-friendly French Onion Soup if you want an extremely savory and decadent meal! This recipe combines beef broth, onions, butter, olive oil, and cornstarch. When making this to eat later, you need to hold off on assembling the soup. In other words, leave out the artisanal bread, mozzarella cheese, and emmental cheese until the day you serve it!

11. Chinese-Inspired Egg Drop Soup with Corn

Weight Watchers shared this recipe: the perfect freezer-friendly soup you’re looking for! The best part is that this recipe is only one point on the current system. It has such a hearty essence with unsalted chicken broth, ginger, garlic powder, corn, and sesame oil. You don’t want to include the eggs when making this dish until you heat up the soup. Bring it to a simmer, follow the recipe, and drizzle the eggs as normal.

12. Zero Point Cabbage Soup

Who doesn’t love zero-point food? This Weight Watchers-friendly soup is brought to you by Pointed Kitchen! The good news is that this recipe holds up well in the freezer. Just make sure to cool that before transferring it to containers or bags. The primary components are cabbage, garlic, peppers, celery, carrots, onions, and green beans. It also has seasoning and herbs to upgrade the flavor.

13. Mushroom-Barley Soup

Barley is an excellent addition to your diet since it is a whole grain. You can enjoy it when you make this healthy soup for meal prep. It has incredibly rich notes due to the beef broth, white wine, onions, and mushroom caps. This recipe also contains parsley, black pepper, and assorted vegetables. Your future self will be grateful for this dish as it will warm your soul and solve your problem when you don’t have time to make dinner someday!

14. Super-Easy Chicken Noodle Soup

Every family needs a staple recipe for chicken noodle soup that they can rely on. If you don’t have one yet, we suggest this recipe by Weight Watchers! It is only two points per serving and is a perfect freezer-friendly meal. It has classic components like peas, carrots, corn, chicken breasts, and tomatoes. It utilizes reduced-sodium chicken broth. It’s up to you whether you want to include the pasta beforehand or the day that you reheat it.

15. Toasted Quinoa Soup

Weight Watchers created this irresistible soup recipe for only four points per serving. It’s perfect for making and stashing in the freezer for later times! What makes this soup unique is the fact that you toast the quinoa. As a result, it creates an incredibly earthy flavor that tastes amazing among the sea of vegetables and broth. Some of the best ingredients include potatoes, rosemary, carrots, garlic, and, of course, the toasted quinoa.

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