No doubt, the pies on Thanksgiving often attract a lot of attention. Most commonly, pies like pumpkin, apple, or pecan pie are the most popular choices for people to bake on this holiday. Pumpkins and apples are both in season during fall, so it’s quite fitting. But did you also know that pecans have a harvesting season, and it’s also during autumn? Therefore, we can understand why these pies became the holiday’s centerpiece. However, there are so many other options aside from those!

Not to mention, if your Thanksgiving gathering has a large group of people, there is usually more than one type of pie. This list can help you narrow it down! Whether hosting the Thanksgiving celebration at your house or bringing a pie to a family member’s house, one of these Weight Watchers Thanksgiving recipes will be useful. And you can enjoy any of these lovely pies without worrying about using too many points. They have deep, decadent flavors and taste so similar to the real deal that you won’t miss other recipes that use too much sugar or unhealthy ingredients!

Lightened-up Weight Watchers apple pie with oat flour crust.
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1. Weight Watchers Friendly Apple Pie

You will absolutely adore our rustic and charming WW-Friendly Apple Pie! This unique and comforting crust recipe uses light butter, stevia, rolled oats, and water. It is incredibly simple to make the crust, so don’t worry if you’re a beginner in the kitchen. As far as the apple filling goes, all you need is sliced apples, light butter, applesauce, and stevia. Mix in some cinnamon to give it the true apple pie taste!

2. Weight Watchers Pumpkin Pie

Usually, pumpkin pies can cost 13 or so WW points, but this recipe is only four points! You use stevia instead of sugar and light margarine instead of butter for the crust. You won’t believe how much of a difference that makes! The filling has pumpkin puree, eggs, stevia, pumpkin pie spice, and cinnamon. It also has cornstarch to help it set and some fat-free evaporated milk, which makes it incredibly silky.

3. Cherry Pie Recipe for Weight Watchers

These mini cherry pies are perfect for Thanksgiving and also Weight Watchers friendly! The recipe calls for dark cherries, sugar, cornstarch, and egg roll wrappers. The egg roll wrappers replace the dough, making this recipe much lighter! To serve them, sprinkle a light dusting of powdered sugar. Midlife Healthy Eating states that these Weight Watchers pies are three points per serving!

4. Weight Watchers No-Bake Turtle Pumpkin Pie

You might be wondering what Turtle Pumpkin Pie is. Well, turtle desserts traditionally combine pecans, caramel, and chocolate. Frequently, you will find turtle cheesecakes. However, this dessert has pumpkin pie as the base with a turtle-inspired topping. This pie has hints of caramel topping, chocolate chips, whipped cream, pecans, and healthy pumpkin pie. According to the recipe, it is 7 points per serving!

5. Pecan Pie with Chickpea Crust

This delicious recipe comes straight from Weight Watchers! It is unique since the crust is made with canned chickpeas! It also has hints of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. The delicious pecan pie filling has egg whites, dark corn syrup, eggs, and chopped pecans. This recipe is simple to make and will impress anybody who eats it. It has a rich, buttery taste that is just what you need on a holiday!

6. Sweet Potato Pie (3 Purple, 5 Blue, 6 Green Points)

For some folks, sweet potato pie is the dessert of choice at Thanksgiving. Skinny Taste shared this scrumptious recipe, which is low in points, and you can easily make the filling in a blender. This means you can focus on more important things like hanging out with family instead of just being in the kitchen! This recipe has sweet potatoes, light butter, light brown sugar, milk, and eggs. What makes it so indulgent is the pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and vanilla.

7. Light and Easy Low Calorie No Bake Coconut Cream Mounds Bar Pie

If you don’t prefer fruity pies, this might be the right choice for you. After all, who said that Thanksgiving can’t have some coconut? This recipe is ideal for people on the Weight Watchers plans! It has different points ranging from 5 to 8 points depending on your plan. The pie has chocolate syrup, flaked coconut, low-fat milk, sugar-free vanilla pudding, and a light whipped topping.

8. Creamy Lemon Pie

Although you might associate chilled lemon pie with the summertime, it can be a light and refreshing dessert after a heavy Thanksgiving meal. This Weight Watchers pie recipe has lemon sugar-free Jell-o pudding mix, skim milk, fat-free Cool Whip, and Graham cracker crust. It’s quite easy to make since you can buy a premade crust! The recipe has a link you can click to help track your points.

9. Simple Weight Watchers Blueberry Pie

Nesting Lane Healthy posted this Weight Watchers pie recipe for blueberry pie! It only has four ingredients in total, which means that it is hassle-free. This low-point dessert has blueberries, reduced-sugar mixed berry jam, and a light whipped topping. For the foundation, you can use a pre-baked pie crust! All you need to do is allow time for it to set in the refrigerator; no baking is required!

10. Weight Watchers Caramel Apple Mini Pies

Weight Watchers mini pies are perfect for Thanksgiving! When you don’t feel like assembling a whole pie, use this recipe for everyday shortcuts. You will need caramel sauce, pre-made pie crust, flour, sugar, ginger, and apples. Additionally, a small amount of cinnamon and nutmeg season the apples, bringing out their natural sweetness. Drizzle the mini pies with caramel syrup to decorate them!

11. Chocolate Pudding Pie (6 Points for Blue, Green, and Purple)

Chocolate Pudding Pie is a classic pie for any occasion, including Thanksgiving! This Weight Watchers-friendly pie doesn’t take all your points, and it tastes delicious. It has a simple base with unsweetened coconut, Splenda, cornstarch, vanilla, and skim milk. The crust is a graham cracker crust, which is buttery and pairs with the chocolate. Meanwhile, you can top it with the fat-free cool whip just as you would with classic whipped cream.

12. Mini Peach Pies

How lovely do these Mini Peach Pies look? Weight Watchers posted this recipe. Although Peaches are in season during summer, you can use up any frozen peaches in your freezer! Another option is to simply swap the peaches for pears. You can use either store-bought or homemade pie crust as the base. The filling has ginger, salt, peaches, and a small amount of sugar.

13. Mixed Berry Pie

Can’t decide which type of fruit to use in your Thanksgiving pie? This Weight Watchers-friendly pie recipe has a tasty blend of different berries. It has strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. The raw sugar is healthier than typical white cane sugar, and the lemon zest enhances all fruity flavors! This pie turns out gorgeous with a golden brown, shiny crust that you will want to dig right into.

14. Easiest-Ever No-Bake Peanut Butter Banana Fudge Pie

We love a good no-bake pie recipe! Weight Watchers shared this delicious pie recipe that you can make on Thanksgiving. It has a creamy, chocolatey base due to the Weight Watchers giant fudge ice cream bars, low-fat whipped topping, and cocoa powder. It also has powdered peanut butter, banana slices, and reduced-fat graham cracker pie crust! Enjoy your guilt-free dessert and easily track your points on the Weight Watchers website!

15. Triple-Chocolate Cream Pie

With vibrant pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top of a dark chocolate backdrop, this Weight Watchers pie has a stunning appearance. It also has three types of chocolate: grated unsweetened chocolate, unsweetened cocoa powder, and chocolate graham cracker squares for the crust. You can make the filling on the stovetop and then refrigerate the pie for it to fully set. All chocolate fans at your Thanksgiving gathering will be extra grateful for this delicacy!

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