It is now old-fashioned that you have to eat tasteless food while watching your weight. You can watch your weight and still enjoy the goodness of a delicious and healthy meal. Many pasta recipes offer lots of yummy and healthy meals that meet your dietary requirements. They include good carbs, low-fat dairy, fruits, and veggies. It’s a great time to eat more plant-based foods because stores now have different options for you. With all these plant-based ingredients available, watching your weight is easier and more fun than ever!

Here are 15 pasta recipes ideal for Weight Watchers, all with 5 points or less each.

Spaghetti Squash with Marinara Sauce

Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce from Once Upon a Chef is a 0 WW point that is very healthy for vegetarians. It contains low carb, and low calories when roasted, you can serve it as a main dish or side dish either way works fine. It’s a blend of spaghetti squash, black pepper, marinara sauce, bread crumbs, wholemeal cheese and thyme. Don’t forget your seasonings for taste.

Once Upon a Chef mentioned that it’s easy to make and full of fresh flavor. It might look awkward if you are trying this recipe for the first time, but it’ll turn out well.

Zucchini Noodles with Pesto

Zucchini noodles with pesto from Cookie and Kate are a healthy and light meal that can be served as lunch or dinner. It is safe for Weight Watchers consumption because it has 3 Weight Watchers points. This recipe contains green pumpkin seed, zucchini, red wine vinegar, red pepper flakes, garlic, onions, cherry tomatoes, vegetables, and seasonings to taste. Cookie and Kate mentioned that you can skip onions if you’re sensitive to their flavor.

Whole Wheat Pasta Primavera

Whole-wheat pasta primavera from Farm and Dairy is a 4 Weight Watchers point. It is one way to use up all those veggies that have been left over in the fridge for a while. It contains whole wheat spaghetti, garlic, cherry tomatoes, red pepper, parmesan cheese, seasonings, green beans, snap peas, and parsley. You can add more vegetables if you want. It is a colorful and hearty meal that is healthy for vegetarians and Weight Watchers.

Spinach and Tomato Pasta Salad

Spinach and Tomato Pasta Salad from Citrus and Delicious is a 3 Weight Watchers Points meal and a good way to eat healthy. It contains fresh vegetables, pasta, Italian seasonings, lemon juice, pepper, spinach, and tomatoes. Citrus and Delicious mentioned that you can take it to a picnic and even a barbecue. It is a colorful and delicious meal that is safe for Weight Watchers and vegetarians.

Shrimp Linguine with Garlic and Olive Oil

Shrimp linguine with garlic and olives from All recipes are 5-weight Watchers Points meals. It’s a simple, delicious meal that contains a mixture of linguine, butter, garlic, peeled shrimp, parmesan cheese, chopped parsley, vegetables, and seasonings to taste. It doesn’t take much time; your meal will be ready in 30 minutes! All recipes mentioned that it is a smart meal to serve a visitor. Elegant and delicious!

Pasta Fagioli Soup

Pasta Fagioli soup from the key ingredient recipe is a 4 Weight Watchers point recipe, Olive Gardens look-alike that mostly contains seasonings. You can’t forget your seasonings because they are key ingredients for this meal. It contains ground beef, onions, rib celery, kidney beans, drained cannellini beans, reduced-sodium beef broth, pasta, cheese, vegetables, and Italian seasonings. It’s a lot of ingredients, but about half of them are seasonings. You’ll love the outcome.

Broccoli and Chicken Alfredo

Broccoli and chicken Alfredo from Kalejunkies is a brushed-up version of the traditional Alfredo. It’s a 5-weight Watchers Points meal that primarily combines soft broccoli and well-cooked chicken. It is healthy for vegans and Weight Watchers and can be prepared in 30 minutes. Kalejunkies stated that it’s a good meal that comes in handy when you are way behind schedule or don’t know what to cook. It’s a delicious meal to serve at dinnertime.

Turkey Meatball Pasta Bake

Turkey meatball pasta bake is a zero-weight Watchers Points recipe from Krumpli. It contains minced beef, egg yolks, dried oregano, bread crumbs, cloves, beef stock, pasta, different vegetables, and seasoning. Krumpli says that this meal is a comforting cheese recipe. It’s a healthy meal prepared to satisfy both young and old. This recipe can be made days before baking it, which is amazing, right?

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Lemon garlic shrimp pasta is a delicious and healthy food with 4 Weight Watchers points from Tasty. It’s a delicious meal that’ll make you feel like you’re on the Italian coast—a taste of goodness! It’s a blend of butter, garlic, peeled shrimp, spaghetti, lemon juice, parsley, vegetables, and seasonings. It is safe for vegetarians and weight-watchers. Quick and easy to prepare.

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Cauliflower mac and cheese from is a 5 Weight Watchers points meal that is delicious and healthy for vegans and Weight Watchers. It’s also a good way to have your favorite food and all your veggies on one plate. It can be prepared in 30 minutes. It contains a blend of macaroni, cauliflower, cream, cheddar cheese, bread crumbs, milk, flour, butter, vegetables, and seasonings. You can use the ingredients and vegetables you have to make this recipe, and it’ll turn out just fine.

Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta puttanesca from Delish is a 5 Weight Watchers point; it is a healthy and deliciously safe meal for vegetarians and Weight Watchers. It contains garlic, parmesan, vegetables, and seasonings; it can be prepared within 35 minutes. Delish mentioned that it is very easy to prepare, and you’ll fall in love with this meal, especially when you use a very nice and fragrant sauce. You can serve it with garlic bread and enjoy!

Mushroom and Spinach Pasta

Mushroom and spinach pasta is a 3 Weight Watchers point from Eatwell that’ll serve your taste buds with gladness. It is quick and flavorful; it’ll be ready in less than 30 minutes. It contains mushrooms, spinach, Italian seasonings, heavy whipping cream, parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, and vegetables. EatWell noted that mushroom and spinach pasta is an easy dinner that you can’t mess up; it always comes out fine.

Tomato Basil Pasta

Tomato basil pasta from The Clever Meal has 3 Weight Watchers points, which means that it is healthy and safe for vegetarians and Weight Watchers. It’s easy and quick to prepare; it’ll be ready in 15 minutes. The Clever Meal mentioned that economically, it’s easy to bring together and friendly to both young and old. It contains pasta, cherry tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, and seasonings.

Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

Pasta with roasted vegetables from Food Network is a 4 Weight Watchers points meal. It’s healthy and safe for Weight Watchers and vegans. It’s fast and easy to prepare. It contains zucchini, asparagus, parmesan cheese, basil, onion, garlic, fresh linguine, seasonings, and vegetables. You can add more vegetables or substitute asparagus for spinach.

Pesto Chicken Pasta

Pesto chicken pasta from The Mediterranean Dish has 5 Weight Watchers points. It’s quick and easy to prepare. It can be served at dinnertime or on a date night. It contains pesto, fresh basil leaves, parmesan, chicken pasta, vegetables, and seasonings.

The Mediterranean Dish mentioned that pesto chicken pasta is a good choice anytime you crave an Italian meal. It is a mouthwatering and healthy meal.

These recipes were created to align with the Weight Watchers points system, offering delicious choices for individuals seeking to control their weight while still enjoying pasta dishes.

Drop your reviews in the comment section below after you have tried out any of the recipes.

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