From baby back ribs to grilled chicken, there’s so much for everyone to love at a family BBQ. The number of meat, veggie, and side dish recipes are truly countless. For many, a BBQ is a summertime essential activity, with friends and family manning the grill and sharing platters of homemade goodies.

Whether you’re a BBQ veteran looking to try something new or a budding chef ready to branch out into the BBQ world, there are constantly new recipes on the internet that you can dive into. Below are 15 internet BBQ recipes ranging from classic ribs to Asian-influenced marinades.

1. Grilled Individual Ribs – aka Party Ribs

Created by grillmaster and online chef sensation Malcom Reed, this recipe takes classic baby back ribs and turns them into a party platter. Aptly nicknamed Party Ribs, what makes these ribs unique is that they are cut into individual bones before they’re seasoned and glazed to perfection before serving.

2. Simple BBQ Ribs

For a ribs recipe that’s as simple as it gets, look no further. This recipe requires no grill! All you need to do is boil the ribs with seasoning, then cover them in BBQ sauce of your choosing, either homemade or store-bought, before baking them. 

3. Baked BBQ Sausages

Although ribs often take center stage, sausages are another popular BBQ addition. This recipe works for any type of sausage and only requires a handful of various spices and BBQ sauce, making it a good recipe for beginners. Simply chop the sausages into slices, coat in the spice and sauce mixture, and bake.

4. Chinese BBQ Char Siu Pork Ribs

The use of Asian sauces in BBQ glazes is actually quite popular, so it’s no surprise that the flavor of Char Siu Pork pairs well with American BBQ. This recipe is somewhat more advanced with a heftier ingredient list, but the result is an Asian influenced dish that’s overflowing with deliciousness.

5. Pot Pulled Pork

Created by the BBQ Pit Boys of internet fame, these pulled pork sandwiches only take 3 hours to make, which is considerably shorter than many other pulled pork recipes. Most of the prep work will go into seasoning and browning the pork ribs. After that, you just need to place the pot over indirect heat and let the recipe work its magic.

6. Easy Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs

This recipe is yet another alternative for cooking ribs without a grill. Although the recipe does state that it takes over 8 hours for these ribs to cook, the result is well worth the wait. It also calls for a homemade blend of spices, making it a good opportunity for budding chefs to mix and match various spices to perfection.

7. MeMe’s BBQ Cups

With two published cookbooks now available, beloved southern chef MeMe is an authority on all things delicious and her unique BBQ cups are no exception. Her 10 minute video walks you through each step, from cooking the ground beef to baking the pastry cups. It’s straightforward and easy to make while also being wholly unique and fun.

8. Smoked Pig Shots

Dreamed up by Texan internet chef Katherine, these pig shots are made of three simple yet delicious parts: sausages, bacon, and cream cheese. Just wrap sausage pieces in bacon, mix cream cheese with BBQ sauce and jalapenos, and top the sauces with the cream cheese filling. The result is a plate full of perfectly bite-size sausage bites with just the right amount of kick.

9. Cherri’s Crockpot Shredded BBQ Beef

If you’re not a fan of grilling and want to cook something besides ribs, this crockpot beef recipe is a great solution. It’s a two-step recipe that only requires you to season and cook the beef in a crockpot filled with veggies. You can cook the beef for 8 hours or 4 hours on high heat if you’re in a hurry.

10. Crispy BBQ Chicken Wings

A BBQ isn’t truly complete without some chicken wings and Health Riles BBQ has the perfect recipe. These wings are sticky and sweet with just the right amount of char and crispiness. The recipe utilizes custom made BBQ and chicken rubs made by Health Riles BBQ to fully maximize the flavor of these wings.

11. Beer Can Chicken

Beer pairs perfectly with BBQ, but it can also be a key ingredient in making the BBQ itself. Your favorite beer can be used to create a BBQ chicken that is tender, juicy, and flavorful. The best part is the recipe only requires 3 ingredients and has a cooking time of an hour, which is quite short by BBQ standards.

12. Healthyish BBQ Chicken

Straight from Bon Appetit chef and YouTube sensation, Chris Morocco is a recipe for amazing BBQ sauce and perfectly seared chicken. The recipe utilizes indirect heat when cooking the chicken to prevent it from burning. The sauce can also be adjusted by reducing or increasing the amount of hot sauce in it.

13. Grilled BBQ Chicken Kabobs

There are plenty of great BBQ chicken recipes out there but some of the most fun ones are the kebabs. This recipe also includes veggies and even fruit to create perfectly grilled skewers that are bursting with flavor. You can easily customize the veggies and fruit on the skewers as well. Don’t forget to brush the skewers with BBQ sauce afterward!

14. Pork Shoulder Bites

These mouthwatering pork shoulder bites were created by none other than Grillin With Dad’s Maciek, a man who’s amassed millions of followers on social media by teaching BBQ recipes and techniques. This recipe only needs 5 ingredients and all you have to do is cut and season the pork shoulder before grilling it for 3 hours.

15. Poor Man’s Burnt Ends

Rounding this list off with an unusual recipe, these burnt ends can teach even the most experienced grillmasters new tricks. Poor man’s burnt ends originated in the 1950s as a cheap alternative to traditional burnt ends, which are typically found on pricier cuts such as beef brisket or pork shoulder. Even today, burnt ends have their place at the BBQ table and this recipe is a great way to learn how to make this piece of culinary history while being on a budget.

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