Casseroles don’t have to be heavy and laden with calories. There are many light and tasty options packed full of healthy ingredients and they certainly deliver a flavor punch. Whether it is a warming casserole in the evening, a nutritious casserole for breakfast, or everything in between, we have you covered.

Here are 14 of our most shared weight watchers casseroles on facebook.

Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole in red pan
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This one may take a little time, but it is definitely worth it. Light in terms of the ingredients used, but oh-so-satisfying when it comes to flavor, this delicious buffalo chicken and potato casserole has it all. Rich in flavor from the spicy buffalo chicken teamed with the creamy cheese and soft potatoes it is comfort food at its best.

Potatoes can be seen as heavy, but in this recipe, they are not the main star of the show. The protein from the chicken and carbs from the potato makes for a lighter and more balanced meal idea. This is warming and delicious and perfect for the fall.

Turkey Casserole in red baking dish

It’s turkey season. So it won’t be a surprise that you may have some leftover turkey from the Thanksgiving table and this leftover Turkey casserole is the perfect way to use it all up. It’s lighter than the full meal we all love at Thanksgiving. But still loaded with nutrient-heavy vegetables and delicious flavors from the gravy and homemade stuffing.

This is such a simple casserole recipe and a great lighter alternative to the full roast dinner. You have to try this one.

weight watchers friendly green bean casserole in white casserole dish

This has always be a favorite side dish that the whole family loves. A real crowd-pleaser that can easily be a delciious vegetarian casserole you enjoy on its own. The savory, creamy mushroom gravy combines with the soft French-tipped green beans. Topped with a crunchy and cheesy topping. You can make it even lighter by switching out the regualr cheese for a low-fat cream cheese option.

Whether you enjoy this as a side dish, or a delciious vegetarian meal, this is defintely a lighter casserole that has the wow factor when it comes to flavor. Green beans never tasted so good!

Squash casserole in white casserole dish

The fall is squash and pumkin season, and this Southern Squash casserole is going to be a firm favorite with your family. Low in carbs but still gives you that satsfying feeling only a warming casserole can do, it certainly packs a punch in flavor.

Made with yellow squash and a blend of cheeses and then topped with almond flour to create a crunchy crust that also makes it gluten-free, this is definitely a lighter casserole for the fall that you just have to try.

Not essentially made from sweet potatoes, this casserole tastes exactly as if it was. Here’s the secret, it’s made with caulflower and butternut squash, and has a delciious crunchy pecan crust. Stay with me! Sweet potatoes are a little starchy, and if you want a light casserole, either to enjoy as it is or as a tasty side dish, then this alterntaive will taste just like the real thing.

Roasting the cauliflower and butternut squash is the key for this casserole, and blending them together, you wouldn’t know that it is a completely low carb version. Super easy to make, delivers on flavor, and is perfect for the fall. What’s not to like?

taco fiesta casserole in red lasagna dish

If you are looking for a Mexican inspired casserole that delivers in flavor and is perfcetly light to enjoy in the fall, then this taco fiesta bubble up casserole is the recipe for you. The bubble up gets its name from the biscuit dough that bakes and “bubbles” into the dish and combines with all of the lovely flavors.

The biscuits don’t overtake this casserole, so it is still a lighter option than some. Lean ground beef and plenty of vehetables makes this not just enjoyable but a healthy and balanced meal everyone is going to love.

Chicken stuffed casserole on white plate

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and this light stove-top stuffing chicken casserole is exactly that! We have used veggies full of nutrients including broccoli, carrots and green beans, but you can swap those out for others or add even more vegetables if you wish.

This is a satisfying casserole that you can vary to suit what you have in the refrigerator or what sort of flavors will tickle your tastebuds. Simplicity at its finest.

French Toast Casserole in White Baking Dish

Frech toast feels a little indulgent don’t you think? And this Holiday French Toast Casserole tastes of indulgence with every bite, but is the perfect light casserole to enjoy on a lazy weekend.

Sweet and delicious flavored with juicy peaches and warming cinnamon, the absiolute flavor of the fall, it is certainly a tasty breakfast to help you start the day in the right way. It is super easy to make and you don’t need a huge long list of ingredients either. This is one that I know you are going to love.

Chicken Broccoli Casserole in white dish

On your hunt for light casseroles perfect for fall this chicken and broccoli casserole is one that you are going to want to make at your earliest opportunity. Hearty and oh so satosfying this is the perfect dish to make as the weather gets cooler. Lean chicken combined with brocoli is just a winning combination, but they are both coasted in a delcious savory and cheesy sauce, there really is not a lot you can’t love about this recipe.

There are potatoes in this recipe, but they are not the main ingredient as the lean chicken and nutrient heaby broccolli are what you have the most of in terms of quanitity. This makes it a filling dish without it being too carb heaby.

Bacon cheeseburger casserole

Do you love everything about cheeseburgers, aside from the fact they aren’t normally that good for you? This is the resiltuon to the problem. The bacon cheeseburger casserole gives you all of the flavors of your favorite junk food with none of the guilt. With more protein than carbs this version is lighter, and we think, tastier and far more enjoyable.

Super easy to make and is a great light casserole for the fall it delivers on flavor and comfort. Which is all you want when it comes to casserole season. Not only is this versatile and changeable, but you can’t go wrong with the simplicity. If you don’t want to be in the kitchen for too long then this casserole is for you.

shrimp alfredo casserole

During the holiday season you may find that you have a lot of surplus ingredients. Seafood might be one of those things. Shrimps are tasty and quick to cook. This light shrimp alfredo pasta casserole is perfect when you want to whip somehting up in a hurry.

You can add different veggies to it or even use wholemal pasta as an alertivae. This is a great light casserole to enjoy, especially if you are a lover of seafood.

Cheese corn casserole in white dish

Sometimes you just want a quick and easy casserole that delivers on flavor. One that you can enjoy with some crusty bread or as a side dish, and this is exactly that casserole. Creamy corn is one of those things we all make during the fall, especially around thanksgiving. This lighter version is perfect for a lunch, midweek meal, or as a tasty side dish. Yum!

Pillsbury Breakfast Casserole in casserole dish

This breakfast casserole is a perfect lighter option that you can enjoy on busy weekdays or lazy weekends. It is a delicious way to start your day. It is full of protein and healthy vegetables, topped with cheese, you can’t go wrong.

While is is a lighter breakfast or brunch choice but you can make it even lighter by swapping out the regular cheese.

Cheesy ground beef taco casserole on a plate, garnished with a lemon wedge and fresh herbs.

This is a hearty and flavorsome casserole that combines the delicious flavors of Mexico in a balanced and light casserole. Authentic taco flavor within the seasoned ground beef, topped with a lay of crushed tortilla chips to give a satisfying crunch. Something we can all agree makes a taco.

You can make it even lighter by using queso fresco instead of regular cheese. You could easily enjoy this as it is or have a smaller portion with a delicious green salad.

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