Skip the salt and whip up some of these low-sodium crockpot recipes instead! These dinner recipes are loaded with comfort and minimal ingredients and come in at 200g of sodium or less per serving.

Are you trying to watch your sodium intake? It can be tricky to scale back on sodium and still enjoy your favorite foods. 

However, with these crockpot recipes, you can skip the work and still enjoy heart-healthy meals made at home. With simple ingredients and little prep time, these low-sodium recipes are the perfect blend of your favorite flavors made healthier.

1. Low Sodium Chicken Noodle Soup

Curl up with a bowl of your favorite soup recipe but with a heart-healthy twist! This chicken noodle soup has only 164mg of sodium in it but lots of comfort. Made with basic pantry staples and low-sodium broth, this is the perfect recipe to curl up with on a chilly day.

2. Low Sodium Vegetarian Chili

A great way to eat more vegetables and enjoy a Meatless Monday dish without a lot of effort in the kitchen. This vegetarian chili recipe has only 71mg of sodium but is jam-packed with flavor. Seasoned heavily and with a jalapeno thrown in for a pop of heat, it’s a delicious recipe for the end of the day.

3. Low Sodium Beef Stew

A protein-packed meal with only 171mg of sodium in it. This beef stew recipe is easily made in the slow cooker and can be cooked while you’re at work. Come home to a delicious, hearty, and healthy dinner after a long day. With fresh ingredients and flavor, it’s a sure-fire way to warm you up!

4. Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

This turkey chili can be made in a slow cooker or instant pot to make busy nights easy! Made with an ultra-lean protein and no salt added the chili is seasoned minimally but cooked to perfection. Top it with your favorites like avocados and enjoy a heart-healthy meal made in a pinch!

5. Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup

For the days you don’t want to cook this minestrone soup is perfect! Cooked in the crockpot and made with a lot of fresh vegetables this soup recipe is as easy as it gets when it comes to dinner. Use it as a side dish for a larger meal or enjoy a bowl topped with avocado for fresh flavor.

6. Slow Cooker Mexican Chili

The best chili you’ve ever tasted, this Mexican-inspired chili contains a hit of brewed coffee for a delicious flavor punch in addition to a ton of vegetables. Sprinkle on some fresh cilantro and curl up with a bowl, this chili recipe is great any time of the year and takes minimal effort to whip up!

7. Slow Cooker Green Chili Chicken

Delicious and made with only 5 ingredients this slow cooker green chile chicken comes in with only 132mg of sodium! Tender, juicy chicken slow-cooked in a semi-spicy sauce, this shredded chicken can be made into tacos, bowls, or salads! The perfect meal prep recipe for busy days this slow cooker meal will soon become a staple!

8. 3 Ingredient Crockpot Chicken Tacos

With only 3 ingredients this crockpot chicken tacos recipe keeps dinnertime simple! All you need is low-sodium seasoning and salsa for the chicken to come together and leftovers can be used on heart-healthy salads the next day. A delicious recipe to keep on hand!

9. Slow Cooker Carne Guisada

The best kind of crockpot meal is one you can turn into multiple meals! This carne asada is great to use up throughout the week and comes with a spicy kick. With only 200mg of sodium and made with pantry staples, this beef comes together easily and results in tender bites with every mouthful.

10. Crockpot Vegetable Medley

Fresh vegetables are ready in minimal time. This crockpot medley is a combination of broccoli, tomato, and onion, lightly seasoned, and slow cooked until tender. It’s an easy way to whip up a side dish or to cook some vegetables for a larger meal. Simple ingredients and easy to make.

11. Crockpot Apple Pie Oatmeal

Make this oatmeal for breakfast or dinner and enjoy the rich, fall flavor with a heart-healthy twist! With lots of comforting seasonings like cinnamon and nutmeg, this apple oatmeal is hearty, easy to make, and a great way to warm up. Grab a bowl and top it with your favorite crunchy nuts for a complete meal.

12. Slow Cooker High Protein Banana Bread

Though it may seem like dessert, with 19 grams of protein this slow cooker recipe can be just as healthy for breakfast! Made with collagen powder for fuel in the slow cooker for ease, this banana bread is the best possible way to use up the ripe bananas on the counter. Indulge and enjoy a slice of this warm bread.

13. Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup

Embrace fall with the perfect flavor of a creamy, butternut squash soup! With only 162mg of sodium, this slow cooker soup recipe is made with coconut milk for a rich texture and sweetened with maple syrup to balance out the squash. Deliciously simple it’s the perfect side dish for any meal.

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