If you are hoping for some light dinner ideas perfect for dropping temperatures then you have come to the right place. Whether you want something comforting like a casserole, quick and easy such as a 30-minute meal, or just a dinner idea that you know the whole family will enjoy then we have something for you.

We know how hard it can be to come up with a light dinner idea that everyone is going to love. So these 13 light dinner suggestions are a great place to get started when deciding what to make during the next few months. They may even help you with some meal prep ideas or certainly offer a little inspiration now that the cooler weather is here. There is something for everyone!

Chicken al Pastor served with cilantro topping and lemon slice
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This Mexican-inspired chicken dish is going to have your mouth watering. Bursting with flavor this is one of those meals perfect for the midweek rush and is an ideal light dinner for winter as it can be served with many different sides. It will taste amazing just with a green salad.

“Adobo al pastor” is a Mexican marinade made with achiote, Morita chili, pineapple, and lime as its key ingredients. It is usually made with pork but we think chicken works incredibly well. It is quick and versatile, a flavor explosion, and delicious. There isn’t much you can’t love about it.

This Spicy Chicken Chili is healthy, hearty, and very filling. The reason it is a lighter option is that you don’t need the carbs for this meal. It is perfect just as it is. You could enjoy it with some salad, even cous cous or quinoa. Made with ground turkey you still get all the protein and nutrients you want from a delicious dish.

The spices are authentic and work well with the veggies and ground turkey. It is super easy to make and you could double up the quantities to make an extra batch to freeze for a day when you just need something quick and simple.

chicken bacon bubble up in white pan

This chicken bacon ranch bubble-up is the perfect comfort meal the whole family will love, especially during cold weather. You can enjoy this indulgent dinner recipe knowing that it is lighter and low-carb. I love the flavors that make the lean chicken shine.

It is such an easy casserole to make. The bubble-up gets its name and the biscuit dough bakes and combines with the other ingredients and “bubbles” amongst all fo the glorious and delicious flavors. It is also perfect for meal prep. This is a dish you have to try.

Healthy and delicious air fryer turkey burgers.

Air fryer turkey burgers are a healthy and delicious alternative to beef burgers. They are lower in fat and calories, and they are also a good source of protein. Making turkey burgers in an air fryer is very simple. Simply mix, shape, and cook them.

You can enjoy them just as they are with burger buns, or even keep them carb-less and use lettuce leaves instead. You can enjoy them on their own with a side salad as well. They are packed full of flavor and are super easy to make. You have to give this one a try.

Light and creamy Pumpkin Risotto.

This rissoto is perfect for any pumpkin lovers. Risotto is a classic Italian dish known for its creamy texture and delicious flavor. Traditionally, risotto is made with arborio rice, cream, chicken or vegetable broth, and Parmesan cheese. However, in this recipe, we’re going to substitute cream and cheese for pumpkin puree and yogurt to create a lighter and healthier dish.

This dish can be enjoyed as it is but you could also pair it with a green salad. It is packed full of delciious flavors but you can easily add a bit of heat to give it that extra something.

Sheet Pan Chicken Shawarma

Sometimes you just want a lighter meal that is bursting with flavor and this Chicken Shawarma is the perfect option to try. Full of Middle-Eastern spices and authentic deliciousness. You can serve this in so many ways. Add it to a wrap with salad and a light dressing, or serve it up with some rice, or just enjoy with a side salad.

Penne and sausage pasta

Turkey Sausage Pasta in a creamy tomato sauce is a very simple pasta meal that will be a huge hit with the whole family. It could easily be a one-pot dish and it is so easy to make. The creamy, cheesy tomato sauce has a wonderful flavor and it makes for a nice hearty meal the whole family can enjoy. 

Creamy chicken Florentine topped with sauteed spinach on a plate.

“Chicken Florentine” is a delightful Italian-American dish that brings together tender cooked chicken with spinach and a creamy sauce. The term “Florentine” pays homage to the city of Florence in Italy and is used to signify the inclusion of spinach, an ingredient closely associated with Florentine cuisine.

This is such an easy light dinner that can be enjoyed with some salad. So quick and easy to make and the perfect dish for a midweek speedy meal.

baked tuscan chicken an potatoes

Learn how to make a lighter version of the classic baked Tuscan chicken with this recipe. Eating healthy does not mean eating boring food, so I recommend you try this delicious dish that’s great for lunch or dinner.

The classic recipe, although tasty, can be high in calories since it includes large amounts of oil, heavy cream, and cheese. This recipe maintains the flavor and creaminess while keeping it like by substituting a few ingredients to lower fat and calories. 

French Onion Chicken Pasta Bake

Imagine a dish that seamlessly combines the rich, caramelized flavors of a classic French onion soup with the heartiness of tender chicken and the comforting embrace of al dente pasta. Here you have it: French Onion Chicken Pasta. 

This delicious dish takes inspiration from the iconic French onion soup, a timeless favorite known for its sweet and savory notes. It reimagines the traditional soup in a bold and creative manner, transforming it into a casserole that’s perfect for gatherings, weeknight dinners, or whenever you’re craving a symphony of flavors in a single bite.

chicken stew in white bowl

There’s nothing better than to warm up with a bowl of stew for dinner on one of those gloomy winter days. You can’t beat a good stew and chicken is the perfect option for a hearty and comforting meal.

This is such a satisfying meal that is ideal for the colder months. Lighter than some other stews, this is a great option to consider. Pscked full of vegetables and flavor this is one you have to try.

Garbanzo Bean Soup in Black Bowl

Garbanzo Bean Soup is a hearty and satisfying meal that is perfect for chilly evenings or anytime you want a comforting bowl of soup. 

Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are versatile and nutritious legumes that can be used in a variety of vegan dishes. Adding garbanzo beans to your diet can provide a range of health benefits, and they can be easily incorporated into many different dishes, including hearty and palatable soups. This is the perfect light soup to enjoy.

Mexican Green Spaghetti with Creamy Sauce

This Mexican green spaghetti is not related to that green colored pasta you can find at your local grocery store. Green spaghetti gets its green color from its creamy poblano sauce. With charred poblano peppers, you can create a pasta sauce that has deep, traditional Mexican flavors.

And even though this dish is “lightened up”, the flavors are bold and the sauce is creamy enough to give you that comforting bowl of pasta feel. You save calories by using a non-fat greek yogurt and light cheese instead of full-fat crema or sour cream. 

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