Ok, you got a Weber grill (maybe after reading our guide to buying a Weber gas grill!) You read my first installment on the 13 Weber grill accessories you didn’t know you needed.

Now you’re ready to grill. So what’s next?

You need to understand what it takes to be an expert. You don’t want to invite your friends over only to sheepishly serve up dry burgers and burned hot dogs. No! You bought that Weber grill because you intend to impress. Your house will be THE ONE on the block with the best BBQs — a culinary paradise when the sun is out.

And that’s why I bring you this list of the 12 best Weber grill accessories for the EXPERT griller. Enjoy, and happy grilling!

Drip Pan Holder
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1. Drip Pan Holder To Keep It In Place

There are different ways to hold those drip pans. You can order Weber’s own drip pan holder, which affixes to the underside of the cooking grate and holds the aforementioned sizes. Or if you’re elevating your grill meat by using something like a grill rack for poultry or the rib rack, you can just put the rack inside a larger drip pan so it catches everything over the grate. 

Sear Grate

2. Sear Grate For That Pro Meat Pattern

Want to get that awesome criss-cross pattern on the sides of the steaks for your guests? Try Weber’s sear grate and it will do the hard work for you. You might also be interested in the popular reverse sear technique. Then you can deservedly wear that T-shirt that reads “Smoke it. Sear it. Serve it.”

Griddle Inserts

3. Griddle Inserts For Versatility

Standup griddles are all the rage, and you can easily convert your existing Weber for this purpose if you wish. Let’s say you have a Weber Spirit BBQ grill. You can transform your whole cooking surface into a griddle with a full-size griddle insert or a half-size griddle insert. These are rust-resistant and you can easily remove and clean it as you wish.

Cedar Planks and Long Spatula

4. Cedar Planks For Grilled Fish

Nothing beats a wild salmon filet barbecued on top of a Cedar plank on your grill. For starters, it’s a super healthy way to cook and help weight management goals. The fish will not stick on the wood and it won’t fall apart. The plank will impart a great Cedar aroma, and you can try other wood types as well. Be sure to soak the plank for a while before you cook.

Grill Cover

5. Find A Durable Grill Cover

Your Weber grill is a big investment, not to mention all the accessories that come with it. Some of those stay attached to it, like cooking utensils. All of this stuff needs babied and the most important way is a high-quality grill cover. Always be wary of any company that puts the word “Premium” on a product title like Weber does with its pictured grill covers, because that is a cliché “gotcha” word that describes nothing. Spend time finding the right cover but go for Weber if you’ve just gotta have that logo.


6. To The Grillmaster Goes The Apron

You might want to cover yourself as well. An official Weber apron is a good start, along with so many other Weber apparel choices. It will withstand all the grease and out-of-control juices that are generated by a day in front of the grill, and you just look like you know what you’re doing.

Cast Iron skillet

7. Bring On The Cast Iron

You haven’t lived until you’ve made Skillet Cornbread on a cooker, so head over to Cast Iron Country and order yourself a vintage Griswold cast iron pan or Wagner cast iron pan that fits on your grill surface with enough space to add some meat on the side. It’s my Etsy page so just message me that you came from here and I’ll give you a great deal. A #8 skillet is about the max size you’ll want, or go down from there. Another key cast iron piece is a grill press so you can smash those burgers in style, squeeze fat from meats or flatten bacon. And a Dutch Oven for Weber chili would be a Texas-style home run as well.

Barbecue Mitt hanging on selves

8. Keep Your Mitts On

Now it’s time to talk about your hands. A good barbecue mitt is an essential item, and you can get creative with so many choices. It’s not as good as the Big Green Egg mitt, but we’ll go with the Weber brand version here because the Original Kettle grill is a cool look! Weber also has special hot gloves that are “handy” when handling high-temperature surfaces and foods, and you’ll need them at some point. That’s not all! You need a 100-count box of black disposable nitrile gloves so you’re equipped through most of your cooking process, starting with handling meat so you don’t transfer bacteria and have a grip with slippery oils.

Hose And Regulator Kit packed

9. Hose And Regulator Kit

Weber grills have long lifespans, and one of the reasons is the readily available replacement parts as accessories that you probably will need over a long haul. Here’s just one example of a replacement part that can either add life to an old grill or probably will be needed at some point to keep it humming.

floor protection mat

10. Protect What’s Under Your Grill

A floor protection mat is a smart idea wherever you set up your new Weber outdoor grill. No matter how neat you try to be, some fixins and juices are headed down to the surface as you turn and transport juicy food outdoors. Save yourself some time and trouble and roll this out with a durable surface that can withstand any elements.

Trust us, there are way more than 25 types of Weber grill accessories. Maybe more like 25,000. The takeaway here is that you don’t always need to pay top dollar for a Weber brand gadget, just because you splurged on a great Weber barbecue. Explore the wide barbecue community of Traeger, Blackstone, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Char-Broil, Pit Boss and many others to discover unbiased reviews of equipment as well as amazing recipes, and have more fun.

11. Rotisseries That Keep On Turnin’

Whether you have a Genesis gas grill or a Spirit gas grill or a charcoal grill, Weber has rotisserie parts available so you can turn your outdoor barbecue space into a slow-roasting outdoor kitchen. Imagine opening the lid and watching a succulent chicken or tender ribs gently rotate and self-baste above the fire on their own.

Drip Pans

12. Drip Pans To Catch All Those Juices

You’re going to need good drip pans to catch all that rotisserie juice. These serve multiple purposes. One, they keep your grill clean while you cook. Two, all that juice is super valuable for making gravy or just basting during the barbecue. Three, it keeps dripping moisture from tamping down your fire. Drip pans come in many different shapes and sizes, and you can save money here by buying them at places like Dollar Tree or Target.

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