You got a Weber grill (maybe after reading our guide to buying a Weber gas grill!) and checked that off your bucket list. So what’s next?

Weber grill accessories, of course. Let us warn you that the list is infinite.

No, really, there is no point on the Internet where the last Weber accessory is sold.

Fortunately we are here to help you navigate this next step in your Weber journey with 13 accessory suggestions. This is meant for anyone who has bought a new Weber Genesis or Weber spirit gas grill; a deluxe Weber Summit model for your outdoor kitchen; a Lumin Electric grill or a Standup Griddle; or something a little more understated like a classic black Original Kettle grill or a diminutive Smoky Joe that’s ready for the next stadium tailgate.

There’s something for everyone, and we’re going to prove it below.

Where To Find The Best Weber Accessories

Obviously this is true of all new barbecue grills, but in the case of Weber this accessory thing is really a little more legendary. One day long ago there may have just been a spatula to help barbecue on these things, and today it is a cottage industry.

Start by browsing the Webersite and doing a deep dive to see all of the possibilities. Then decide what’s important for your own barbecue needs right now.

As with all outdoor grills, shopping for accessories can become expensive in a hurry. But you don’t always need to rush to Home Depot or your local Weber dealer to buy them! Look at your local estate sales, yard sales and Facebook Marketplace listings. Weber grills are popular for a reason, and wherever you find Webers you will usually find assorted used accessories.

13 Ways To Accessorize With Weber

Where to begin? We’ll just start with what we hold most dear in our own past experience with barbecue grilling, and lay out a wide range of options. Here are 25 to get you going:

Wood Chip Smoker Box from Grill Mark
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1. Nothing Beats A Good Wood Chip Smoker Box

This goes with every cookout so grab one of these before you do anything. My Ace Hardware had this version with a separate lid, but you definitely want to get the HINGED version so you are never trying to close a hot smoker box. With a hinged box you can just slap the lid back on with your spatula after you turn off the gas. Just searched for it on Amazon and there are plenty of choices in the $10-$30 range. Mine has been with me wherever I have moved and has always been a year-round fixture on any gas or charcoal grill. There might be a time when there is simply too much food to make room for the box on your grate, but that’s rarely the case.

weber wood chips on display

2. Wet Or Dry Wood Chips For The Win

Whatever smoker box you choose, fill it with Pecan wood chips, Mesquite wood chips, Cherry wood chips, any flavor that suits your fancy. I prefer to use B&B Championship Blend, but you might want to narrow it down. Another great thing about the smoker box is the ability to drizzle liquid over it before or while you barbecue. Ideally you want to soak chips for 30 minutes before starting the fire. Dry is another option, especially good for steady slow-release in a long cook.

Grill Utensils

3. Find Your Own Everyday Grill Utensils

Sure, it’s tempting to reach out and grab those Weber grilling utensils the moment you seal the deal on your new Weber BBQ grill. They’ll do just fine as part of the crowd. But it’s worth a little extra effort to find the best utensils, because you will be relying on that main spatula, fork, tongs and basting brush for years to come. There are plenty of sets that are better than the ones Weber sells. You don’t have to buy them as a set, either! I would start with a great product like the Vovoly spatula that is thick and powerful to smash burgers with a wood handle that looks nicer, feels more natural and denies heat. Then add the other pieces.

Deep Grilling Basket

4. Deep Grilling Basket

I like to hit estate sales each week and always find that it’s a great way to level up my BBQ game. You can just add a little at a time. At this particular sale pictured, there was a Spirit grill and on the right shelf was this deep grilling basket. The owner would have used it for veggies while putting burgers or other meat next to it. So I would have snagged that at this sale bigtime.

Deep Grilling Basket

5. Flat Grilling Basket

This one is adjustable, so you can lay two snapper filets inside of it or lift the top to accommodate larger food pieces. Having a top on this one distinguishes it from the deep grilling basket above. Not sure you need both but these are the differences.

Rub Shakers Two-Pack

6. Rub Shakers Two-Pack

I don’t know about you, but whenever I am ready to shake rub onto a smoked brisket or pork butt, it is time-sensitive because I am multi-tasking. Especially if it’s bright and early and I’m having to trim fat while building a fire for a long low-and-slow smoke session. I don’t have time to futz with regular salt and pepper shakers, or store-bought seasonings that clump and waste time. I just have to get the rub on fast. You can shake one in each hand at the same time. It also helps if you are shaking it over meat that is cooking so you face major heat for less time.

norpro mini steak thermometers in packaging

7. Meat Thermometers To Finish In Style

You can have all the best barbecue accessories in the world and still fail bigtime if the big dinner is overdone or raw inside. Pitmasters usually turn to the folks at Thermopro for the good stuff to monitor and maintain cooking temperature, and that includes Bluetooth thermometers, wireless thermometers, instant-read thermometers and more. It frees you up to breathe while you cook.

Grill Spray

8. Grill Spray For Non-Stick Happiness

Start out with a couple of cans of Weber’s non-stick grill spray and you will be happy you did. Because when it’s time to clean up a grill after you’re done cooking and all you want to do is fall into a recliner or sofa, you want to minimize the elbow grease.

Scrubber Pads 2 set

9. Safe And Strong Scrubber Pads

Gone are the days when people routinely scrubbed or brushed their barbecue grill grates with metallic wire bristles that decay into your surface and get ingested at future cookouts and stick in your digestive system causing who knows what physical damage. You can find safe grill scrubbers galore now, and we especially like Citrusafe. Their cleaning spray is non-toxic and biodegradable and you can buy their three-pack of heavy-duty, recyclable scrubbers as well.

Wood Pellets And Charcoal Fuel in selves

10. Wood Pellets And Charcoal Fuel

Start stocking up on the fuel, whatever type of Weber grill you buy. If it’s propane for the gas Weber grill, just keep a spare in a safe and shady location while the main one does its job. Most hardware stores are amply stocked with a wide range of wood pellets and charcoal. Try different brands, and make sure you keep it stored in a dry location because moisture is your enemy.

11. Tumble On Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds

If you have a gas grill, all it takes is the turn of a couple dials and a button press and voila you have a great fire. You can move ahead to the next accessory. But if you have charcoal or are using lump coal for a smoker, these are proven winners. Tumbleweeds ignite quickly and don’t burn out for quite a while. We also like that they are all-natural and so much better than lighter fluid or other starters. The main thing is to make sure there is full oxygen hitting the coals with your vent and lid open, so it starts with a roaring fire and then turns into hot coals fast.

Electric Charcoal Starter

12. Electric Charcoal Starter For Quick Results

We get it, people are busy and attention spans are short and we need real fast right now. This might be the right answer for you if you don’t want to wait for the Tumbleweeds to get your fire going and you don’t mind having to plug it into an awkward extension cord.

Roasters And Racks

13. Roasters And Racks

There are various accessories that keep everything organized while you grill meat. The poultry roaster on the left lets you stand up a whole chicken, so you can get a few of these to grill at the same time for a big crowd. The grill rack on the right works great for holding a turkey or other meat, and if you flip it upside down it also holds rib racks. There’s a specific rib rack just for that, too, but we think you might be REALLY interested in Flame Boss’s new Rib Rings. Smoking ribs in a circle? What a concept.

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