Traeger Grills are well known for being some of the best grills you can get, and they’re popular with everyone from hobby grillers all the way up to professional chefs. 

There’s just one problem. Even the best grill in the world can’t do everything by itself. 

You need to have the right gear and accessories to make the most of your Traeger grill, from cooking accessories to extra space around the grill for your food and ingredients. 

Here are some of the best must-have Traeger Grill accessories that will make it easier to make incredible food on the grill. 

(Please Note: I’m not affiliated with Traeger in any way. This is just my opinion. I have included the Amazon links to the products for informative purposes. I’m not compensated by Amazon in any way)

The Best Traeger Grill Accessories

Here are some of the most important grilling accessories you can get for your Traeger Grill. We’ve chosen from a selection of different kinds of accessories, with a goal of having the most effective and helpful accessories we can get. 

Here are the 12 best Traeger Grill accessories. 

Traeger StayDry Pellet Bin
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Pellet Storage #1 Traeger Dry Pellet Bin

This dry bin storage is a great option for keeping your wood pellets in the best condition for your grill. The lid locks on, so you can put it in your yard or on your deck, even if you have pets. It’s also waterproof, which is important since hardwood pellets are prone to molding if they get wet. 

This bin is big enough for up to 22 pounds of pellets, more than enough for most people to keep around. It’s the right size for a single bag of Traeger brand pellets. 

We would recommend having a couple of these bins for your home. That way you can keep more than one type of wood pellet around, or you can store blends of pellets individually. Plus, the bin comes with 6 labels you can fill out for the exact type of pellet stored in your box. 

Pellet Storage #2 Profully 20lbs Portable Pellet Bag

If you’re looking for portable pellet containers, these bags are a fantastic option. The handles make these bags easy to move from place to place and are perfect for taking with you on the go. 

You can also use these bags if you’re bringing pellets to a friend, or want to take wood pellets with you to a cookout in the park. 

These bags also have an advantage of being a lot easier to store when they aren’t in use. Unlike boxes, these bags are soft-sided, which means that you can fold them up smaller for storage when the bags aren’t in use. 

Traeger Wood Pellets Signature Blend

You can use other brands of wood pellets with your Traeger grill, but using Traeger brand wood pellets will help give you the best and most consistent results overall. 

The Signature Blend of wood pellets are designed to work with just about any protein, giving you a balanced and delicious smoke flavor from a combination of different hardwoods including Maple and Cherry wood. 

These pellets also produce the high amount of heat needed for grilling, in addition to the smoke that you need to flavor your food. 

If you aren’t sure what kinds of wood would be best for the meal you’re preparing, this blend is a good option. Traeger also has specific recommendations for the best meats for this wood pellet blend. 

Traeger Wood Pellets Steak Blend

Looking for a more specialized blend of wood pellets? This is only one of the other options from Traeger, but the steak blend pellets are a great option if you’re looking to find a blend that will taste incredible for your next steak grilling party. 

Better yet, this blend also comes with a steak rub and sauce kit to really kick your steaks up a notch even before you put them on the grill. 

Of course, if you want to create your own custom blend of wood pellets, or use a specific kind of wood, Traeger also offers bags of individual kinds of hardwood pellets for your grill. 

Cuisinart Grill Cleaning Brush

Every grill needs maintenance tools and needs to be kept clean if you want to keep it in good working condition. Having a cleaning brush that’s specifically designed for the metal grills on your Traeger grill, this is a good option! 

These stainless steel cleaning brushes are hard enough to get rid of burnt grease and ash, but they’re also soft enough to avoid damaging your metal grill. That’s critical because it means that your grill will last longer. 

Having your own high quality grill brush won’t just help your grill look better and last longer, it will also help your food taste better since there won’t be taste contamination between uses! 

Cuisinart Wooden Handle Grilling Tools

Everyone has their favorite grilling tools, but Cuisinart has a great full-service kit with everything you need for grilling. It comes with a grill spatula, tongs, 4 stainless steel skewers, as well as corn on the cob holders. 

These tools are comfortable in your hand, look great, work incredibly well, and are longer than standard versions of these tools to give you a little extra length when you’re working over a hot grill. 

Plus! This tool kit is a good option for environmentalists as well, since the plastic carrying case is made from recycled plastics. 

Looking for a fun recipe to test out your new grilling tools? Our mouth-watering turkey burger recipe is ready and waiting for you to get started! 

The Meater Temperature Monitoring Tool

The Meater temperature monitoring solution is a meat thermometer taken to the next level. There are 4 separate temperature probes included in this kit, so you can keep an eye on different pieces of meat in the grill, in different parts of the grill, simultaneously and with the same tool. 

This tool works with your cell phone to give you a detailed readout of the temperature in each probe. 

No more guesswork or hoping that different pieces of meat are the same temperature when you temp one. 

Plus, this system also comes equipped with the Advanced Estimator Algorithm, which lets you put in a little information about what you’re cooking, and then the probes will report on temperature and temperature changes. The algorithm uses that information to calculate how long until your meal is fully cooked and ready! 

Vegetable And Fish Grilling Basket

Grilling baskets are perfect for when you’re looking at something and want to maintain its shape, to prevent smaller ingredients from falling through the grate of the grill, or even just to make it easier to flip your food while you’re cooking it. 

This basket is easy to open and close and makes it simple to baste your food or to brush on fresh sauces or seasonings when you’re grilling. 

Traeger Veggie Grilling Tray

As an alternative to a grilling basket, this metal tray is designed to just rest on the grill’s grate, which works well for vegetables, fish, and other things. This tray will give you something a little more like a traditional grilling tray. However, this design does mean that you’re going to get more of a traditional stovetop sear vs. a grilling sear. 

Cuisinart Grilling Serving Trays

Having the right tools includes having the right tools for serving food fresh off the grill. 

These rectangular trays are durable and effective for a wide range of grilling products. They’re big enough to hold a rack of ribs or the side filet of a salmon, or plenty of space for grilled chicken wings, steaks, or vegetables. 

The color coding also makes it easier to avoid cross contamination if you want to use the same trays to bring raw ingredients to the grill. Just use one color for the raw ingredients and the other color for the freshly grilled food. 

Levain & Co Meat Temperature Magnet

There’s nothing quite as good as well-booked barbeque or smoked meats, and the Traeger line of grills makes it easy to enjoy that delicious flavor at home, whenever you want to. But, as good as great BBQ is, nothing is worse than delicious BBQ that has been cooked just a little too long and dried out. 

The Levain & Co meat temperature magnet is a fantastic way to help make sure you know exactly when to take your meat off the grill, and exactly how long it’s likely to take to prepare different cuts of meat. 

Linelax Rib Rack Stainless Steel Roasting Stand

The last of our great accessories is the rib rack stainless steel roasting stand. 

This roasting stand is designed to make it easier to grill ribs, and to give you more cooking style options for the ribs. The upright position is often better for smoking since it slows cooking a little and gives you more time to make sure the smoky flavors fully infuse into the meat. 

This design is meant specifically for holding 4 racks of ribs, ensuring even cooking, and making sure the meat in the middle is as thoroughly cooked as the meat on the ends of the racks. 

Wrap-Up – The Best Grilling Tools For Traeger Grills 

These are some of the best possible grilling tools for Traeger Grills, but they aren’t the only accessories out there. Other options like grill covers, space extenders, grilling tables, or even sets of skewers and other miscellaneous accessories can give you even more options when you’re grilling. 

But, these accessories and tools will help get you started and will help ensure you get the best possible results from your grill. And speaking of grilling, if you’re looking for more inspiration, here are 23 simple grilling recipes for you to try at home!

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