Who doesn’t love a plate of hot, freshly made waffles for breakfast? Just think of cutting into a buttered waffle that’s crispy on the outside but soft on the inside, covered in syrup. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

To make fresh waffles you of course need a waffle iron. A standard-size waffle is about 7-8”, which means you’d need a waffle iron that would accommodate that size. While some standard-sized waffle irons are pretty compact, others can be quite large, similar to the monstrosities you may have seen in hotels with complimentary breakfasts. Consider a mini version instead! 

We’re going to take a look in particular at the Dash Mini Waffle Maker. But don’t let its size fool you. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they aren’t as powerful. Nope, you can make the same delicious crisp waffles but at half the size. But before you decide whether to get one, here’s a bit of info.

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Dash mini waffle maker next to a mini waffle
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1. Their petite size allows you to store it anywhere. 

When it comes to appliances, storage is always an issue. Where will you fit that large, awkwardly-shaped standard waffle iron? But with the Dash mini waffle maker, there’s no problem finding a place to store it. With the dimensions being 2.8″ x 6.4″ x 5.0″, you can tuck it away just about anywhere in your kitchen.

2. They take up very little counter space.

On the same note, this little guy can be used in the tiniest kitchens. Do you live in a studio apartment or house boat? Are you staying in a dorm at college? Perhaps you like traveling around the country in an RV? Then this waffle maker is the perfect size for you. 

3. They come in 10 colors and 3 prints.

Most appliances come in boring colors like white or stainless steel.Why not have something with more pizzazz on your counter? The Dash mini waffle maker comes in a whopping 10 colors. Fire engine red, cheery yellow, mint green–there’s a color that would satisfy just about anyone. If you’re really feeling bold, try one of their three prints–waffle print, galaxy, and leopard skin!

4. They even come in holiday-themed shapes!

Want to make a heart-shaped waffle for your Valentine? No problem. Want to whip up some skull waffles for a Halloween-themed breakfast? Easy. How about some pumpkin spiced waffles shaped like pumpkins? Dash has you covered. They are so cute, you may end up collecting them all!

5. They may be hard to clean.

Cleaning waffle irons can be a real pain. Since they are electric, you obviously can’t just toss them in the dishwasher. You can’t submerge the appliance either, so you’d have to carefully hand wash the little pockets and exterior, then make sure it’s completely dry before you can use it again. Luckily some waffle irons have removable plates that you can just toss in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker doesn’t have removable plates so cleaning may be a bit difficult. 

6. It’s easy to make kid-sized portions.

Children love waffles, but the standard-sized ones may be too big for them. You would either have to throw the rest away or finish it yourself, and maybe there are times you don’t feel like eating their leftovers. Avoid wasting food by using a waffle maker that makes the right sized waffles for the kiddos.

7. They come with a recipe book.

The Dash Mini Waffle Maker comes with a handy recipe book to help you get creative. Banana bread waffles? Sure! Birthday cake waffles? Yes, please! And who said that waffles have to be sweet? You can even make savory waffles like the BLT waffle sandwich!  Get creative!

If you want even more mini waffle ideas, check out our list of the 25 best mini waffle recipes.

8. There are no adjustable browning levels.

Much like toast, people like varying levels of doneness on their waffles. Some prefer softer, barely cooked waffles while others like theirs to be a dark brown. And just like toasters, many waffle irons allow users to select their levels of doneness. However, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker only has one setting. What you can do is just leave the waffle inside for a little longer, but that can take a bit of trial and error to figure out the right amount of time to leave it in.

9. They are inexpensive. 

The price of standard waffle irons vary greatly, ranging from roughly $20 to $300+. In contrast, the price of the Dash Mini Waffle Maker is only $12.99 (as of this writing). If you don’t make waffles every day, why do you need to spend a lot of money on a standard version, when you can get this one for less than $15?

10. They only make one mini waffle at a time.

As cute as they are, the Dash Mini Waffle Maker makes only a single waffle at a time, which may get tedious, especially if your recipe calls for many multiples of waffles or if you have several hungry kids. With its super low price, it would be very easy to just buy two of them, but that would also mean twice the clean up afterwards. You can also consider getting a Dash Multi Mini Waffle Maker, but it costs significantly more.


The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is the adorable alternative to clunky, heavy waffle irons. It makes cute little waffles that are the perfect size for small children, specialty sandwiches, and folks who just aren’t big eaters. With many different colors and patterns, you can find one that suits your style. You can even get holiday-themed versions that create fun shapes.

With non-removable plates, this waffle maker may be a bit tricky to clean. And you’d have to be careful when deciding how cooked you want your waffle since there’s no adjustable browning levels. Still, with its insanely low price and its tiny size, you can’t go wrong in buying this appliance.

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  1. Dash now makes one with removable plates. It also comes with a container to hold the different plates the 5 in one comes with. You can even buy not plates.

  2. Sold! I sold our big giant clunky one at our yard sale last weekend specifically with a plan to buy a Dash! Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I love my Dash mini waffle maker but as noted it Ivan be hard to clean. I would be very helpful if you provided instructions on how to clean it beyond the warnings of what not to do.