Griddles are known for cooking food that traditional grills can’t. The flat top griddle surface provides even heating and helps you put more food on your plate. However, selecting between available griddles can leave you feeling confused and uncertain. Which brand should you choose, and which model best suits your needs? 

If you’re wondering whether or not Pit Boss griddles are worth the hype, you’ve come to the right place. Griddles are one of the many outdoor cooking devices Pit Boss offers besides pellet, charcoal, and gas grills. Pit Boss also competes with heavy hitters in the griddle market but is putting its best players into the game to compete.

Are you considering purchasing a Pit Boss griddle? Before you place your order, check out our list of the 10 things you should know about Pit Boss griddles. This list will help you make a more informed decision so you can feel confident in your purchase. 

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10 Things to Know About Pit Boss Griddles

With the Pit Boss griddle at your beck and call, you can maximize your time cooking outdoors with some of our 25 all-time best Pit Boss recipes. These recipes make the most of the cast iron cooking surface Pit Boss griddles offer to deliver mouthwatering results time and time again. 

1. Pit Boss Griddles Come Pre-Seasoned 

Seasoning your griddle or grill requires specific techniques, but Pit Boss does the hard work for you with their griddles. The nonstick armored ceramic cooking surface also provides easy clean-up. 

While the coating resists scratches and rust, it also significantly affects your cooking oil budget. The pre-seasoning allows you to use less oil when you cook, which is especially helpful if you use expensive oils. 

2. Pit Boss Griddles are Cast Iron

Many cooks have a love-hate relationship with cast iron. However, Pit Boss’ cast iron griddle helps create a smokey flavor, similar to what you’d find in our 25 best smoked pork belly recipes. You can also use cast iron to give the meat you cook a quality sear that delights the taste buds.

However, cast iron griddles can be slightly heavier than their steel counterparts. Though it takes an extra minute or two to heat cast iron, you can also maintain a consistent temperature for longer once it comes to temp. Cast iron also allows for a consistent cooking time you can replicate easily. 

3. Thick Cuts of Meat Cook Best on a Pit Boss Griddle

In addition to a sizzling sear, Pit Boss griddles can handle thicker cuts of meat. The cast iron construction allows the griddle to reach higher temperatures than their rolled steel counterparts. You can learn more about the differences in cooking cuts of meat in our Blackstone vs. Pit Boss head-to-head grill review

4. Beginner Grillers Love Pit Boss Griddles

Owning and working a griddle can be intimidating initially, especially if you’re not a seasoned griller. However, Pit Boss makes it easy to start griddling with a winning combination of pre-seasoned griddle plates, simple operating procedures, and the versatility you need to explore your skills. Set yourself up for griddling success with a Pit Boss griddle, and you might be surprised at what tasty meals you can whip up. 

5. Pit Boss Griddles are Versatile and Budget-Friendly

In addition to catering to beginners, Pit Boss offers griddles of varying cooking area sizes, features, and accessories. Pit Boss also prices their griddles accordingly, so you can build the griddling experience you want for a reasonable price. Many people choose Pit Boss griddles because you can also mix and match your meals without switching to another cooking device. 

Pit Boss also incorporates built-in adjustment screws to level your griddle and keep your liquid ingredients right where you want them. If you want to whip up a scrumptious breakfast or scarf down some burgers and brats before the game, Pit Boss griddles easily tackle both tasks. 

6. Pick and Choose Pit Boss Griddle Models

Pit Boss offers standalone, compact, traditional, and portable griddles for all your cooking needs. You can also find Pit Boss griddles for sale at several retailers, including many hardware and home goods stores. Pit Boss also sells their griddles online or through your favorite online retailer. 

7. Pit Boss Griddles Let You Experiment with Accessories

You’re not just working with a versatile griddle when you cook with Pit Boss. Instead, you’re opening the door to a world of accessories you can use to perfect your meals. Pit Boss fits its griddles with several features, including paper towel holders, utensil hooks, folding side shelves, and hoods that retain heat. 

You can also experiment with utensils and melting domes. Use metal or wooden utensils as you work through our list of 25 smokin’ good Pit Boss recipes, from Smoked Chicken Thighs to the Pepper Jack Bacon Burger. Add a side of Pit Boss Smoked Mac and Cheese at your next cookout, and you’ll have them rushing back for seconds.   

8. You Can Bring Your Pit Boss Griddle Everywhere

Pit Boss makes wheeling your griddle around easy with durable, sturdy wheels that glide over the toughest of terrains. It’s only part of what makes a Pit Boss griddle perfect for camping, tailgating, or joining the neighborhood backyard barbecue. You can also detach specific Pit Boss griddles from their wheeled stands and place them on a table for even more portability. 

9. Pit Boss Griddles Make Clean-Up Easy

You’ll thank your lucky stars for the built-in grease management system Pit Boss installs in its griddles. Grease collects within a removable trap, so you don’t have to waste rolls of paper towels on clean-up. 

10. Pit Boss Griddles Come With a Two-Year Warranty

Protect your purchase with a two-year warranty from Pit Boss on all griddle models. This warranty rivals those offered by leading brands in the griddle segment and helps give you the peace of mind you need when investing in a Pit Boss griddle. 


Pit Boss griddles offer a versatile, proven, and delightful approach to cooking meals on a flat surface. If you’ve been eyeing a Pit Boss griddle, we hope our list of things to know before buying one has helped cement your decision. You can also visit your local retailers to see a Pit Boss in person and make your final choice. The possibilities are practically endless with a Pit Boss griddle in your backyard! 

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