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You’re standing at your offset smoker, wondering, “Would it be easier if there was an accessory to help do this job? Does one exist?” The answer is “YES!” After many years of smoking with my offset smoker, compiling a list of must-have accessories came fairly easily to me. There is nothing fancy, gadgetry, complicated, or expensive on this list. These are not really accessories but tried-and-true useful tools that help make your offset smoking game even more enjoyable, pleasurable, and efficient. The pictures here are of my own beat-up, used, well-broken-in offset smoking tools. And I’ve included a link for each tool that will show you where to buy it and how much it costs. The list is in alphabetical order because they are all equally important to use, and I will explain how to use the tools and why.

Aluminum Drip Pan

This is a very inexpensive, very handy accessory for a few tasks. Place it on your ash tray to catch grease, fat, and liquid that may drip off the grill grates. This will save you a ton of time and aggravation when clean-up comes. You can also put a few inches of water in the pan to help keep the smoker humid and, thus, keep your meat moist. I also use it with a cooling rack (see below) placed inside the pan to keep meats out of the liquid and juice.

aluminum drip pan sitting on grill
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drip pan full of drippings on grill

Charcoal Chimney Starter

Charcoal chimney starter – I hope whoever invented this is comfortably living at the beach in Hawaii because they deserve it. When this first hit the market, I couldn’t believe how simple and easy it became to start your charcoal fire for your offset smoker. Put newspaper in the bottom, charcoal in the cylinder, light the paper on fire, and fifteen minutes later, dump the charcoal into your firebox. That’s it, ingenious!

charcoal chimney starter sitting on grill

Chicken Roaster Stand

Chicken roaster stand – The first time I used this chicken roaster stand, I thought it was corny, silly, and looked funny. That was until I tasted my smoked chicken! The skin was crispy, and the meat was juicy and tender.

Placing the chicken upright on the stand with some liquid beneath it allows the smoke to travel into the chicken and around it, giving the entire bird that delicious, robust, smoky flavor. And the liquid in the pan helps keep the chicken moist and tender. Use apple juice for a flavorful, fruity, and delicious chicken. The second picture shows my set-up for smoking a chicken on the roaster stand on top of a cooling rack set in an aluminum drip pan. Just pour the apple juice into the drip pan, place the chicken on the roaster stand, and smoke away!

You can see how I used the chicken roaster stand in my Beer Can Chicken recipe.

chicken roaster stand sitting on grill
chicken roaster stand sitting on grill pan

Cooling Racks

Cooling racks – This simple little tool can be used in a few ways. When you are using a marinade or juice to impart moisture and flavor when smoking, use it to keep your meats above the juices and liquids. Also, because the mesh is fine, use it to smoke smaller items that might fall through the cracks of the offset smoker grates, like breakfast sausage links.

cooling rack sitting on grill

Grill Grate Lifter

Grill grate lifter – What could be more simple? What happens when you need to move your dirty, heavy, hot grill grate, and you need to do it right now? No worries! Forget about grabbing a few towels and getting yourself filthy and burned. Instead, use your handy grill grate lifter and move the grill grate with ease. This is another offset smoking tool that should have been invented a long time ago!

grill grate lifter sitting on grill
grill grate lifter inserted into grill grate

Jalapeno Popper Tray

Jalapeno popper tray – This unique and well-thought-out accessory makes smoking stuffed jalapeno poppers possible. It really is a clever piece of metal. Stuff your jalapenos with cream cheese filling (check out my smoked jalapeno poppers recipe here), place upright in the individual holes, and again (you guessed it!) smoke away.

jalapeno sitting in jalapeno popper tray

Grill Cover

Offset smoker cover – Using a cover will keep your offset smoker clean and dirt-free while you dream about getting back out in your backyard to smoke once again. The offset smoker cover may seem like an unnecessary option, but it is much better than the option of spending time and effort cleaning up your dusty, dirty offset smoker before you can begin smoking. And if you have ever seen (and tried to clean!) dirt and grime stuck on to old grease and fat from your last time smoking, you will never be without a cover for your offset smoker again.

covered grill on patio

Spray Bottle

Spray bottle – Pretty simple, but oh so necessary! When you add wood to your firebox, and the fire in your firebox flairs up and your smoker is rapidly gaining heat, douse the fire and create smoke at the same time by squirting water directly onto the flaming wood.

spray bottle sitting on the grill

Tongs And Grill Brush

Tongs and grill brush – There is really not much to say about these two indispensable old-school, vintage, valuable, and handy tools. But what you will say about each of these tools when you need one and don’t have one will be heard blocks away. And, one more item that you will definitely need is cotton cleaning towels to carry your luscious hot, smoked meats inside, and then clean up afterward.

tongs and grill brush sitting on grill

Smoking foods with an offset smoker is a pleasurable and often unavoidable addiction. Unlike grilling, smoking with an offset smoker not only takes time, patience, and knowledge, but it can take trial and error to become confident that you are on top of your smoking game. With this list of necessary accessories and tools to help you with your offset smoking, you will become more comfortable and assured that you are well on your way to becoming an offset smoker master!

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