This message is brought to you by the letter S. Vegetables, specifically, that start with the letter S. As kids, we hear “don’t play with your food” and for good reason, but as adults, we can delve playfully and intangibly into our food. Let the letter S guide you into a fun culinary experience; showing you food is fun to play with. From sauteed to steamed, savory to sweet, simple to superfood….here we go:


The ultimate superfood, this green is exceptionally versatile. From smoothies to soups and sandwiches to side dishes, spinach can bring life and color into any meal. Spinach is chock full of vitamins A and C. It’s high in iron and antioxidants and at only 7 calories a cup, you can add it to anything to get those extra health benefits.


Is there anything more subtle yet superb, to add to a dish than Shallots? This vegetable is a mix between an onion and a clove of garlic. It mimics an onion, flavor-wise but grows in cloves like a head of garlic. They are equipped to so densely flavor a dish, you won’t even know it’s there. From salad dressings to stews, chop this into your next creation to give it that oomph it needs.


Fall and Winter are abundant with squash in every variety. We decorate with them of course but there are so many ways to slice and serve these beauties. Nutritionally, squash provides high amounts of fiber and vitamins A, B6, and C. The list of things you can make with squash goes on and on. The storage life of squash is anywhere from 4-13 weeks depending on the type, which makes for less waste than most vegetables.


Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals and are a great source of fiber, they are being called a superfood for these reasons. They are so versatile. You can simply roast them, use them as a flavorful thickening agent in soups and stews or bake them in a pie. From savory to sweet, you can’t go wrong with this S vegetable!


Swiss chard is a leafy green in the same family as spinach and just like spinach, it’s full of nutrients. It’s a bit leafier than spinach and will take a little more time to cook. This ruffage is one of the easier greens to cook through. You can do so many things with this vegetable. It’s versatile, to say the least, and you can make it the star of the show or slip it in any dish for extra vitamins. Either way, this superfood will hold up its weight in texture and nutrition.


Savoy cabbage, another leafy green that starts with S. This cabbage is milder than green and red cabbage with a more pliable and mild texture and taste. You can roast, saute, or cut up fresh in any dish and you’ll be amazed at its sweet suppleness.


Snow peas are sweet and snappy. Stir fry begs for these light, crisp peas in a pod. They are flat and usually need to be cooked so they aren’t so tough. These peas are traditionally used in Chinese cooking but will add that bright freshness to any dish.


Soybeans are the most versatile of all of these S foods. They are mostly used for animal feed but human consumption of them has been very popular, including tofu and meat alternatives. Production and consumption of them include oils, protein powder, flour, milk, etc. You may have heard of edamame as well, edamame is just immature soybeans used mostly in Asian cooking. Among human use and animal feed, they are also manufactured for industrial use including biofuel and plastics. This vegetable is so multifaceted it’s no wonder it’s in the top 50 most traded products in the world.


We Care For You lists the top 7 reasons to eat sprouts, including eye, hair, skin and weight loss benefits. Who knew? Sprouts are rich in antioxidants and vitamins and promote overall health benefits. You can sprinkle sprouts on just about anything for a light, crunchy, earthy flavor that is sure to promote general wellness.


Scallions are the same as green onions. These bright green prepubescent onions are milder in flavor than regular onions and can be used to spruce up any dish. Asian and Mexican cuisine begs for this crunchy, fresh garnish. They aren’t as overwhelming and don’t need to be cooked as much as their parent onion and therefore can be used more abundantly.

Delving into the S world of vegetables was fun and informative. I hope you’ll try some new variations of vegetables because of it. Stay tuned for more.

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