For the most part, it’s easy enough to use Blackstone Griddles. However, there are some important things to keep in mind to ensure that your griddle works properly and you get the cook you want.

These YouTube experts provide their top tips and tricks to ensure your Blackstone cooking always comes out the best it can. 

1. Always Season First by Frac Daddy BBQ

The very first commandment is to season your griddle. This is the first commandment because this is the first thing you should ever do when you get a Blackstone Griddle. It’s a bit of a process and a little intimidating, but Frac Daddy BBQ explains it well. He even offers tips on how to tell when it is fully seasoned in the video below. 

2. Clean Your Griddle After Cooking by The Hungry Hussey

Now that your griddle is clean, the next step is to cook. But then you may be confused about how to clean your griddle when you’re done. There are a lot of mixed opinions and reviews on how to clean. The Hungry Hussey offers his opinion on the easiest and best way to clean the Blackstone Griddle. 

3. Don’t Use Soap on Your Griddle by WALTWINS

WALTWINS offers up another cleaning video for your Blackstone Griddle. However, what makes this one a little different is that he specifically mentions not to use soap. This is because the seasoning is oil-based. Soaps will strip that oil that you’ve built up on the griddle and cause your cooked foods to start sticking when you cook, which is why not using it is the third commandment.

4. Get At Least the Essential Accessories by Johnny Brunet

There are a lot of tools out there for the Blackstone Griddle, and you may yourself feel overwhelmed. What’s necessary and what’s nice to have? It’s not always clear. Thankfully, Johnny Brunet provides you a list of the three essential accessories you need to get started.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of the Blackstone Griddle by Tori Breen

Tori Breen has a lot of shorts on her YouTube about getting started with a Blackstone. Unfortunately, despite following other guidelines, she’s had a bit of a struggle. She shows herself cooking over and over again on the Blackstone Griddle only to have items stick. Still, she doesn’t give up and keeps improving her technique, which is a lesson every Blackstone Griddle owner needs to learn at some point. 

6. You Can Always Use a Blackstone by Our Family Jerni

At some point, whether you take care of your Blackstone Griddle or leave it to rust in the elements, your cooking surface will start to look rough. You may think that means it’s time to toss it and get a new one. However, that’s not the case. It’s relatively easy to restore a griddle to its former glory. All you need is a little elbow grease and time. 

7. Learn Your Hot Zones by Blackstone Griddle – Recipes & Videos with Andy

If you’ve looked at Blackstone Griddles before, you probably know that one of the benefits of them is that you can set different areas of the griddle to different temperatures to get your items cooked to perfection. 

Unfortunately, the temperatures don’t always stay right where you need them. As you cook, keep track of temperatures and how they radiate to get a more accurate idea of how temperatures change from area to area on the surface. This is an important commandment, but one often overlooked.

8. Use the Right Oils by Johnny Brunet

While you can theoretically use any oil when you’re cooking on the Blackstone, certain ones are easier to use. Generally, you want ones with high smoke points so that you don’t have to worry about a lot of smoking when you’re cooking. Play around with them and find out which you like best. It might be worth starting with the ones Johnny Brunet recommends to see how those work for you.

9. Do Whatever Works Best For You by The Flat Top King

There are a lot of lists of what you do and what you don’t do with a Blackstone Griddle. It may sound overwhelming to try and remember all of the details. The truth is, Blackstones are incredibly forgiving. As long as you oil the griddle, turn off the propane tank between use, and don’t touch the hot pan, you will be fine. Just relax and try to enjoy yourself.

The Flat Top King covers some of the most important things to keep in mind when using any griddle. After that, whatever you do, have fun with it. It might be overwhelming at first, but you’re sure to get it eventually. 

10. Practice a Variety of Dishes by Blackstone Griddles

There are so many different kinds of meals you can make on a Blackstone Griddle. You can make breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and almost anything your mind can dream up. The video below offers some great recipes, but most of the experts above offer some great recipes for beginners and experienced cooks alike to try. 

Now that you know the 10 commandments of using and owning a Blackstone Griddle, you’re ready to get started. Though they may seem intimidating at first, it’s not all that hard. If you’ve ever cooked outdoors or with a cast iron pan, you’ve already taught yourself half of what you need to know.

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