Hi, I have some more product finds to share with you all today, now I did purchase all these items here in Canada but I believe some of them can be bought in the U.S as well. My goal here is to just help people with some new food finds that might help them on their weight watchers journey.

First up and my newest addiction is this Skyr yogurt from Presidents Choice, which is a Canadian company. This is an Icelandic strained yogurt which is high in protein and low in fat. It comes in plain which is only 2SP for 3/4 cup, vanilla- 3SP per 3/4 cup and strawberry & blueberry, 4SP per 3/4 cup.


I like taking the plain and turning into a fancy dessert. By adding some fresh mashed raspberries and 1/2 Tbsp of mini chocolate chips to just under 1/2 cup of plain yogurt I have a delicious treat for only 3 smart points! This is sold in Canada anywhere that carries PC products.


I am not usually one for frozen dinners or foods but I do like a few things in just for those occasions when you need something quick with very little effort, cause let’s be honest they happen 😉 These buffalo chicken fingers are AMAZING! I bought them at Costco in Canada, but I would think they have them in the U.S too. They are 5 smart points for 3 pieces.


Another Costco find are these Simply protein bars. I first picked one of these up in the checkout lane at a grocery store, I was starving and needed something quick, I scanned and to my surprise saw they were only 4 smart points each, we all know that check out aisles usually are full of non weight watcher friendly foods 😉  At Costco they come in a box of 12 with 3 different flavors. I found these to be very satisfying and filled me up.


Who loves cookies? ME!! I am already obsessed with the oreo thins and when I saw these Christie chips ahoy cookie thins I got really excited! They are so crispy and yummy.. I bought them in Canada at my local grocery store but I also think these are probably available in the U.S. , maybe I am wrong on that and someone can help by leaving a comment if they are sold in the U.S (TIA) 4 cookies are 7 smart points or you can just have 3 for 5 smart points, perfect with a night time cup of tea 🙂



And to finish things of another PC product find, bought in grocery stores across Canada that carry PC products. These mini waffle cone bowls are the perfect 1 smart point addition to your favorite weight watcher friendly ice cream, or fill them up with some yogurt. I have been known to snack on just the waffle cup when I need something crunchy and sweet!



Hope you found something you might want to try… I’ll be back when I have 5 more things to share.

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  1. It’s so nice to have a Canadian source for cool new food products. I get disappointed when I read about things that aren’t available here. Please keep the reviews coming.

      1. I know the struggle of not being able to get items. I live in Canada and it is great to see Canadian items. We don’t always have a lot of the American products. Thank you

  2. The Chips Ahoy thins are available here in the US. In fact, I have a coupon from Food Lion to get a pack of them for free!

  3. I tried the Chips Ahoy thins in the Cinnamon Sugar flavour. They were so delicious! I can’t remember how many smart points they were but I did track them lol.

  4. The Skyr yogurt you reviewed is also lactose free! The deluxe version is not. I have used the plain one as a sub for sour cream when I can’t find the lactose free stuff! Love this yogurt. Thanks for all your reviews!

  5. I just discovered this product section of your blog…awesome! Except I noticed in the last 2 that you are no longer providing points plus 🙁

    1. Hmm sorry about that, if I show the nutritional info it can be figured out, but if not I will see about going back in and adding them in, plus I will be sure to incl on any upcoming posts

  6. Kristen, Can you come out with a new series of product reviews? I just discovered them and really like the ideas! Thanks!

    1. this is an old post as you can see with the date so I have not updated these products to reflect freestyle

  7. Hi sweety I follow you on Instagram and also follow you here. Just want to say thanks for all the information you find for us and your recipes are fabulous. Thanks again:)