I’m back with some product reviews.. before the summer I was posting these weekly, but things got busy and the days got sunny 🙂 So I am back to share some food finds with you all, some are things I buy here in Canada and some I buy across the border in the U.S as I travel there often. I won’t be posting each week, maybe once or twice a month, or just when I have 5 new foods to talk about 🙂

First up is my Tiny Toast cereal… Okay I have a slight addiction to cereal.. and all kinds or cereal.. on any given day if you look in  my cupboard I probably have about 10 boxes, all different flavors 😉 I love using them as yogurt toppings, they last longer and it is way less points!!


These are super sweet and add a nice crunch to your yogurt, I figured out just under 1/3 cup to be 2 smart points and it is plenty as a topping! I bought these in the U.S, both Walmart and Target carry them.


Sweet potato crackers, okay I hate sweet potato but these crackers are so good! My daughter asked me to pick them up last time we were at Costco (In Canada) so I did thinking she would be eating them all, and to my surprise they are so tasty! They make a great salty snack, add them to your lunch or just some night time snacking. A serving of 16 is 5 smart points, and 8 is only 2 smart points.




I love nuts, all kinds of nuts, but lets be honest they are not very point friendly 🙁 I picked these 100 calorie snack packs up at Target in the U.S as I saw lots of people on my Instagram posting them. You don’t get many but they sure are good, my advice would be to pop one in your purse for when your out and about and just need a small snack to take the edge of those “I’m starving” moments.. They have other flavors too.. Eack pack is 3 smart points.



I buy this cheese tortellini in Canada at my local Fortino’s grocery store, No Frills and Super store will carry it too. 1/2 cup serving is 4 smart points and I find it a great side dish. I am not huge on pasta sauce and with this having the cheese inside I usually just add a bit of pepper on top and I am good to go 🙂


I have easily fallen in love with the Siggi’s yogurts! I have never bought these beofre when traveling to the U.S and just picked them up my last time over there to try, boy am I glad I did, they are so creamy and filling! I can’t wait for my next cross border grocery shop cause I am stocking up on these babies!! 3 smart points each and worth everyone!


I will post another 5 products soon.. In the meantime feel free to look back at my other weeks and maybe you will find something you would like to try 🙂

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  1. I’ve been wondering about that cereal. I like things like that for a snack. I can pick at a bowl of it for awhile and not feel guilty.

    1. It is so good! Very sweet to cure that sweet tooth and also great crunchy snack 🙂 I too can nibble on cereal with no milk, and yeah it lasts longer than say chips lol

  2. LOVE siggis! I’ve seen them in the gogurt like tubes online too but haven’t found the tubes in stores. I’ll be looking for dill pickle cashews ☺ thanks for sharing

  3. In Canada you can get Skyr yogurt. It’s PC brand and it’s amazing!! Just in case you run out of Siggi’s and need something. It’s totally worth the points I love it more then Greek Yogurt

  4. Hey Kate, I was so happy to learn about your blog. It is very helpful as I too am a weight watcher. I was also happy to see you have an app. I bought & downloaded it last week. I hope you will keep updating it with new recipes. Those dill pickle cashews look amazing. I will have to look for them next time I visit the US. Cheers!

    1. Hi Annette, I am happy you found my blog and hope you enjoy the recipes 🙂 We will add on to the App it is just not something we do often as it is a very big job and takes a few months each time we add on, so just a few times a year is all we can handle 😉 hope you understand.. Good luck on your WW journey!!

    1. Hmm I am really not sure, I would just check your local grocery stores and see what their tortellini point out at, this one is not a “light” or “reduced fat” version so you might be surprised