Took a little break last week and will probably make these product reviews a bi-weekly occurrence so I don’t run out of stuff to show you.. As promised I am just sharing some of the products I buy both in Canada where I live and the U.S where I shop often.. I will let you know where I purchase the products and list the point values..

First up is one of my favorite spreads, Trader Joe’s cocoa & cookie swirl cookie butter, bought solely at Trader Joe’s independent grocery stores in the U.S.  If you have no self control this stuff can be dangerous… Luckily I know that having a little is easier than restricting myself from my favorite things. 1 Tbsp will cost you 4 smart points or 2 points plus, it melts in microwave and drizzles well, so sometimes 1/2T is just enough 🙂



If your a fan of salt & vinegar flavor and you live in Canada then you will want to get your hands on these salt & vinegar goldfish crackers.. OMG so good!! I’d rather snack on these than potato chips and they are more point friendly.. 20 grams (about 34 crackers) is 3 smart points or 2 points plus. These can be found at most local grocery stores in Canada.



I normally like making my own soup from scratch, but sometimes its nice to grab a can from the cupboard and have it ready in just a few minutes. I came across this Progresso light creamy potato with bacon & cheese quite a long time ago on one of my U.S shopping trips. Its really yummy, 1 cup is 4 smart points or 2 points plus. It’s also great to use in recipes such as casserole dishes. I purchased my cans at Walmart in the U.S.


I use Pillsbury biscuits and products in general quite often in my recipes. I know that they are not available in some countries such as Netherlands and the U.K and I apologize for that, I do suggest sometimes that maybe a lightened up pizza dough could be used as a replacement. The 4 value pack country biscuits is what I use in my bubble up dishes. These are found in the U.S and I buy them at Walmart. They do have the biscuits in Canada but in a different size package and you can weigh them out so you are using the same portion size the recipe calls for. You can cook them just as biscuits as well, to enjoy with your breakfast maybe.. 3 biscuits is 5 smart points or 4 points plus.


Does anyone feel they can’t enjoy chocolate & peanut butter while on weight watchers? Well you shouldn’t!! I buy snack size chocolate bars often, there is no denying I love chocolate and for me these small chocolate bars work perfectly to budget my days. These snack size reese peanut butter cups are the perfect size and make a great treat to cure that crave that might come on.. They are 4 smart points or 2 points plus each. I love topping a yogurt with them to make for a decadent dessert!



Hope I gave you some ideas for snacks and such… be back soon 🙂


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  1. I Kate,
    I love your website. I am new to WW and I am also diabetic. Do you have any suggestions for people like me that can’t have as much sugar as some of the recipes call for?

    1. Hi Ann, well a lot of my recipes that contain sugar are already significantly lower than a regular recipe, I don’t know if you use sweeteners but that is an option, and you can always just lower the amount the recipe calls for 🙂

  2. I bought the dark chocolate Kodiak Cakes from a previous post of yours over the weekend while we were in Minnesota (we live in Winnipeg). I had a waffle this morning topped with Yoplait Source lemon meringue yogurt and a melted Lindt chocolate square drizzled on top of that. Yum! Thanks for the Kodiak Cakes recommendation!

  3. I have been following you for a few months after stumbling across your page. I love all of your recipes and suggestions! It is always easier to take this journey when great resources are available to help you along the way. I particularly love your product reviews. I live in a border city in Canada, and have access to many of the great food items that you post (I love shopping stateside!). I’m always excited to try new things, and am always looking for new “food finds” that are WW friendly. I understand that a lot of time must go into compiling such a list. I wanted to recommend that maybe you could set something up on your blog where other WW followers could share their “food finds.” Might create some interesting dialogue, and may lead to some new delicious discoveries! I know I would be happy to share some of my favourites. Just a thought!

    1. Hi there, thank you for your kind words… It is a great though and it is in the works for something new and exciting that I will be launching late fall (or maybe sooner if I can clone myself lol) Have a great day!

  4. I am beyond excited to have found you, first on Instagram, and now this amazingly wonderful and helpful sight. I must tell you as well that I am BEYOND THRILLED that you are giving the points plus values as well as smart points because I’m doing a combo of both, since like you, I can’t deprive myself or all of my hard work goes in the gutter. To see a WW talk positively about Reeses Peanut Cups is like a dream come true, because sometimes all I hear at meetings is: “avoid anything with fat, or cream, or fried, etc. etc.” It’s hard for me to stay when I hear that because then it DOES simply become a diet. So thank you very very much! My name on Instagram is IamLittlelwolf. Please never close this sight!!! <3

    1. Hi Jamie. thank you for your kind words… and I have no intention on going anywhere 😉 more future projects on the way 🙂
      WW works for so many because people can work the program to best suit them… I will never stop eating my sweet treats, the day I have to do that is the day all my weight will slowly start going back on.. I don’t think one must eat clean 100% of the time to live a healthy lifestyle, being healthy has a lot to do with your mind as well, if it is not happy then more than likely one will fail with their weight loss journey.. Good luck to you..

  5. hello there. just a quick question about the biscuits in canada. would one canadian tube (10 biscuits) be enough for your chicken, broccoli biscuit recipe?

    1. Hi, go by the weight, the one I use is 7.5 oz.. the ones here are probably bigger, so cut up the pieces and weigh them out then you know the points will be the same