I get asked a lot about different food products I buy, where I buy it, how many points and how is it… So I have been wanting to create a new section on my blog where I post different food products that I use. I will mix things up and showcase products from both Canada and the U.S, I live in Canada but I am only 45 minutes from the border and cross every 6-8 weeks to stock up on things we don’t have here, so I kinda have the best of both worlds (okay..the best of both countries 😉 ) I will try to post a review weekly, hopefully you might find some products that interest you.

First up are my favorite chicken sausages, al fresco smoked andouille, they have other flavors but this is by far my favorite! I buy them in the U.S (not available in Canada to my knowledge) at either Target or Walmart. They are 3 smart points each or 3 points plus. My favorite way to cook them is in a pan, cut up with some fresh pineapple 🙂 DSCN9571DSCN9573

I am in love with this next item.. Frozen greek yogurt bars, bought at Costco in Canada, unsure if they are in the U.S or not.. This particular box has 2 flavors, strawberry and blueberry, they are 4 smart points each or 2 points plus. DSCN9866DSCN9873

PicMonkey Collage2

I get asked a lot about the type of reduced fat shredded cheese I use in my recipes, here is one I pick up at Walmart in the U.S. 1/3 cup serving is 3 smart points or 2 points plus. I have bought other kinds as well, I suggest looking at your local grocery store, they will usually carry one kind of reduced fat shredded cheese.


If your familiar with my Instagram then you probably know that I make my frozen hash browns for breakfast often, I will add in fresh peppers/onions and cook them in a frying pan with a little cooking spray and cajun seasoning. These are the ones I buy here in Canada, they are from my local grocery store called “Fresco” and it is their own brand, Sobey’s carry this brand as well. I suggest looking in your freezer section at your local grocery store, you will probably find something similar.


A 3/4 cup serving is 4 smart points or 3 points plus, by adding in the fresh peppers and onions it makes it seem like a lot more 🙂


I recently picked up these grilled Mediterranean-style chicken skewers at Costco in Canada, but I know I have seen people in the U.S say they have purchased them there as well. They are fully cooked and just need to be re-heated, they are gluten-free as well. Two skewers (100g) will cost you 3 smart points or 4 points plus. I think they are great for easy meal prep, if your making wraps, or can work well for a quick and easy lunch.




Check back next week .. I will try and show at least 5 foods, sometimes more depending how my week is going 😉

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this! It’s always nice to see what other people have found that actually tastes great as well! Can’t wait to see more posts!

  2. Found the Intermediate chicken at Costco! But that darn Lindt 70% chocolate still escapes me…can’t even find it on amazon 🙂

      1. Haha.. auto correct is my worse enemy 😉 are you in U.S? I am thinking yes cause in Canada it’s everywhere, I would try local grocery stores in the candy/chocolate aisle, and maybe target?? I know there is a Lindt chocolate store in the outlet mall I go to in the U.S so maybe look up to see if there is one near you they must carry it 🙂

  3. Not sure if anyone already said this in the comments, but I live in Ontario and the grocery store is Freshco not fresco. 🙂