Weber grill users tend to be very loyal to the brand. I am no different. I’ve used Weber grills since 1998, and they have never let me down. I still have the Performer Touch-N-Go charcoal grill I received as a graduation gift in 2000. The quality, durability, and performance of Weber grills have always been top-notch, and I have recommended them to friends and family without hesitation. However, I would never buy one product from Weber: the Weber Standup Griddle.

Before I delve into why I would never buy the Weber Standup Griddle, let me first say that I have nothing against griddles in general. I love cooking on a griddle, especially when I want to sear steaks, cook breakfast foods, or whip up some delicious stir-fry. Griddles offer a versatile cooking surface and can help achieve that perfect sear or char on your food.

I was excited when Weber announced it was coming out with a griddle to compete with Blackstone. 

And then let down.

weber griddle on showroom floor
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So why is there an aversion to the Weber griddle? Well, it all comes down to performance and value for money. When I invest in a new grilling accessory or tool, I expect it to enhance my overall grilling experience and provide good value for the price. Unfortunately, the Weber griddle falls short in both these aspects.

Regrettably, the Weber griddle’s performance was far from my expectations. Its inability to distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface led to the disappointment of unevenly cooked food. Pursuing that perfect sear or char became a game of chance, a risk I’m not willing to take, especially when aiming for that restaurant-quality sear on a steak.

The Weber griddle’s construction and material quality also left much to be desired. I noticed it tended to warp a little under high heat, which is a major red flag. A cooking surface that can’t hold up under high temperatures is a deal-breaker, especially when looking for durability and reliability in my grilling equipment. The griddle super-lite frame felt like a windy day away from blowing into my neighbor’s yard.

weber griddle lid hinge up close

In addition, the price of the Weber griddle does not match the value it provides. I believe in investing in high-quality grilling equipment and accessories, but the Weber griddle felt overpriced for what it offered. I would much rather put my money towards a griddle from a different brand that offers better performance and durability at a similar price point. If you want to remain dedicated to the Red Kettle brand, I recommend the griddle insert, which fits most of the Weber gas grills.

Let me reiterate: I’m not here to criticize Weber as a brand. As a testament to my loyalty, I’ve been a Weber customer for over two decades, and I still vouch for their grills as some of the best in the market. The build quality, performance, and customer support for Weber grills have always been exceptional in my experience. However, when it comes to the griddle, there are better options out there that offer superior performance and value.

In conclusion, while I remain a steadfast advocate for Weber grills, the Weber griddle is not a product I would consider. Its underwhelming performance, questionable durability, and high price point make it a hard pass for me. When it comes to griddles, I’m determined to explore other brands or insert options that can deliver the performance and value that I expect from my grilling accessories.

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  1. Sorry but this article is way off. I have been using the Slate 36 for a few weeks now.
    Build quality- excellent
    Heat distribution-good (within 50 degrees from one side to the other)
    Shelf space-excellent
    Excellent accessories that go with the griddle that make griddling fun. Cleaning is easy, grease trap is a large capacity and the grease trap hole is in an ideal position. Great investment and an excellent upgrade from the last model. Lots of independent reviewers on YouTube sharing the same sentiments.

  2. Recently purchased. Said it was seasoned and ready to cook.. that was wrong.. everything stuck to the griddle including the bacon. Breakfast was a disaster for me and my company. Cleaned it and researched. Haven’t had the opportunity to try again.

  3. Yeah, I think the reviewer was speaking about Weber’s first-gen griddle, which was a flop to say the least. It’s 2nd stab at a griddle – the “Slate” series – absolutely knocks everything out of the park. Fantastic online reviews that are pretty unanimous that weber definitely righted their wrongs with this new incarnation. It was clear they listened to the criticism and acted upon it. Nicely done Weber!!!

  4. I bought the Weber grill for one reason the lid is heavy and cooks the food in a short time. Weber should not be afraid of the competition. They have a great product. A lot of companies that let their competitors make them change ran into problems.