Kiwis are fun, delicious fruits that take a little bit of work to get to. But once you get through their tough skin, the deliciously sweet and tart flesh is something you will enjoy. The bright green color of the flesh is appealing, and their compact and convenient size makes them the perfect snacking fruit to have around. While many just eat them in their natural state, there are many different ways to enjoy the kiwi. In the article below, we will break down exactly what a kiwi is and some of the best ways you can go about enjoying this wonderful fruit. It is often thought of as simple, but we promise you there are many enjoyable ways to prepare the kiwi.

What Is A Kiwi?

So, believe it or not, the kiwi fruit is classified as a berry. That means this medium-sized fruit is just one giant berry you are eating. When compared to a blueberry it is pretty astounding the size this fruit can get. The fruit is native to mainland China and Taiwan but is also grown in California and New Zealand. The berry itself comes from a species of plants with woody vines, which in turn gives the kiwi fruit its woody and fuzzy skin. In California, kiwis are in season from October through May, with a peak in December and January. They can have yellow to green flesh and, due to seasonality, can be either sweet or acidic. 

Ways To Eat A Kiwi


The first and foremost way to eat a kiwi is raw. To begin, many people enjoy cutting the kiwi in half after washing and scooping out the insides with a spoon. All of the flesh is edible, including the little black seeds and the outside skin is durable and tough. So, scooping it out with a spoon makes sense, as the halved kiwi ends up forming a little bowl that you can then scoop out of. Kiwis can be enjoyed both at room temperature or refrigerated, so it just depends on your preference when it comes to either way. 

Another popular way to eat the kiwi raw is by peeling it and then slicing it into rounds or slices. You can use a sharp, small knife or a sharp vegetable peeler to remove the outside skin. You will then be left with a round-shaped fruit that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Finally, the skin of the kiwi is edible. The skin has an earthy flavor but can be consumed, and some people do really enjoy the contrast between the more bitter and earthy skin to the sweet and slightly acidic flesh of the inside of the berry. The skin also contains a ton of antioxidants, making it a great choice to consume for your health as well.

Salsa & Other Raw Preparations

One delicious way to enjoy kiwi is to make it into a salsa. Kiwis are refreshing, and their sweetness plus acidity make them a delicious addition to salsa and other raw preparations. You can make kiwi salsa with mangos, tomatoes, jalapenos, and a variety of other ingredients. You can eat this salsa with chips, put it on tacos or it is even great with fish. The freshness of the kiwi provides a nice balance when paired with salty foods, especially cooked fish and other meats. 

Other raw preparations may include slicing and serving on a salad. Much like you would serve an orange slice in some salads, kiwis can hold up to certain dressings and salad types, so be sure to experiment. You could also add the kiwi to ceviche, fish tartare, and any other type of dish that highlights quality raw ingredients. Marinating in citrus juices and spices and using it as a garnish is also another way to serve kiwi and enhance the food you are cooking.

Baked Goods

Due to their inherent sweetness and vibrant color, kiwis make for an excellent ingredient in pastries and baked goods. Kiwi tarts are small yet delicious bites that offer sweetness with a balance of acidity from the kiwi itself. Loaves and cakes that incorporate kiwi are also popular due to the fruit’s unique flavor. Lime is often paired with kiwis in these baked products to add a little acidity and to balance sweetness while highlighting the bright floral notes of the kiwi as well.

Kiwi pudding cups are a fun snack, especially as a quick bike after school and work. Kiwi cheesecake is another great idea and can balance out the creaminess and crust you would expect from a rich cheesecake. There really is no end of ways to incorporate kiwi into baked goods, so it is best to try different recipes. 

Smoothies and Sorbets

The last two places you can find kiwis most common are when they are used in sorbet or smoothie recipes. For smoothies, they offer a lot of great nutrition content, and along with their great taste make the ideal ingredient to add to your smoothie. They also do well as a sorbet, offering a cold, crisp, and delicate bite on the palette when made correctly. Both of these applications work best with ripe kiwis at their peak flavor potential. 

Kiwi: A Versatile Fruit

The kiwi berry can be used in many different ways. Its unique look makes it fun to eat, and its delicious flavor allows it to pair well with many different culinary applications. While you can enjoy them raw, kiwis can be cooked, baked, or prepared in different ways that not only celebrate the fruit but also open you up to new and wonderful flavor combinations. While eating them raw is the most popular way to go, some experimentation in the kitchen might just land you a new favorite recipe or go-to snack. 

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