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The new weight loss drugs – GLP-1s – have exponentially grown in popularity this year, and Weight Watchers is taking full advantage. These semiglutide medications have done wonders for the obesity epidemic, allowing people to shed weight they previously could not lose. Weight Watchers is now offering a new membership to those who qualify for the weight loss drugs. The Weight Watchers Ozempic membership is available nationwide, to those that are interested. And don’t worry, if you’re already on a weight loss drug like Ozempic or Wegovy, you can still join in on this WW membership. Or if you’re just now wanting to try it, what better time than the New Year! 

Weight Watchers has several different tiers of memberships and packages, and this guide is here to show you the difference between the Points Program – for those of you already committed to Weight Watchers- and the GLP-1 program. 

Weight Watchers Ozempic Membership vs The Points Program

The one main goal Weight Watchers had when introducing weight loss drugs was to help their clients “reduce food noise.”  Dieting can be hard, and “food noise” as Weight Watchers says it, is all the cravings that one fights while dieting, as well as the peer pressure from others to just “live a little” or “try just one bite.” The Points Program is currently very flexible with food. Clients can choose their own food, as long as their daily points amount to the right combination. These clients still deal with cravings though, and a GLP-1 medication is designed to curb those cravings and hunger signals. Imagine not struggling or fighting to not snack while on a diet! That is a huge game-changer. Let’s dive into the details. 

What Stayed The Same? 

Weight Watchers Ozempic Membership: The WW App

With either program – the Points Program or the GLP-1 Program – you get your own profile with the Weight Watchers app. The Weight Watchers app includes a food tracker, activity goals, behavior change tips, recipes, meal inspiration, and more. Basically, the WW app is your portal to all the info, including setting up your profile and information. This app makes it easy to track your progress, get support, and stay accountable. 

Recipe and Meal Inspo 

One fantastic thing about all Weight Watchers programs is the diverse and vast recipe base they offer. Not only can you track your food and enter in your own recipes, you can quickly search for new recipes or meal inspiration when you want something quick and easy. The recipes are delicious, which always makes dieting easier. The best feature is their “What’s In Your Fridge” section. You can input ingredients you have on hand, and WW will give you a list of recipes you can make. It can keep unmotivated you from ordering food you don’t need. 

Behavior Change Tips

Even though Weight Watchers has jumped on the weight loss drug train, they still believe behavior changes are needed. In fact, it is a large part of all Weight Watchers programs. They believe lifestyle changes must happen in order to maintain long-term progress, which makes them different than most dieting programs. Keeping behavior changes as a priority allows their clients to work on small habits that will transform their lifestyles, not just diet. 

Weight Watchers Support

The support Weight Watchers offers comes with all programs as well. On the WW app, a member can click “Find a Workshop.” These workshops are local, in-person support groups for any member to access. And if there isn’t a local one available in the member’s location, they have the option to access a coach-led workshop online so that support is available daily if needed.  

What Changed? 

Weight Watchers Ozempic Membership: The Nutrition Plan

The Weight Watchers GLP-1 Program has a different nutrition plan than the typical Weight Watchers points that you may know of. Rather than a Points Budget, the GLP-1 Program focuses on three daily nutrition targets: protein, fruits and veggies, and water. Everyone in the GLP-1 program will have the same fruit and vegetable target – which is four servings a day. The hydration target, 8 cups of water a day, and activity target, 30 minutes a day, are the same for everyone as well. The target that differs is protein. The protein target on the GLP-1 program is based on what the member weighs when starting the program. The reason for the specific protein target is to ensure the member retains any muscle they have, which helps the body drop fat when losing weight. You track these targets with the Weight Watchers app. 

The Activity

The Weight Watchers Points Program does put some stock in activity but doesn’t require it as the GLP-1 Program does. On the GLP-1 Program, you must hit a 30-minute/day activity target.  Ideally, you should exercise at least 150 minutes a week, and strength train twice a week, according to the experts’ recommendations, which is why WW has set this daily target. 

Who The Weight Watchers Ozempic Membership Is For

Unfortunately, if you’re on the first generation GLP-1, this new Ozempic membership is not for you. You can join the Weight Watchers GLP-1 Program if you’re on a second-generation GLP-1 (Wegovy, Ozempic, Zepbound, or Mounjaro) or if you are interested in this. Even though these are diabetic medications, you cannot follow this program if you’re diabetic. You must look into the Weight Watchers Diabetic Program so that a separate diet can be taken into account. 

First-Gen GLP-1s vs Second-Gen GLP-1s

There are different types of GLP-1s. Food noise and appetite are less affected by first-generation GLP-1s than by second-generation GLP-1s. The result is less weight loss. Weight Watchers GLP-1 Program is specifically designed for those taking second-generation GLP-1s. Since first-generation GLP-1 aids weight loss by mildly reducing appetite, the Points Program is recommended for people taking those medications.

Weight Watchers Ozempic Membership: It’s not for diabetics. 

As stated above, if you’re living with diabetes, you need to look into a different membership. It is important to note that GLP-1s are prescribed for weight management and diabetes but the GLP-1 Program is designed for those taking them for weight management only. Diabetes patients need a program that takes their blood sugar levels into account, such as the Diabetes Program. Members are encouraged to measure, weigh, and track the foods that might have the greatest impact on blood sugar levels. And, it provides a list of ZeroPoint® foods that align with American Diabetes Association guidelines.

Price Differences

Fortunately, the price difference is quite simple! If you are prescribed a GLP-1 by your own primary care doctor, the membership is just $23/month. If you need the Weight Watchers Clinic to have access to the weight loss medication, the membership is $99/month. Always check with your insurance, because they may cover the cost of these expensive weight-loss medications. If they don’t, The Weight Watchers Care Team helps you find an affordable option so that price does not prevent you from getting the results you want. 

Weight Watchers Ozempic Membership Goal

Sometimes, biological factors can make weight loss extremely hard. These GLP-1 medications have shown that they decrease “Food noise” (cravings!) and appetite, making it easier to lose weight. But, a solid weight management program and exponentially aid the results you get while taking these meds. By combining weight-management medication with healthy habits set in place by Weight Watchers, you’re prioritizing your overall well-being and ensuring you have the tools and skills needed to maintain your weight loss in the future.

If you’re considering the Weight Watchers GLP program, you can apply to see if you qualify. It can make your weight loss journey much easier with the support that’s offered, along with the ability to reduce all the food noise around you. 
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  1. This is why there is a shortage of Ozempic for diabetes who really need it they have to be on a waiting list or do without

  2. I am thoroughly disgusted that WW has gone the ‘drug’ way of losing weight. Especially using Ozempic which has now become hard to get for the original purpose of this drug which is for diabetes. Diabetics have been forced to use older medications which are not as effective. I have totally lost respect for WW over this.

  3. Thank you so much for the information about this. But it seems to me that this new program goes against the core values of Weight Watchers. Additionally, more and more serious side effects are being found due to these drugs used for weight loss by non-diabetics. I joined WW in 2013 and have been a lift-time member since 2014. Despite all the changes between then and now I feel that the original Points Plus has been my best choice and I’ve stayed with it.

    Even though I might not leave a comment on some recipes of yours I have tried, I think you have some wonderful posts and some are part of my regular recipe rotation. Thanks, and best wishes for 2024.

    1. I am interested in the GLP-1 program with meds handled my WW. I have not been faithful with the problem but due to arthritic issues need to lose weight.


  4. Medicare patients get no relief from the cost of weight drugs. It will take an act of congress to get this type of help for medicare patients.

  5. Here in Canada, they are making it a federal law that Ozempic cannot be prescribed for weight loss–thank goodness. 3 months of nausea–that’s how you lose weight. Plus a 1200 calorie-a-day diet. No magic there. Some of the serious side effects are bowel blockage and bowel cancer. Is it worth it? No. That’s the pharmacy tech in me speaking. Over the 30 years, there have been many a ‘miracle’ drug. Remember Phen-fen. It worked so well. Ionamin (that’s speed). It sometimes worked. While you take the medication, you might get results. (Honestly, I never saw that in patients.) There is no quick fix. Deal with it.

    1. Shelly, you really cannot make blanket statements like that. For many people, losing weight is near impossible, even if they do all the right things. Yes, some people experience side effects on these medications, the majority do not. You also need to consider the side effects of obesity, those side effects are bad too, even worse. GLP1s still require lifestyle modification, they are not a quick fix if you are doing it right.