Have you seen the flatout thin crust pizza breads? I was so excited to discover these, I just love using flatout for my pizza’s! All of these flat breads are only 3 smart points each, so load them up with your favorite toppings and have no guilt!



We are half way through summer and the heat is on so ditch the bun for Flatout Flatbread. They’re perfect to have on hand for a quick snack or meal. They taste great and a good source of fiber and of course, perfect for wraps, pinwheels and super easy pizza. Whether you’re grilling or cooking instead, surprise your family and friends with a twist on traditional meals….like this hamburger pizza:

How about a delicious BBQ chicken & ranch pizza! I’d choose this pizza any day over a take out, it’s delicious and only 9pp (10 smart points) for the whole thing!


Ingredients are: 1 flatout rustic white thin pizza bread, 1/3 cup ww cheese (or a light shredded cheese) 2 oz cooked shredded chicken, 1 Tbsp BBQ sauce and 1/2 Tbsp light ranch dressing. I bake mine in the oven at 375F for 5-7 minutes. I drizzle the ranch once it is out of the oven.




You can also use these for yummy dessert pizza’s like this delicious s’mores pizza, a definite favorite of mine!


Ingredients are 1 rustic white thin pizza bread, 2 Tbsp marshmallow fluff (melted for 30 seconds for easier spreading) 1 graham cracker (crushed) 1 square of 70% lindt chocolate (10g) melted in microwave for 35 second intervals turning each time until melted.

DSCN7609Spread fluff on pizza bread and then sprinkle crushed graham cracker on top, bake in preheated oven at 375F for 5 minutes. Meanwhile melt your chocolate in the microwave. Drizzle chocolate once the pizza is out of the oven. 6pp (8 smart points) for the whole pizza, or share it with a friend for only 3pp! 🙂


DSCN7644You guys need to try and get your hands on these thin pizza breads, you can check out Flatout’s store locator here and here’s a 50 cent off coupon 


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  1. Hi….I love your site, your recipes, beautiful photos….just great!

    Question on the Flatout pizza crusts – the WW site shows those as 4 points. Just curious about how you calculated.

    Thanks again….I really appreciate your inspiration!


    1. Hi Mary, never be so quick to go with what WW tells you 😉 go of the labels.. The new thin pizza crust breads are 3pp, and I have seen someone on instagram show the pizza lights (although I have never seen them) and they are 3pp as well.. I don’t even use the recipe builder, I use my labels, add it all up and divide by my yield..

  2. I just discovered your site yesterday and WOW….loving all the fantastic sounding recipes. I actually have the rotisserrie chicken in the crockpot for dinner today and can’t wait to try out more. Thanks for sharing your recipes and willingness to help others in the weight loss journey.

    1. Hi Linda, so happy you were able to find me and I hope you enjoyed the chicken 🙂 Thank you for your kind words!

  3. Do you buy these pizza breads in Canada? I’ve only ever found the regular Flatouts here in Canada but would love to try these!

    1. Hi Janine, they use to be easier to find but I have not seen the pizza breads in awhile in Canada