I get asked a lot if I have any sort of sample plan for what I eat in a day, I thought about it for awhile and finally decided to put together this 7 day plan for you all… Few things I need to say first before getting to the plan..

  1. This is strictly just a sample of how I might use my weight watcher points over the coarse of a week, I am not a nutritionist or health expert and I can not guarantee any kind of weight loss results by following this weekly plan.
  2. Everybody is different and while some may enjoy what they see in this meal plan, others might hate it..and that’s okay, I can’t please everyone, however any negative comments will be automatically deleted. I do not need to hear it’s too much sugar, way too many carbs, not enough fats or proteins, not enough vegetables, or I’d gain weight if I ate like this.. If this suggested meal plan does not suit you then just simply search for one that might, please don’t cut this one up.. Again it is simply a peek into how I might spend my points over 7 days, I have done my best to keep the days at the average 30 smart points or 26 points plus. I understand not everyone gets the same points, but those numbers are the average, if you are allowed more points maybe consider increasing your serving size. I have not included weekly points, that is up to you how you want to use them, also any free fruit and vegetables can be added in anywhere over the coarse of the 7 days. I have not included any drinks, I am not one usually to spend points on drinks, I mainly drink 0 point drinks such as tea, water and La croix sparkling beverages. Sometimes I will have the unsweetened passion tea lemonades from Starbucks (Tall= 2sp or 1pp)

If you click on the picture the meal plan will open as a PDF file that you can print and it also provides links directly to my recipes.


Here’s a look at each day in pictures…




*Note- for chicken sausage quesadilla, I use Flatout light original, 1 cooked chicken sausage, peppers/onion and  1/3 cup reduced fat shredded cheese, bake in oven at 350F for 10-15 minutes.




For banana s’mores I use 1Tbsp melted marshmallow fluff, 1/2 square of lindt dark chocolate, melted and a sprinkle of graham crumbs. *Banana at lunch is just an example, feel free to swap out with different fruit.




*Optional to add some mini chocolate chips to the fiber 1 bar, berries and yogurt dish..


DSCN0652 (2)DSCN5182


*Note- Optional to add some mini chocolate chips to cereal/yogurt/berries combo.. Muffins will freeze well if you make a batch up.




*Note- I cook my pineapple in a pan with a little cooking spray and sprinkle with a little cinnamon and sugar mix, just warm them up for a few minutes, it’s so good!




*Note- for BLT, I use low point bacon such as Oscar Mayer center cut or Market Pantry (Target brand) center cut, you could also use turkey bacon. For s’mores toast I use 1 slice Sara Lee bread, 1Tbsp melted marshmallow fluff, sprinkle of graham crumbs and 1 tsp mini chocolate chips.




*Note- I use different toppings on my yogurts, pictured is cinnamon goldfish crackers, sometimes I will crush 2 oreo thins or a little chocolate (snack size chocolate bar) .. Fruit is pineapple, mango with 3Tbsp cool whip and 1tsp mini chocolate chips, just a sprinkle of coconut.

Again, this is just a peek into how I might eat for the week and spend my points, feel free to make changes to suit you.. I know everyone is different and I know that some people could not use there points the same as I have done and lose weight, so please just remember that this is simply just a suggestion for those that might eat similar to myself..


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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been doing so well (almost a month in now) but have been struggling with variety and find I am eating a lot of chicken and salads (BORING!). I am going to use your meal plan this week and enjoy the change!!

  2. Hi there…I joined your Instagram and love your posts. Thanks for your hard work…I’m going to really check out this menu plan. I’m a life time member but I’ve been struggling and over goal for a long time. Looking forward to the structure!

    1. Hi Sharon, I hope you find some recipes you enjoy 🙂 I get the struggles all too well, keep fighting, you can do it 🙂

  3. LOVE your blog!! You have so many great ideas and recipes! Do you have more meal plans that you are willing to share? It is so nice to be able to look at a meal plan for ideas and to follow! Thanks for doing this blog, it will help many!

    1. Hi there, thanks for your kind words.. no I don’t but I am possibly teaming with someone that creates meal plans and is going to make some using my recipes 🙂

  4. Kate, your post was so authentic describing the times we all struggle with staying on track. Thank you so much for such creative recipes. We can all succeed if we help each other.