Weight Watchers comes with plenty of recipes to try, but sometimes they just don’t fit your needs. If you want WW recipes from people who have a busy lifestyle or eating habits similar to your own, the best option is to go to YouTube and look around. 

You will find all sorts of videos from people who had to get creative with meals to find what worked best for them. They are now willing to share their success stories and delicious meals with you. 

1. Jenn Clayton

Jenn’s WW Journey is a great channel whether you’re looking for WW recipes or DIY decor for your home. She creates recipes that offer up a lot of protein and are quick to make for any single woman or family. 

She also understands that one of the biggest downsides to Weight Watchers is that it’s not always budget-friendly. She creates several videos about Weight Watchers-friendly recipes that come entirely from the Dollar Store for those who want to lose weight on a tight income. 

2. Lena’s Weight Loss Diary

If you want to go through Weight Watchers with someone, then Lena is the person to follow on YouTube. She goes through some realistic struggles, such as trying to avoid fast food.

One of her biggest issues was learning to adapt as her points decreased. When she first started out, she had enough points that it was easy enough to eat whatever she wanted. However, she started to struggle as she lost weight trying to find foods that filled her up and fit within her daily points. 

She shares some of these struggles and filling copycat recipes on her channel. One of her great copycat recipes is the bean and cheese burrito from Taco Bell. 

3. Winning at Weight Loss

If you’re someone who travels a lot or always seems to have a party to go to, you may find yourself constantly having cheat days. Winning at Weight Loss is here to help people exactly like you. She offers up all sorts of tips and tricks for weight loss. 

However, what makes her channel one of the top ones for those looking for Weight Watchers recipes is that she shares all parts of her life. Not only does she offer recipes and shopping hauls to help you when you’re at home, but she also provides ways to stay in line even when traveling or during birthdays. 

In one of her videos, she even talks about how to stay on your WW plan when traveling on a cruise ship! You no longer have to worry about finding a balance between traveling and losing weight. Of course, don’t forget to check out her normal WW recipes for when you’re at home and looking for a few meals to cook yourself. 

4. Dish With Dee

Sometimes, it seems like everyone on Weight Watchers is a little younger. They have busier lives and faster metabolisms, meaning they get a few more points. While this isn’t usually a big deal, sometimes they have a lot more points a day than you would, which makes it hard to use them as a guide sometimes. 

If you’re looking for someone who is at the same point in life as you, it’s worth checking out Dee and her YouTube channel. She creates her own recipes, but also tests out others to tell you if they work, if they taste good, and if they are worth the effort. 

She started her weight loss journey at the age of 57 and has made great progress. Check out her Sheet Pan Brownie recipe below to see if she’s a good fit for you. 

5. Planning Us Healthy

Are you someone who does best with meal planning? If you like to have your meals set up and ready to pull out of the fridge or freezer when you need them, Planning Us Healthy on YouTube is just the channel for you. She offers up all sorts of meal plans, including breakfasts, dinners, and snacks. 

Check out this video on her pancake bites for breakfast and chicken and vegetables for lunch. 

Even if you’re debating with WW and another weight loss program, she’s a great channel to watch. She provides points for WW, macros, and calories to help you out, no matter what weight loss journey you decide to follow.

6. Lauren Jansen

Lauren Jansen is a woman who is a busy mother who still manages to make time for crafting the perfect Weight Watchers recipes. She shows the realistic side of what WW looks like for a busy mom always on the go. 

She does grocery hauls and meal plans on her channel. She also crafts her own recipes. These recipes are realistic and filling, including foods like pasta and cream-based dishes that many people trying to lose weight avoid, such as in the video below.

As a twist, she tries out different WW plans and points to help her other followers who may not be following the same journey so that everyone gets the filling meals they need. 

Between these 6 YouTube channels, you’re sure to find one, or several, you can connect with. Try out some of their delicious meals and snacks and see if they might become your first step on the road to weight loss and success.

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  1. I would add Nikki Gets Fit to this list. She has so many good ideas for bowls and other foods plus she’s published a cookbook. One of my favorite WW followers!