Air fryers are great tools, but only if you know how to use them. On the surface, they’re nothing more than glorified toasters that take up a lot more space. Thankfully, there are plenty of people who have tested air fryers to the extreme and now know how to make the best recipes solely in an air fryer

Preparing Enchiladas for the Air Fryer
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If you want to learn from the best, YouTube is the place to check out. Many people are eager and willing to share their recipes, tips, and tricks. After watching a few videos from these popular YouTubers, you’ll find yourself eager to use your air fryer for every meal. 

1. Empowered Cooks

Previously known by the name Fabulessly Frugal, Empowered Cooks with Cathy is a home cook that fits right in with the rest of us. She doesn’t enjoy cooking very much but finds it to be a much more enjoyable experience with an air fryer as her main tool. 

Cathy covers almost any meal you could want. Some of her playlist highlights include recipes for those new to an air fryer, 16-minute meals, meals under five dollars, and even meals for two. 

If you’re a college student working on a budget or missing your mom’s meals, the video below is the perfect one to watch. Cathy’s college kids help pick out their favorite dishes to make in the air fryer, including an ever-delicious tater-tot casserole. 

2. The Salted Pepper

If you need help imagining how the air fryer can be used to make almost anything The Salted Pepper is a great channel to follow. Louise, the channel creator does a great job organizing all of her videos into playlists based on the dishes she’s made. 

And boy, are there a lot. She covers healthy dishes, desserts, breakfasts, side dishes, burgers, and so much more. Check out this recipe on how to make homemade enchilada casserole.

Her primary weapon of choice is the Ninja Foodi. This is an air fryer and pressure cooker mix. If you’re looking at which air fryer you want to get, she offers up a lot of information on the Foodi. 

3. Meem Reviews Tips & Tricks

Do you get gifted a lot of kitchen tools you don’t know what to do with? Meem Reviews Tips & Tricks provides recipes for a lot of kitchen accessories including air fryers, Ninja Foodis, blenders, and food processors. She’s the perfect person to follow to make the most out of all your kitchen tools gathering dust. 

Or, if you’re considering getting some kitchen tools, she provides reviews of popular items such as air fryers and coffee makers, so you can find the exact tools you want. 

Want donuts and steak? Meem has you covered with this recipe below. She tries out a dual-basket air fryer and tries making dinners and desserts. She even covers some tips and tricks for using this specific air fryer before starting. 

4. Kerry Whelpdale

If you want to change it up a little, consider checking out Kerry Whelpdale. She’s a British YouTuber who loves using her air fryer to make healthy and filling dinners. Whether you want to try some different dishes or recreate your time traveling abroad, she’s got just the dishes for you. 

She makes all sorts of meals with a bunch of different tools, including an air fryer and an Instapot. Want cooler dishes that won’t heat up the whole house for the hottest time of the year? She’s got a whole playlist of summer meals.

If you want an example of some of the dishes she creates, the video below provides a great mix of different dishes including pesto mozzarella sticks, chorizo and veggies, rare bits, and sticky chicken. 

5. John Sanders

For some of the hearty meat lovers out there, an air fryer might not sound like your kind of kitchen tool. Perhaps you feel more comfortable with a grill, or even an oven, than an air fryer that aims at being a healthier version of beloved fried foods. 

John Sanders is here to show you that these are just misconceptions. It’s possible to make anything in an air fryer, including a whole turkey, cinnamon rolls, wings, and even ribs. One of his recipes, shown below, walks you through how to make prime rib and yellow potatoes in an air fryer.

Not only are his recipes delicious, but his personality is fun. He makes his own recipes and also walks you through some of the recipes included with your air fryer.

6. Pro Home Cooks

Pro Home Cook teaches younger men and women living on their own how to make the perfect dishes. He focuses on all forms of cooking but does provide recipes specifically for an air fryer. 

He keeps up with the younger generation by focusing on viral dishes like those you may see on social media like TikTok. Not only does he help teach you how to be a better cook with an air fryer, but Pro Home Cooks walks you through dishes that he enjoys so much in the air fryer that he no longer uses anything else. 

Whether you want to make light, healthy dishes or decadent desserts, these 6 YouTubers are here to show you how you can use your air fryer to make delicious food in no time. Pick your favorite to keep up with or subscribe to several of the channels to have a wide range of meal options. 

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