Are you a passionate grilling enthusiast or a home cook eager to take your culinary endeavors to the next level? If so, it is time to acquaint yourself with Kamado Joe Recipes. This versatile and innovative cooking apparatus has taken the grilling world by storm, revolutionizing outdoor cooking and offering an array of benefits that truly set it apart.

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At its core, the Kamado Joe Grill is a modern take on the traditional Japanese kamado-style cooker, which has been used for centuries to produce exceptional flavors and mouthwatering meals. This innovative grill is designed to combine various cooking methods in a single, compact unit, making it a must-have for any cooking enthusiast. Whether you’re in the mood for grilling, smoking, roasting, searing, or even baking, this grill can handle it all with finesse. This is made possible by the Kamado Joe’s remarkable design that allows precise temperature control, enabling you to experiment with a wide range of cooking techniques and recipes. Let’s take a look at all of the different things you can make with your Kamado Joe Grill. 

1. Smoked Over the Top Chili

With the winter months coming, you’re going to need a good chili recipe. And you can make a fantastic one with your Kamado Joe. This smoked over-the-top chili is an easy-to-cook dish from a classic family chili recipe. It will surely warm you up without being too spicy.

2. King Wings

King Wings are super easy to prepare and are relatively cheap compared to other meats that you can grill. Dales sauce flavors the chicken down to the bones, and gives you a fantastic char on the wings. With the room on the kamado joe, you can cook different flavored wings all at one time. 

3. Kamado Joe Pepperoni Potatoes au Gratin

Basically, pizza potatoes! Two amazing foods are joined together, and infused with the flavors only the kamado joe can give. It’s cooked low and slow (will take about an hour total) and the result is soft, cheesy, pepperoni potatoes. Serve this is a side dish with your King Wings and it’ll be a flavor party! 

4. Smoked Baked Potatoes

There’s no reason to make plain baked potatoes when you can infuse them with a bit of a smoky flavor from the Kamado Joe Grill. Plus, the oven won’t heat up your house so this is a perfect recipe for a summer dinner party. You just need potatoes, salt, pepper, and a bit of oil. 

5. Kamado Joe Recipes: How to Grill Pizza

If you’ve never had a grilled pizza, it’s a must try. Baking pizza on the grill works well because the grills can reach such high temperatures, replicating the taste of a favorite wood-fired pizza restaurant. This blog goes over the best tricks for getting a restaurant quality pizza in your own backyard.

6. How to Smoke Bacon

You can save some money and create your own favorite bacon flavor with this “how to smoke bacon” guide. Using your Kamado Joe Grill, you can smoke pork belly for a few hours and have your own bacon ready in bulk to enjoy for weeks. Home Smoked Bacon would be a delicious gift for a loved one for a special occasion. 

7. Pulled Pork Shoulder

Of course, you have to try your own pulled pork shoulder. This Kamado Joe recipe comes from the BBQ Guys, so you know it’ll be a winner. Make this for your next cookout, and you’ll have impressive pulled pork BBQ sandwiches to serve a crowd. Top it with homemade BBQ sauce and a crunchy vinegar slaw for the best results. 

8. Kamado Joe Recipes: Skirt Steak 

Cooking a skirt steak on a Kamado Joe grill is different from cooking other cuts of meat because a skirt steak has two major parts, the inside and the outside skirt steak. The Kamado Joe helps you get a tender skirt steak every time. It’s a great choice for a summer evening dinner party. 

9. Smoked Jambalaya 

Jambalaya is a classic Creole comfort dish, but adding the smoke aspect just takes it to another level. You start with all of the regular ingredients for a jambalaya, but instead of letting it simmer on the stove, you smoke it for about 1.5 hours on the kamado joe. The best part- once it’s cooking, you don’t have to tend it. Let it cook! 

10. Smoked Queso Fundido Stuffed Meatballs

If you want a Kamado Joe Recipe for an appetizer that will completely wow your guests, make these smoked queso fundido stuffed meatballs. It’s a super simple recipe -lean ground beef is stuffed with chihuahua cheese and then smoked for 45 minutes on the Kamado Joe. It’s a quick one compared to other meats you may smoke, so it’s perfect for an appetizer. 

11. Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

Football season is coming, and this is the appetizer your guests are going to want! Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip is creamy, melty, smoky, and the absolute perfect game day dip. Serve it with crudites, tortillas, or pretzel thins- doesn’t matter because it’s delicious no matter what. Five simple ingredients and a Kamado Joe will get you there. 

12. Kamado Joe Recipes: S’mores Brownie

This Kamado Joe Recipe is another fantastic game day food. S’mores Brownies bring together the best of the smores with the best of the brownie. Once it’s cooked, it’s chocolatey, melty, gooey, and just absolutely delicious. The Kamado Joe gives you more of the campfire s’mores flavor that you want that an oven cannot give you. 

13. Smoked Meatloaf

Meatloaf is an amazing weeknight comfort food, and the kamado joe adds flavor but keeps it just as easy. It’s moist, tender, and the perfect entree to be paired with mashed potatoes and green beans. You don’t even need a loaf pan or cookie sheet to make it on the Kamado Joe, you can place the loaf right on the grill.

14. Smoked Sweet Potatoes

Smoked sweet potatoes are a delicious Kamado Joe recipe alternative to baked potatoes and make a quick side dish. Just like regular potatoes, you can make delicious fully baked sweet potatoes right on the Kamado Joe. Serve these with maple cinnamon butter, and it’ll feel more like a dessert than a healthy side dish! 

15. Perfect Prime Rib

Save yourself some money and make perfect prime rib right on your Kamado Joe rather than spend money on a small piece of it at a restaurant. With a few simple herbs and spices, you can have an amazing prime meal ready for a special occasion, date night, or even just a fun weeknight meal. It takes about two hours, which is well worth the wait. 

16. Kamado Joe Recipes: Hot Smoked Salmon

If you’ve got a piece of salmon and some brine, you’ve got to try this hot smoked salmon. Once it’s fully smoked, you can have salmon for meal prep, salads, sushi bowls, tacos, and more. Because it can be made a day or two in advance, it’s perfect for meal prepping some healthy lunches. 

17. Surf and Turf

Combine the best of all meats by making this Kamado Joe Surf and Turf. A little bit of ribeye, tender jumbo shrimp, and buttery lobster tails will give you restaurant-quality surf and turf right at home. If you’re planning a poolside dinner, this one will give you all of the summer cookout vibes. 

18. Kamado Joe Recipes: Artisan Bread

Is there anything better than a fresh homebaked loaf of crusty bread? This cast iron bread is perfect for making on a Kamado Joe type grill. You can make an amazingly hearty loaf with just three ingredients. The grill gives it the crust we love. Spread on a bit of salted butter, and you’ve got comfort food for any occasion. 

19. Kamado Grilled Sausage Pizza

As stated above, the Kamado Joe gives you a version of wood-fired pizza right at home. This sausage pizza is classic, scrumptious, and honestly, pretty easy to make. Get some store-bought dough, or grab some from your favorite bakery, layer on some toppings, and grill it to perfection. You can use any of your favorite toppings, but this sausage version is delicious. 

20. Smoke Roasted Pears

If you’re looking for a dessert that’s a bit healthier than the smores brownies, give these roasted pears a god. Some ripe pears, a bit of butter, brown sugar, and brandy make for a sweet but satisfying treat that will please anyone. The Kamado Joe just adds more depth of flavor to the pears. They’re amazing! 

One of the reasons why Kamado Joe Recipes have gained such a devoted following is its ability to impart unparalleled flavor to your dishes. The combination of controlled airflow, precise temperature control, and the use of natural lump charcoal creates an environment that infuses your food with smoky, rich flavors that are simply unmatched by other cooking methods. So take this list of Kamado Joe Recipes and get to work!

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