So you are contemplating buying a Camp Chef Griddle. A very fine brand choice with a solid reputation and high-quality product offerings. But now the hard part. Choosing the perfect griddle for you and your family. Well, have no fear! Here are some tips and guidelines for buying the Camp Chef Griddle of your dreams. 

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10 Things To Know About Camp Chef Griddles

1. Camp Chef Griddles Are Easy to Find

You can buy your Camp Chef Grill online, in your local home goods store, or on the Camp Chef website | Camp Chef.  

2. The Fine Folks at Camp Chef Offer a Variety of Griddle Choices

Griddles come in several different sizes and styles, and there is a size and a style of griddle out there that will fit your grill perfectly. Do you have a one-burner grill? Or perhaps two burners are more your style? Camp Chef offers you several great choices for your griddle | Camp Chef. For smaller grills, there are smaller-sized griddles like the Griddle 14 for one burner. You also have the Griddle 16 for two burners. And there is a plethora of choices in between to satisfy the specific needs of every grill enthusiast. Camp Chef griddles will allow those who wish to grill and griddle at the same time to do so. Absolute griddle heaven!  

3. Grills and Griddles, Griddles and Grills.  What’s the Difference?

When researching griddles on the internet, it’s good to remember that some people use the terms griddle and grill interchangeably. That’s okay. Language can be like that sometimes. But here are some important tips to remember about the differences between a proper grill and a proper griddle. 

A grill is what we think of when we imagine a backyard barbecue with family and friends. Steaks and burgers on the grill, grease dripping down and sparking mini eruptions in the flame below. Man, I’m salivating at the thought. Cooking on a grill will produce those wonderful grill marks on your food. And of course, you’ll lose some of your food to the flames while you cook. It is what it is. Think of it as a necessary sacrifice to the hungry grill gods.  

Griddles are flat surfaces that keep everything on the surface, with no chance of food loss. Definitely less of a thrill, but much more economical. And all that flavor-filled grease is left behind! 

4. Three Types of Griddles

Insert Griddles

Insert griddles are square, flat cooking surfaces that can be placed on top of a source of heat, such as a grill. Insert griddles transform any cooking device into a griddle. These are very popular because they give the backyard chef the option of cooking on different surfaces without spending too much money.  

Tabletop Griddles

Tabletop Griddles are similar to hot plates. They are small, lightweight, and portable. Perfect for camping and a quick meal without making too much fuss or mess. It is also a perfect tool for cooking breakfast in the kitchen. Breakfast and griddles are a perfect pair!

Freestanding Griddles

A freestanding griddle is a stand-alone unit that operates independently. You don’t need any other devices in order to operate it. Of course, accessories galore are available to those who want them. It comes with its own source of heat, usually fueled with propane or even natural gas in some cases.  

5. Griddles Are More Labor Intensive Than Grills

While Griddles are definitely easier to clean after use, there is a lot more prep work required with them. Your grill might put up with a little bit of neglect here and there. Your griddle will most certainly not. Griddles are high maintenance, indeed. Griddles require seasoning before using it for the first time, and after using it every single time. Something one must consider before making the decision to acquire one. They also must be cleaned after use, preferably before they completely cool off. But taking this time and effort will make your griddle experiences worthwhile. With proper maintenance, your griddle will last a very long time. 

Good news for those considering Camp Chef Griddles. Nearly all of them come with the True-Season finish, which means they don’t need to be seasoned before you use them. It is recommended that you season them lightly after every use in order to maintain optimal performance.

6. Griddles Expand Your Grilling Culinary Choices

The great thing about cooking with a griddle is that you can cook pretty much anything. Pancakes, eggs, fajitas, or anything else that can be cooked on a flat surface. Grills are a bit more limited. Pancakes on a grill would be a waste of good batter as well as a big mess. You won’t get the smoke or charcoal flavor of a grill, but you do retain the fat and grease of food, which provides a lot of flavor. And you can always use seasonings, sauces, and ingredients in the food to bring more flavor to a meal.  

7. Griddles Are More Expensive Than Grills

Grills are generally less expensive than griddles. But don’t let that stop you from fulfilling your dream of buying a griddle. You don’t have to buy a complete freestanding griddle unit; you can buy an insert griddle. Luckily, there is a griddle for every budget, and you can find an acceptable griddle at any price range.   

8. Griddles Also Come With Accessories 

How can you call yourself king of the griddle without the proper accessories? Accessories are a must when you own a griddle. A general griddle tool kit with all the proper spatulas, a cover for the grill when not in use, and all kinds of other accessories that are impossible to live without is a must.

You’ll find all the accessories you need, and a few you don’t, available on the Camp Chef website.

9. Recipes Galore!

If you ever get tired of the same old, same old griddle fare, take a walk on the wild side and try something you haven’t tried yet. There are many recipes online that expand the universe of griddle cuisine. Step outside your griddle box and try some new griddle-specific recipes.

10. Here’s to Your Health

Don’t worry about eating healthy with a griddle. With the right griddle, you can eat healthy and enjoy flavorful food at the same time! Camp Chef griddles offer grease management systems on their griddles which can help contain the amount of grease and oils in your favorite foods. So, if you want to limit the amount of grease in your food, and use a griddle for cooking, now you can do so.  


Camp Chef offers a fantastic selection of all things related to outdoor cooking. The selection of griddles they offer are very versatile, affordable, and durable. A Camp Chef griddle would make an excellent first griddle for anyone wanting to join the griddle club and get in on the fun. Enjoy your griddle-ventures!  

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