Are you considering adding a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker to your outdoor cooking arsenal? Before taking the plunge, it’s crucial to understand the key aspects that can influence your decision. This blog post will explore the ten essential points to consider before investing in a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker. Whether you’re a barbecue enthusiast or a novice in the smoking world, this guide will help you make an informed choice for your outdoor cooking setup.

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1. Size Options

The Weber Smokey Mountain comes in three sizes – 14-inch, 18-inch, and 22-inch. Consider how much food you typically cook and how much space you have before choosing the right size. More often than not, most people usually narrow their choice between the 18 and 22-inch options. The 14-inch doesn’t provide enough space to smoke the more significant cuts of meat people generally lean toward when smoking. 

2. Build Quality

Weber has a longstanding reputation for producing exceptional products, and the Smokey Mountain smoker is no different. This smoker is constructed from porcelain-enameled steel, known for its overall strength and resistance to rust. It can withstand the elements and last long, making it a reliable choice for smoking delicious barbecue.

3. Temperature Control

The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker is designed with built-in vents that allow for easy temperature control. This feature enables users to keep a steady cooking temperature for extended periods, making it ideal for the low and slow cooking of larger cuts of meat. The smoker consistently achieves the perfect smoke thanks to its effective temperature control.

4. Fuel Efficiency

The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker is highly regarded for its outstanding fuel efficiency. This means that users won’t have to constantly replenish charcoal or wood chips, even during long smoking sessions. The smoker’s design allows optimal heat retention and distribution, ensuring fuel is used efficiently throughout the smoking process. This saves time and effort and creates a more consistent and enjoyable smoking experience.

5. Easy to Use

The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker is incredibly user-friendly, making it a sound choice for both beginners and experienced smokers. Its easy-to-use controls make it easy to set up and use shortly after you take it out of the box. Even those new to smoking will find the learning curve to be smooth and manageable. With its simple yet effective features, the Weber Smokey Mountain takes the intimidation out of smoking and allows users to focus on creating delicious, perfectly smoked meats and dishes.

6. Versatility

The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker allows for both high-heat grilling and low-temperature smoking, making it suitable for various cooking techniques. Whether you want to smoke a brisket for hours at a low temperature or quickly grill some burgers, the Weber Smokey Mountain smoker can handle it all. Its exceptional fuel efficiency means you can enjoy longer smoking times without the need for frequent charcoal or wood chip replenishment, making it a reliable option for anyone who loves outdoor cooking.

7. Portability

The Weber Smokey Mountain smoker’s portability is truly impressive. Despite its sturdy and solid construction, it is surprisingly easy to transport. This makes it an excellent option for a variety of outdoor activities such as tailgating, camping, or simply moving around your backyard. Its compact design and durable build allow for convenient and hassle-free mobility, making it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to create smoked foods while on the go. If you believe that you will be moving your Smokey Mountain around a lot, consider either the 14 or 18-inch option, as the 22-inch is a little bulky. 

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8. Accessories

 If you end up owning a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker, you have a variety of accessory options to enhance your smoking experience. Additional racks can help you maximize the cooking space and smoke multiple items simultaneously. Grommets for thermometer probes allow you to easily keep track of the temperature of your meats without constantly opening the smoker. Covers are also available to protect your Weber Smokey Mountain from the elements, ensuring its longevity and performance. These accessories can all contribute to a more efficient and enjoyable smoking process, allowing you to elevate your BBQ game.

9. Customer Support

Weber grills are renowned for their exceptional customer support, setting them apart from other grill manufacturers. Customers consistently praise Weber for their responsive customer service agents, who are knowledgeable about any issues you may have with your smoker. Additionally, the company’s warranty policies provide peace of mind to customers, ensuring that they can rely on Weber’s support in the event of any issues with their grills. This commitment to customer satisfaction has earned Weber a strong reputation for outstanding customer support in the grilling industry.

10. Community

There is a large and passionate community of Weber Smokey Mountain users who are always willing to share tips, recipes, and advice. Joining this community can enhance your smoking experience and provide you with a wealth of knowledge.

Before purchasing, consider these ten factors to ensure that the Weber Smokey Mountain is the right smoker for you. Happy smoking!

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  1. TOTALLY AGREE. A Very good article about a very good product. Whether you’re new to BBQ, or have been doing it for some time….the ‘Smokey Mountain is all you need. I’ve had MINE for 20+ years. Started as a beginner, and now I’m a ‘full fledged’ enthusiast! My Father’s Day ‘Pork PICNIC BBQ party for lots of Dad’s was a Hit!! Ya can’t go wrong with a Weber. By this Smoker! You won’t be sorry.

  2. I won’t smoke on anything else! I’ve enjoyed mine for years. From ribs to turkey. It never disappoints!