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Creamy curry cauliflower soup

0SP Freestyle, 0SP/PP per serving
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 30 mins
Total Time 40 mins
Course Soup
Servings 8


  • 1/2 cup diced red pepper
  • 1/2 cup diced red onion
  • 2 garlic cloves diced
  • 3 cups + 2 Tbsp fat free vegetable broth
  • I head of cauliflower chopped
  • 1.5 Tbsp curry powder
  • 3/4 Tbsp chili powder
  • Pinch of cayenne pepper optional, omit if you don't like heat
  • Dash of salt & pepper
  • 1.5 cups water


  • In a large pot cook your diced garlic with your 2 Tbsp of broth for a few minutes over medium heat, then add in your peppers & onion. Sautee for another few minutes stirring often.
  • Add your cauliflower, curry powder, chili powder, cayenne pepper and salt/pepper and stir.
  • Pour in your 3 cups of broth and water and stir well.
  • Bring to a boil over high heat, then cover and simmer on low for 25 minutes.
  • Let soup cool a bit then blend in your food processor
  • Makes 8- 1 cup servings
  • *I also used this soup as a sauce for chicken & rice, I just heated it up in a large skillet and added cooked diced chicken then served over rice, it was delicious!


Smart Points Freestyle- 0 using WW recipe builder
Smart points- 0 per serving
Points Plus- 0 per serving
Nutritional info, Calories 24..Fat 0.1g..Sat fat 0g...Carbs 5.1g...Fiber 1.8g...Protein 1.9g using My fitness Pal
*If entering these numbers into a SP or PP calculator you will get 1 point, but we do not add points for veggies, the only thing with points in this recipe is the broth but it is not enough to make each serving have a point value