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December 3, 2017

It’s December 3rd and if you’re a weight watcher member you might have been waiting for this day for awhile.. The new program rolls out today… say hello to weight watchers freestyle.. Smart points, with more flexibility.. I have known about the changes for awhile and being a WW Canadian Ambassador I had the opportunity to change over to the new program on my WW app. You will find out all the details on your weigh in day and your App should change over that same day, so if you weigh in on a Saturday your App will not change over till Saturday, December 9th, but you can always attend an earlier meeting to find out about the program.. At this point I would not suggest changing your day on your App as it might cause for more glitches than there is bound to already be..

With the new freestyle program we have more zero point foods to choose from, on top of vegetables and fruit, they have now added skinless chicken & turkey breast, most seafood, eggs, beans, lentils, tofu, corn & peas and non fat plain yogurt. See below for a complete list.

With these new zero point foods come some changes, your daily point allowance will go down with the lowest being 23/day. Your weekly points should not be affected and stay the same. Your daily point target is assigned to you when you join the program and is based on your age, weight, height and gender.  Every food still has a smart point value, that number is based on four components: calories, saturated fats, sugar and protein. Calories will establish the baseline of how many smart point values the food is worth. Protein lowers the SP value while saturated fats and sugar will increase it. Your daily point budget is yours to spend how you choose, and the zero point foods are there for you to enjoy when you wish, you don’t have to weigh, measure or even track them if you choose not to (I will talk about that a bit more when I go into my thoughts on the new program).

Introducing rollovers.. you can now rollover up to 4 unused daily smart points into your weekly smart point budget. These rollovers will reset each week though and can not be saved for that end of the month vacation your taking 😉

So… you all might be thinking, what’s drizzle me skinny’s thoughts on this .. or maybe you don’t care what I think haha.. but I’m going to share my thoughts anyway.. I want to be very honest with you guys and also maybe help those out there who might feel the same way. When I first heard of the changes I was upset and frustrated.. and here is why.. I simply just don’t eat all these new zero points foods, and I am not exaggerating, I am a picky eater, I hate seafood (of any kind) hate eggs (although love egg whites but those were already zero points) have not eaten turkey in several years, hate beans, lentils, corn and peas and plain yogurt to me is yuk! The only food I eat of the new zero point food list is chicken, I eat it maybe 2-3 times a week but I can assure you I do not eat 7 points a day worth, that is how many points I lose, 30 points down to 23..  For those who love all those zero foods this is a rewarding change and to those who don’t, might feel like we just got punished.. I truly do see the sense in it, I am a grown woman and I understand these zero point foods were chosen for a reason, they are healthy foods we should be eating.. but I am not one to start eating food I simply do not like because someone tells me I should..It does not work that way for me.. So please, I ask those members who are loving this new change and embracing all those new zero point foods to please be supportive of those who do not like them and won’t eat them.. don’t just point fingers and say “well you know, you really should eat more vegetables and chicken and eggs, they really are healthy for you” We get that, we really do… but it’s not that simple for a picky eater.. I’m not going to lie, my first thought was, “that’s it, I quit, I will do it on my own” but let’s be honest.. I know from years and years of struggling, I can’t do this on my own, and I love weight watchers and the supportive community that surrounds it.. I truly do!

In order for this to work for me and my journey I need to make some small adjustments. I will indeed try to increase my chicken intake but I do not want to get to a point where I am thinking “UGH, chicken again!” seeing as I do not eat the other foods it is not as simple to think, well I had chicken yesterday, I will have salmon today.. not going to happen in my house 😉 I understand these new zero point foods were chosen for a reason, they are healthy foods that one is likely not to over eat, so I am going to use a little knowledge I learned while trying simply filling out and find a few foods I do like, but will not over eat and make them zero point foods for my journey.. Some day’s I might not need to use these “free foods” I select, but on those days I am struggling I will. I am smart enough to know that I am not going to select pancakes as a zero point food for me, but maybe a chicken sausage that I might have one or two days a week will be.  It’s going to be some trial and error and I am ok with that, some may say “well your not truly following the program” and I am ok with that too.. It’s my journey, no one else, and I am a lifetime member, I’ve been with WW for over 20+ years, and currently maintaining a 3 year weight loss, I have learned many things along the way, so I am confident I will tackle this curve ball as well.. To those who may feel defeated, robbed of all your points with nothing in return, because like myself you do not eat these new foods, I say this.. Don’t throw in the towel too quickly, try your own small adjustments, at the end of the day it is better to stick with a supportive community than walk away from your journey.

I want to talk a little about the new zero point foods, weight watchers is recognizing that tracking is the one thing many of us don’t like to do or are terrible at doing so (me!) Their new approach is, don’t have to track these new zero foods if you don’t want to, they recommend you still should but acknowledging that it is not mandatory.. For those who have a lot to lose, or struggle with portion control, these “free for all” foods concern me.. If I liked non fat plain yogurt, I guarantee I could over eat it and not think twice.. so I say be very mindful still of your portion sizes, start out with a recommended portion and only go for seconds if you’re still hungry. Just because chicken has no point value does not mean you need to load your plate up with 5 chicken breasts..

In regards to my recipes and the changes this new program will have on them. The only ones affected will be those containing the new zero point foods, for my blog this will mainly be chicken dishes. I do not have any turkey recipes and only 1 shrimp recipe. I do have a few baking recipes that might have 1 egg in them but I can assure you one 2 point egg will not decrease the point value overall. I will be updating my recipes on my blog over the next few weeks, at the bottom of the directions where I list the nutritional info you will see if I have added that the smart point value was determined by the WW freestyle recipe builder. If you have entered any of my recipes into the WW recipe builder on your App it will automatically renew with the new point value (sweet right!!) In the meantime you can figure out any changes by either entering the ingredients into your own recipe builder once you have the new program or just doing a little simple math in your head and canceling out the chicken point value. My recipe Apps will take longer to update, and likely will not be updated until the new year, many might not know this but there is a lot of work that goes into updating Apps. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Some may be wondering what does this mean for future drizzle me skinny recipes?? I see no changes really, I will still be baking up a storm in my kitchen and bringing you lightened up low point muffins and donuts, it is up to you how you will spend your daily points. I will probably cook up more chicken recipes and find some creative ways to enjoy it so I don’t get bored of it. 🙂

On a final note… change is bound to happen, without change the world would be a boring place! Sometimes we love and embrace the change and sometimes we hate it. At the end of the day, this is your journey, no one else is going to lose the weight for you, so you can custom this to however you see fit to suit you and your lifestyle, don’t let anyone tell you differently.. And yes, the WW app is going to have some glitches, if you remember the points plus change to smart points it was pure crazy for about a month.. have a little patience, it will take some time but it will all fall in to place in good time, stressing out over it and getting angry will likely only trigger eating emotions.. so try to stay calm, and make the program work for you.. believe me this is coming from someone who was not happy at all with these changes, but I will find a way to make it work for me.. Weight watchers is my lifestyle, it always will has made me the happy and confident person I am today and I will forever be thankful to them.. you do you… just don’t quit!



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