One thing I get asked a lot (on top of “how do you drizzle your chocolate” lol) is what my must haves are from Trader Joes. It’s a independent grocery store in the U.S, and even though I live in Canada I am close enough to the border that I usually go every few months. I generally shop for snacks/treats as I don’t like bringing too much frozen stuff back with me because it would be in the car for awhile. So here is a little video showing you my favorite treats and the point values. Sorry I didn’t want to be in the video as I hate seeing myself on camera!! 😉



  1. i would love to win your favorites ftomTeader Joes! Your website, FB page and Instagram have made me love WW again!! Thank you so much!!

    • Drizzle Reply

      Hi, please enter on my instagram post from Saturday.

  2. Glenna Standridge Reply

    Hope this is where I leave the comment to be entered in the contest

  3. Blanca Perez Reply

    Great products and information. Thanks. These are good for my daughter and myself. Mostly my daughter because she loves snacks. I just love anything chocolate. Will soon visit Trader Joes. I live in the US and the store is about 15 minutes away. I’m sorry you don’t have one nearby but that will give you an excuse to visit us.

  4. Would love for you to do this again! Wondering if you have developed any new favorites?

    • Drizzle Reply

      Thanks! Not sure if I have found new stuff.. I am terrible for finding stuff I like and sticking with it.. lol.. but maybe when I return I will try out some new stuff.. I definitely want to start incorporating some product reviews into my blog.. just need to find the time 😉

  5. When you mention “points”, what type are you mentioning? WW is using SmartPoints now, I have a feeling you are mentioning PointsPlus, is that true?

    • Drizzle Reply

      Hi Denise, yes this is an old video so it is PP sorry, I will try and do an updated video sometime soon 🙂

  6. Apparently the Chocolate Chip Brownie and oat bars are discontinued! So sad!

  7. Katie Smith Reply

    Love Amazon! Would be thrilled to win the gift card! Thanks, Kate!

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