IT’S HERE! The new MyWW+ program has arrived with tons of new features to help you on your journey (Don’t worry no changes to the colors and points as we know them)
The program is now more personalized to suit you, with new features designed to make weight loss more achievable,  In your WW app, you’ll now find:
New personal assessment that pinpoints the changes that will help you find success
New weekly Progress Report that measures your success on and off the scale
New “What In Your Fridge?” that suggests recipes using ingredients you have on hand
New personalized recipes to get meal ideas based on your food preferences and SmartPoints Budget
New meal planner that encourages a healthier pattern of eating so you stay on track
New 5-Minute Coaching that delivers bite-sized behavior change techniques for your ears only
New upgraded activity dashboard to help you move more and find workouts you love
New science-backed sleep tools to help you focus on getting a good night’s sleep

If you are new to WW, you’ll be matched with a food plan that’s right for you, green, blue or purple, as well as a list of zero-point foods, ones that you don’t have to weigh or count (Think fruits, veggies, lentils, salmon, chicken, and potatoes, depending on your color)

If you are a current MyWW+ member you will be given new tools designed to make your weight-loss journey easier. WW took the program you know and love, and made it even more personalized to you.

You can read up all about the new MyWW+ program here


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